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(Because im inventive) Whats thte big deal with purcha-pets?

This Issue has been up and about a lot in the comics, the forums, the blogs everywhere.

And its the new ability to buy pets with real life money. And it is a horrible idea.

Yet another short post.
Sure, the money goes to a great charity (for now), and well they don't do anything, so whats the harm?

Well, i'll tell ya: the fuzz is two fold (maybe even threefold)
"I has moneys!!! you has not!! I has cool pet because im rich and you are not!!!!" That is not the sort of game i signed up for and spend an enormous amount of time on. Skills, not bills please. Leave those wankers to the wanker games that provides the ability to brag about spending money on e-famed glory.
Why would anyone do this?? I mean, they are immensly cute, so i can see why people would buy em. But why would anyone at Blizzard do this? Does it make the people who buy theese things more happy with the company and the game they play? No. It just raises the question of 'why do i have to pay for this all of a sudden'. What it does do, is make the people who do not want to pay for this pretty damned pissed. So on a game that you are not loosing money on (in fact they are making buttloads) Blizzard actively chooses to ruin (well at least damage) theyr overall market value for a few measily quick bucks. Its a question of long term strategy- Do you want your consumers to spend as many £/$ on you asap or do you want to build up a brand name, that people will see and know that it stands for values they like and will buy. (in blizzards example, its about gamers knowing that this is a game made by gamers, for gamers and made with the highest quality as possible, release dates be damned.) In the last two decades (or there about) Blizzard stood for the ladder. Then Activision happened.

Now they are destroying a brand name, and the market value of this brand name must be dwindling. I know that my preorders of both SC2 and Dialbo 3 have been put on hold. (for starcraft permanently and for diablo im still holding my breath).
So for a short term gain they are gambiling with their long term success. And it wasn't as if WoW was a product that was costing them money.

Thirdly, this is the one I think most people will get behind me on (even if you do disagree with the above), and that is the fact that these new pets can be traded.
Yaaa!!!! Blizz has allowed for gold-selling.

I'll repeat: Blizzard has allowed gold-selling. Great. fan-fucking-tastic.

(How do I redeem a Pet Store pet once it's been purchased from the Blizzard Store?

After you purchase the pet, you'll receive a code that can then be redeemed on any World of Warcraft account via Account Management. You don't need to redeem the code on the same account that made the initial purchase – feel free to send the code to a "friend" as a gift.)

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  1. I'd say there's a big misconception in your opinion about this issue. Blizzard is a company an the only target of a company, no matter what produces or sells, is to make money (usually at all costs, sacrificing whatever/whoever they can if that produces a noticeable income). So Blizz is not here so you can have fun. Is here to make money, so any market niche they spot is a good opportunity to make some cash. If they in the money-making process provide you with a great game that brings you tons of fun, even better.
    Sorry to sound so harsh, but that's the truth I took time to learn. Companies are there to get money, and customers and employees usually mean very little to them, because on first place is their big profits what really counts (I'm talking about CEOs, associates, founders, etc, the big heads who drive the company, not managers). Of course I'm talking about big and medium companies with success, not start-ups or freelance people (although in the end they're there too to get some bucks).
    It's ok you or anyone else doesn't like this way of getting a pet, but I don't see it's going to be the end of the world. I think buying a pet directly is better than having to buy a cartload of TGC cards and then be very lucky to get a special pet, tabard or mount, because unless you're an active TGC player who also is an active WoW player then the situation is even worse: you're placing your money on a bet to get X object/pet but it can cost you a lot of money until you get it. No wonder why people are making some easy cash on eBay with this.
    Anyway, having one of these pets (I have both :P) it's not going to influence the game, like buying a character fully clad in T8/T9 epics, so that "I haz moneyz" argument is not really a showoff. Surely there's people with better income and savings than me that don't care about getting the pet, so that doesn't mean I'm bragging about my money.

  2. Bullshit.
    I can say that because we used to roll together, and on my end, at least i really liked you, Kurnak. So ill repeat. Bull-shit.

    Blizz never did any of this, until Activision became part of their name.

    And there are still big gaming companies that make games, and play games, because they want to make epic adventures for gamers. Or at least still pretend they do.
    Blizz used to, they don't no more. Santa isn't real and my old dog isn't running around on a farm all day chasing chickens.

    And don't tell me, that this won't give you a benefit. I have the angel from diablo- pet (the one you got for attending wow-invitational) and the positive reactions I got , far outweighed anything any other kind of gear i wore ever did. So it *does* matter, and it *is* a way of showing of.

  3. Nah, the bigger a company gets (or famous, whatever comes after scoring abig success) the greedier it turns. Believe me, I work on such a place. Now that you mention Activision, it wasn't like that since the start. In the begining Activision was a great game developer too, both in 8bit and arcades. They created fantastic games. But I don't think any of that is left nowadays. Same with Blizz. Also remember Blizz had several teams, Diablo was made by Blizzard North. Several employees left, and now are presenting a Diablo-like game, Torchlight. The game looks cool but I don't see it will be a major success as Diablo was, but anyway will have a relative success. Anyway I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years this new company has grwn up and the titles it develops doesn't have the magic Torchlight may have. We've seen it before, not only with Blizzard. I've been playing videogames for the last 30 years or so, I know the drill.
    About the Tyrael pet... well, was cool, marked you as a "I was there in the Blizzcon" person, but that doesn't make you a special player, or person. Don't get me wrong, it's great that you could attend and got fun there, but also that pet could be bought via eBay. Somebody in SF already did and the auction got really mad (was only game gold, I know). But again... pet doesn't turn to be so special if you can buy it with money. If people thinks you're extremely special, then it's a problem of people.
    For me it's like when I go to a concert and buy a t-shirt. Then I wear that t-shirt around on my everyday life. Not because I want to say "hey, look at me, I'm cool because I was in that concert", but just because I like the band. No matter if it's a little concert or the biggest heavy metal fest in Europe (yep, got some of these too :D ), I'm not meaning to showoff, just that I like the bands/fest. So the same I think about the pandaren monk and lil'k.t.
    Is all the difference because they're virtual goods? Rather than that I don't see the difference from getting a Diablo/WoW/starcraft t-shirt, figurine, etc.

  4. That last part about t-shirts and rock band concerts... Good point! :)