onsdag den 14. oktober 2009

You know you are hooked on a game when...

You swear at God and curse the world when you cannot log into the game.

So yea, I guess WoW has reeled me back in. Not as much as I was in the old days, mind you. Im not Wow'ing it 5-7 raids per week and playing 6 days a week either.
Im happily toying with my hunter and raiding 10 manned with my DK on the weekends.

A big big BIG part of me hates the fact that im no longer on the cutting edge of progression in 25. But I don't miss raiding 25, only the stuff surrounding the big time raids.
I really love that I have days when I can do whatever I please (usually gaming, im still me), so it is a joy when I log on, and not just the "grind/ah for gold so you can raid, and raid" that seemed to be all I did before.

I think most of the reason why I don't miss these things, is that raids just aren't epic anymore. There is no more glorious battles in mount Hyjal, there are no strong heroic feats in Molten Core. There are no more C'thuls in the world (screw you Yogg-Saron you little wannabe). There is still an Epic storyline to follow, but there is no more the feeling that we are in any way participating in it.

Back when I started playing, I used to hate how the mmo games tells us "we are all the chosen hero", because if we are all special, noone is. A smart kid told me that. I used to dream of being the run of he mill soldier, caught in the great conflict doing his little part, and just hoping to make it back home.
Then he started killing Gods. Old Gods, but still Gods.

These days it seems that no matter what you do, it won't make a licking difference. So I've stopped giving a rats arse. Im gonna have fun on the sideline looking at the pretty plot unfold.

And quit after Wrath is over.

So far im having fun looking at the scenary and waiting to follow Mrs Proudmore and Mrs no-legs.. ehh Windrunner around as they kill the bosses for me... *sigh*

On another note. I managed to make a (self)righteous ball feel bad... no wait. Argh sorry, I suck at puns. I love his blog, you should too!! And while I think he was absolutly right in that post of his, it was fun to mess with the little man (yea, you are little Tam. When you are a northender, you sound like a dwarf aka small... no wait DAMMIT dwarfs aren't small, its the rest of you that are so damn tall!!!) Ill stop ranting now, before I get myself into an even thicker mess :D

2 kommentarer:

  1. Errr...thank you .... I think?

    God, you know you've hit some kinda low when you're being called a little man by a damn dorf! ;)

    I'm glad you're feeling more enthused about WoW again, though.

  2. Yea my attempts at subtlety was foiled by my lack of English.. words. (yes it was meant as a compliment, in a weird way).

    Its because whenever I read your blog, I always find myself giving you the accent of the male dwarf. I think it's because i read you where from the north of england, and that ofc means Scotland!!
    Chastity, however, always has the voice of the male Tauren. Curiously.