onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

Restriction mania -rules only stops the fun

Blizz has started to introduce a lot of rules to the game

-the new loot rules (Need Before Greed will now recognize gear appropriate for a class in three ways: the class must be able to equip the item, pure melee will be unable to roll on spell power items, and classes are limited to their dominant armor type (ex. paladins for plate). All items will still be available via Greed rolls as well as the new Disenchant option should no member be able to use the item)
et al.

The common denominator between theese rules are, that they are patch solutions to small problems, they discover. They are creating a rule-manic game, where they are trying to legistrate their way out of every single little issue they are experiencing in game.
Stuck in raid (design problem)
Ninjain (social problem) ect ect ect.

Theese rules have a lot of backlash problems that aren't taken into account.
For example paladins cannot need on mail items, even if noone else wants em, or even if they are a huge upgrade for them.
And the -honestly- epic level 1 raids are now dead.

Reminds me of airports. Im the kind of person who thinks that, when you have to take your shoes off and put them on a seperate x-ray machine, and you aren't allowed to carry more than TWO lighters and no liquids with you aboard an airplane.. then the terrorrists have allready won.
Same thing here. The ability to play and have an easy fun time, is getting ruined by rules and unneccecery laws - just like we willingly destroy our own freedom and democracy in order to protect it (whoa did I just get all serious and real life political in my blog.. dammit!!).

Also, I like this little comic - is that besides the point? I think not.

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