mandag den 16. november 2009

5 years of WoW

So yea, Wrath is one year old, but next week marks the 5 year anniversary of The game we know as WoW!
5 years? How time flies when you are having fun.
(Even if "fun" these days constitutes a mixture of 'Torchlight' 'and Borderlands'? -Shut it, old grumpy man!)
In that regard, one of my favorite online magazine The Escapist via their sistersite Wacry, has a lengthy interview with one of the old top dawgs!
Rob Pardo (or as he is rarely known: EnoYls

The Lengthy interview is here, and for someone like me, this is pure solid internet gold. I really really love reading these sort of interviews. Perosnally they give me a behind-the-scenes insight into why and how. Also, it restores a lot of faith into my heart about Blizzard.
For example:

"If I was going to pick on a game design thing that I look back on and think was a mistake? We really never designed WoW to be a competitive e-sports game; it was something that we decided to start tackling because there was such a desire and demand to evolve it in that direction, to introduce competitive arenas. I'm not sure that that was the right thing to do with the game."

It warms my heart to read that.Because, like he goes on to say:

"Right now, WoW has a bit of a schizophrenic philosophy behind it, and we're trying to figure out how to guide it."

And who doesn't agree with that?

But I won't spoil the fun of reading all of this, go on follow the link (here it is again) and spend 5 minutes on something, that should make any wow player happy to read.

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