onsdag den 18. november 2009

Blizzard is not patronizing you, Little Fella'

Allright, so everyone has by now (I assume) read about how the Icecrown instance will play out.
And it is great and thrilling!

Okay so after you have proved yourself and your guild to be the champions of the [faction] in the Colliseum, all the combined war effort has been redirected to support a small elite unit (thats your raidgroup) to gain entry to the great stonking home of the big bad baddie.
Millions of troops are set out to create distractions, and you have the whole Ashen Verdict supporting you inside aswell

"The Ashen Verdict provides reinforcements and material for players to assault Icecrown Citadel, but this support is not endless. Raids will have a limited number of attempts total each week [untill they have to pull back]"

So you have the whole war effort depending on you to make that critical strike in the heart of Icecrown. And all of a sudden Colliseum made sense! All of a sudden this whole dammed expansion comes together to make for this thrilling battle, where each week you will conquer a little more of the Lich kings fortress, untill you finally reach the big guy himself! This is so cool! Finally the gating system and the limited amounts of tries makes SENSE!!!

We believe a staggered release of the content will allow players to experience Icecrown Citadel at a sustainable, measured, and ultimately more enjoyable pace.

Wait what???
Stop everything. What? What the what what?
pardon me readers... erhremmm WHAT THE FUCK?

Oh I see, so you believe that the staggered release of content will make us happier? Theres the frikking idiots I've been complaining about this whole expansion.
Hello there.
I mean seriously, are you afraid that if we play your game too much we won't enjoy it? What am i? 5? Are you afraid that if I eat all that candy at once my wittle wummytummy will wurtsie so i cannot weepysleepy? (this is to be pronounced like a certain wabbit chaser would pronounce wuuurds).
Well cudos to you, you managed to sour everything I've been looking forward to in my 4 years of playing this game. Thank you.

No really. Whats next?

Sorry about that Redux, here have a preview of shadowmourne with stats and everything
I ehh. Whoa, thanks!
Thats really... wait a minute. Do I have to be an elitist 4 days a week 25 manned raider to even be allowed to dream about this? (hint at the questline) Well uhmm, maybe Aww maaaaaan.

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  1. Welcome to (more or less) real world. I was expecting this move. IC is a big place and Blizz doesn't want to be all done in one week after release, which is what would surely take for top raiding guilds to complete. They already know fights after testing in PTR, so it's just a matter of getting some new gear then spank Artha's ass until he bites the dust.
    So they're breaking the big 3.3 release into several small releases. The only thing is that once a new release hits the street, previous wing will all be surely on farm by top raiders.
    So no matter how much they delay it, won't take long until we see LK fall.
    About Shadowmourne... well, since I'm not hardcore raider I won't even be able to even dream of it. Maybe... maaaaybe if I'm lucky enough will get some steps of the quests to get Shadow's Edge. But that would be all.
    Btw, who was the stupid that decided to create an axe from a sledgehammer??!
    And btw2: why matching sockets bonus is so stupidly weak. We're talking of a legendary item, misters!

  2. First off, I don't think this has anything to do with the real world. This is weak excuse people use, when they behave like pieces of bear-droppings. "Get over it, its the real life" -no, that is just you being a D**k.
    (not you Kurnak... you know, movie villains and stuff).

    And this is Blizz acting like douches. Firstly its a big communication messup to even write anything like that. Seriously read that qoute again: "We will decide how fast you can play, because we KNOW it will be more fun for you that way". Really? Seriously? That is what you decided your story is? It is way too much parent telling his child off: " if you only watch 10 minutes of comics a week, you will enjoy them more".

    Im sorry, I pay for this fun, I should be allowed to decide how I want to play my game. Its like a movie theater saying that this is the movie you will see (after you have payed entrance) because you will enjoy it more.

    As for the axe: 3 red slots and 8 str bonus?? whats not to like??? (unless you want to tank with it :D)