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Best multiclass in game

When it comes right down to it, WoW only has two real mulitclasses (thats the ones who can effectively pew, tonk and banda.. ehh heal), those two are called Durids and pink-a-dins.

They are both good classes, played by good people. So lets call em by their serious names:

Paladin (and how to paladin)

Druid (and how to Durid)

And they are seriously cool people. Everyone. Especcially those that heal me!! Hi Ref, Tinu, Smesh and Cloud !!!

So todays topic is: which one is the better class?
There are many aspects to this, such as: Can they be played as a dwarf? Does each multi-purpose-aspect work (the tonking, the pew'ing and the healing)? and how well? How cool are they? How needed? Will they be able to be played by dwarfs in the future? How fun are the different aspects to play? Which one is best suited for YOU?

So lets have a look shall we?

Lore: Both classes are very strong here. Not as horde... obviously. The true champions of the light, the bringers of justice, the dwarven heroes of the alliance! The paladin. Versus The
"Keepers of the world, who walk the path of nature, following the wisdom of the Ancients and Cenarius, healing and nurturing the world. To a druid, nature is a delicate balance of actions, in which even the smallest imbalance can create storming turmoil from peaceful skies. " Im calling a draw here!

Paladin: 1
Druids: 1

Tonking: Going into game mechanics a bit here, Druids are easy to tank with. At least the last time I did it (tbc), they are also fun, and very rewarding. Paladins are even easier, and nothing beats throwing your shield at an enemy then burning the ground beneath em, or soling a gazillion mobs as prot. Paladins win!

Paladins: 2
Druid: 1

pew'ing: This is a close one. Kitty is very rewarding when done well, but the mechanics of pulling off decent dps is mind boggling. And retardin is fun and action filled (keep your head up for that trinket popping!!).. However Druids also have the spacechicken power! Which I don't know that much about tbh, but hey, its one more pew specc than paladin, so Druids win!!

Paladin: 2
Druid: 2

Healing: Again, druids have a fairly complex healing 'rotation'/options going on. Plus hots are fun! (when you as Disc priest have your second highest healing output through renew, you have to admit you have a problem, and that you love hots). Paladins are easy and boring. Im sorry, but this time easy/= fun. You have the powers of a disc priest w/o the utility or the shielding fun, and no hots!!

Paladin: 2
Druids: 3

Looks: Bear/kitty/boom/seal/tree in different colours or actually being able to show off your gear? Sorry fluffy, but you lost that one!

Paladin: 3
Druids: 3

Feel: This one is a bit more complicated, Im sure this is where ill be getting my mostests enemies. Which class feels the best to play? The shapeshifting ever usefull druid or the stout n proud paladins? Druids win, because soloing (aswell) is never dull, where paladin soloing sometimes is a bit.

Paladin: 3
Druids: 4

Overall: Which class would I choose as the best multiclass in game? Overall, druids have the complexety of each of its sub-classes, while still beeing able to do a great job at them. There are lots of options and styles within the sub-specc. There are lots of buttons on each specc (its like 3 times as many heal buttons as paladins have), so each sub-specc takes skill and work to master. Paladins... not so much. It seems that to Blizzard the blessing and auras "counts" as spells to be used just like "shred" does. And that ends up giving the paladin way less options and buttons than the druid has.

Paladin won, why?
Firstly, you can't play a dwarf druid... Although im sure a future patch will fix that, I mean, we are decendents of a race of stone people, how much more in touch with nature can you get? But thats besides the main point: When I tanked as a druid in TBC, I sorely regretted it, for the silly silly reason of vanity.
When I won gear leading people through Kara, I wanted to show off (this isn't a huge thing to achieve, especially when I did it, which was around the time of sunwell, which meant that it was easier than naxx 10 is today, but dammit, I was proud of it.) I wanted my toon to look different than the cow who had just turned 40! (tauren, im not calling anyone at lvl 40 cows... apart from Tauren ofc).
And due to lazy design from Blizzards part (sorry to be calling a shovel a shovel, but it is) druids doesn't change at all, with gear.
I'm sure that the unselfish not-vain good-hearted people who play druids, doesn't care about anything as shallow as looks. But I do. And dwarf paladins looks cool, plays pretty forgivingly easy and very very fun aswell.

So im choosing Paladin.

Lemme just add in the end, that this isn't me beeing mean towards paladins, or saying that the are a face-roll-easy class to play. Their challenge in raids lies in timing of use of the limited amount of spells, while druids are more dependent on chosing the right spell at the right time. (any ability is a spell, otherwise it would have been called an "ability book" and not a "spell book" so stop nitpicking!!).
Druids play chess in raids, paladins play Left4dead.
And its the little things, as my vanity that pushed me from chess to fps :)

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