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Wrath: year one

So Google.

Its great. You type in a word or even a whole phrase, and you stumble over weird things. For example my g-analytics tells me that "Funny dwarf paladin names" should tell you to go visit my blog, and someone did. (and someone googled "warcraft dwarf breasts" and ended up on my blog... Calli, you need help!!!)
Anyways. Someone searched google for something, and ended up on one of my very first blog posts and while I like people who agrees with me. The whole "I see you have a problem, where is what you should do" solution to an 10 month old problem in WoW, is sort of.. well. Not really needed.
[im sure there is some sort of blog guide somewhere that tells me, that it's not nice to poke fun at your readers, since they won't comment... so maybe I shouldn't... well ehh, look at it this way: I love my commenters so MUCH i make a whole post in their honor!! Comment more!!]

Where was I? Oh yea, so reading my old posts back, brought back the nostalgic in me. And playing the "completly overpowered lovechild of blizz" that is the Death knight. (seriously how hard is it to understand "hero class" means we start at level 55, because we have played the first levels allready, and we have an epic storyline, it does *not* mean we are overpowered, and if you are beeing out-dps'ed by one, it just means YOU FRIKKING SUCK... ahhhh, that felt good.)
So I thought id be a little ahead of all the other bloggers (heads up guys, wrath was launched nov 13th so start em "one year of wrath posts" already) and look back at how the first year had been for Death Knights in generel and me in particular.

Launch: Beeing overpowered and in outland.
Having played a couple of hours in the beta, I enjoyed how well-polished the starting zone for the Death Knights had become. I was amazing. It had changed a lot of times, during beta, but the end result was amazing. It was still a gripping story, and northrend seemed like the best zone that blizz had yet to develop. Then level 58 came, and so did outland. Well no, not really. Before I even set foot in outland, i spend an entire weekend leveling blacksmithing and mining in the old world.
All the glory and the excitement of the starting area quickly became a stagnant and boring grind for blacksmithing items and ores. Luckily I had preparred a bit, and had gotten myself most of the materials needed, but it still took forever. And after that... outland.
All alone, while all my guildies where busy killing turkeys and getting chummy with Arthas, I was all alone in outland. Well, not completely alone ofc, there was all the deathtards aswell. Spamming their macroes filling chat with their stupidity. Theese where people who seemed to think that playing as a hunter was too difficult.
I remember a guy who had is deathgrib set to a /y macro "COME OVER HERE" and he spammed that deathgrib a lot. after playing in 10 minutes of the same grindspot as him (and having him pull that thing out at every cooldown, stealing my mobs away 5 times), I politly whispered him, to please please do something about that macro. "what about it?" he replied, "it's funny". No, it was not, not the 50th time in ten minutes its not. But I guess that when you finally has figured out how to copy/paste a macro from the internet to your computer game, it IS an occasion to celebrate, and after all, if *you* think something is funny enough to spam it, then everyone else forcefed with your humor will find it hilarious aswell.
As the French say: Le sigh

But hey, the starter zone gear made the horrible horrible grind that was outland bearable. And you could 4 man blood furnace as 4x blood DKs back then! (not that I ever did, with those morons playing there - a lot of good players did like me and rerolled, unfortunalty they had the sense to shut up and just last it through outland) So once that horribly boring grind that was outland was finally over with (why not make us level 65 so we could skip the 10 levels of horrible grinds??) outland awaited. And the bumrush was over. The two starting areas where pretty much vacant once I got to them, so I could enjoy the quests and the lore and the landscape. And so my lonely leveling grind could continue (at least this time, the slower people leveling could join me for a couple instances.

Eventually I got to 80 and started raiding. And you know what? DKs where vastly overpowered. Both in dps potential and tanking abilities. We had to!
because, depending on your leveling speed, the rest of your guild where way ahead of you gearwise and the groups had allready been set. You just didnt hear a guild saying "listen guys, our MT is still level 72, so we are just gonna sit back for a couple of weeks and wait for him to ding 80 and gear a little up before we start raiding". So when I was 80 in greens and the ocasional blue item, I was playing with a group of people in full naxx 10/25 gear who had cleared the 10 manned 3 times, and the 25 once or twice.
So we where overpowered, to begin with, it was the only way you could get a raidslot. Unholy aura made the whole raid move 15% faster if you where UH specced. That was a huge buff for learning to dance (hello Tam, sorry you missed those speed up dancing lessons), and surviving overall.

