torsdag den 8. oktober 2009

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Allow me to re-introduce myself, My name is HOV
H to the O-V, I used to move snowflakes by the O.Z.,I guess even back then you can call me,
C.E.O of the R.O.C HOV


Anyways. The
whole point of this post was to re-introduce myself into wow.
As I concluded in my last post, the best class in wow, is the Paladin
(yea sorry Druids, but you clearly need to learn to drink), so with that in mind.

Allow me to re-introduce myself: I am Duffler, mr dwRedux' alt numero uno.

I have been given the dubious task of removing his wow-fatigue and somehow prove that wow is more interesting than anything!! (..yea i'm not totally optimistic either, but as long as you have faith, you are never totally lost!)

So reading some of my favorite blog posters (hello thereTam, pew and *urnak) failpug/failraid posts, I really started missing the raiding scene.
However, I'm a flawed human being. I cannot go back to content i've overdone on a toon. So Redux won't be pugging anything. I've found out i need a strong reason to play if im not there for content: and that is either titles, owing friends a favour or (once in a blue moon) loot.
So Ill be leveling (or im in the middle of) this Paladin to tonk/pew in those pretty places like naxx and instances. And my goal is to semi-pug em all!!
So if anyone has any protadin blogs worth readin, please please link me some :)

Fingers crossed that this will get me excited about wow again.

So this is what worries me. Why am I so desperate to rekindle my love of wow? I've talked earlier about how wow works just like a drug, addicting its players, and how I've tried chasing the dragon elsewhere (i love that sentence "to chase the dragon", its a phrase I learned in my teens listening to Suede, and it just fits so well into the fantasy setting of most mmo's), and now I start to wonder if im addicted to wow and since the game is not fun for me anymore, Im now trying desperatly to find an excuse to play again to feed this unhealthy addiction?

Luckily the answer to that is a clear "No... maybe not"
Because I took a step back and looked at what type of game would be my favorite to play. And, well, wow fits the bill perfectly. It did 4 years ago, and to me, it still does today. That is, if im going to enjoy WoW this time around. If not, then.. well lets burn that bridge when we get to it :)

EDIT: So im off to a rocket start. The first fu***ng thing I do when I log back on my paladin, is to disenchant (he is my enchanter toon) all the greens Redux has been sending me. Well that was the plan.
What I end up doing is DE'ing half my dual-spec tonking gear, including my "twink" shield.
Hello there world, im still an idiot! -But at least im having a bit o fun in game again :D

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice to see you back!
    I find paladin the easier class to tank with thanks to the skills that let you get aoe aggro and maintain it (avenger shield, hammer of the righteous, consacration). It's easy to get the grip on it.
    Your decission to semi-pug all the places is a brave one. Better have handy some tons of patience (and I know dwarves aren't famous for that), because you'll find everything, a complex fauna of players from the pro ones to the failmonkeys, not forgetting the crazy nuts.
    For the Light!

  2. I hate having no interrupts, and paladin tonks are sure weak against casters, but other than that, I agree: They ROCK :D