6 months in: Where did all the stuff go?
So through sheer overpoweredness we got ourselves a raidspot. And eventually geared up enough to be deemed the only tanks for two fights in the game (sarth 3d and later General Vesax). Obviously having the new kid on the bloxx beeing the prefferred tank for two fights!!! was just horrible for thewarrior tanks on the forums (allright, so we where just as good as the others on everything else, and those two fights where the toughest in the game at their respective time and we where overdue for a nerf) who had been alone in the sun for 4 years, so they whined up a storm and we got nerfed to the ground (baby).
And all of a sudden, DKs went from being the strongest tanks on some points to being the weakest on all points. Our threat, that had never been good, got nerfed asweel - something i've yet to see any kind of need nor explanation for.
So about the same time as everyone ran out of stuff to do, DKs became useless. -And before people start raising their "but i've got this link where DK dps is insane" shut up. DKs are not overpowered pewpew machines. They can be, if you built everything up around buffing them, and have amazing players, otherwise... Not so much. We aren't the weakest DPS class either, thats not what im saying, im just saying that we aren't even in the top 3 of the hybrid dps.

Overall the game turned out to be a bit of a dud at this point. Sure there was a ton of instances. really really a lot of different instances. Just a shame they where all so useless. Who opts for going into instances like you did in vanilla or tbc, when you can pug-raid Naxx for better bosses and better items? And who wants to go there when you can clear naxx 25 with most of your raid beeing level 78 ? So that leaves the raids. And they where over in 3 days after release (see previous link), and the following didn't last a whole lot longer.. But they *did* take a whole lot longer to be released. And ONLY after they had been tested to bits in test-realms first.
So, if you where on a testrealm with your guild you got to experience new and exciting (bugged) bosses, if not, you got to experience easy bosses a bazillion times and them try and beat em while blindfolded for the bazillionth and one try.

12 months in: Last instance and next release
So now the horrorshow known as the coliseum is almost over and done with. And im starting to look forward to the last raid-instance of wrath. The pretty one, the story-filled one. The big one.
The one that will make or break WoW. Honestly it is.
If this instance starts with one zone opened on easy mode only and you have to wait x amount of time for the next little bit, WoW is dead.
There I said it.
If Blizz cannot be bothered to pend manpower on making a full instance ready for us (again) im out. If they once again prove that instances are nothing but a tease to hold us at bay untill the next expansion, I simply cannot be bothered.
Id rather spend my time and my money on something that at least *tries* to pretend that im nothing but a cashcow to them.

(weird, when I started writing this, I planned on it ending on a happy note- Turns out, im incapable of writing happy things).

In the end
Guess what I'm saying is, that as WoW has progressed, the game has lost the wonder and excitement and turned very much into an obvious game whos main priority is answering the question "How do we keep consumers paying the monthly feed, while using as little manpower as possible on it?"
Granted, most companies in the world thinks along theese lines, but none of the other companies in the world have these core values listed:

Noone else is like Blizzard. At least not the Blizzard I grew up loving.

Back when I started playing, game companies where like Football teams, you had your favorite, and you bought every title they produced. My Friends where Bullfrog people. I was not.
I was Blizzard North.
And I remember when my team won the world cup of gaming: Diablo. (has it been 12 years allready??) I loved everything that was Blizzard. And Once I went to take my Bachelor degree, they won me back with a game simply known as WoW.
I had stopped gaming for a period of almost 4 years before that, with the only exception beeing grim fandango.
But WoW got me back into gaming, in a big way. And so many years later, I'm still here playing the game. But all the things that got me into that game, is now gone.
There is no mystery, there is no wonder. There is barely a storyline to the things that is happening. (sure there is an overall story arc, but... coliseum, and the tournament.. need I say more?).

So here I am, 13 years old again, rooting one last time, that the company i love so much, can still pull out something great, and prove to me, that they are not to suffer the same fate, as my friends company, bullfrog, did. The death known only as "merger". (hey, at least it wasn't EA that got my company)

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  1. Whoa, that turned out to be a long-winded post. But I guess the subject warrants it? :)

  2. Cheater! You really wanted to be first, didn't you?
    Nice read though!

  3. Yes I did :D
    After 10 months of blogging behind everyone else, im finally ahead! Look out for my next post: 'Cataclysm year 5 in review', comming next month ;)

    (And thanks)

  4. Way to lead us all in the Year one Wrath recaps. A very enjoyable read.

    And for the record, I've always been a Nintendo fanboy. So every company eventually comes to the make or break point, and Nintendo survived with the triumph that was the Wii after failing to beat Microsoft and Sony with the N64 and Gamecube. I don't know if Blizzard is there with Icecrown, but they certainly should be with the long-time playerbase.

  5. Don't get me started on consoles :)
    super-nes -> ps1 ->ps2->wii ->xbox360, and i've been an argent defender of each of my choices :)
    Its like Zero punctuation says in regards to the console wars: You root for whichever console you end up owning bacause you cannot afford to switch once you have made your choice (and a image of a kid holding a saturn)