torsdag den 3. september 2009

What to think of the next expansion?

So i'm standing there in front of the changing room/bathroom/changing room/changing room, holding Mrs DW-redux's Very purple handbag. Waiting. Alone. The "I just have to try one more thing on" still ringing in my ears. So there I was alone. With a big girly handbag, standing very near the female-undergarment department. Alone. Waiting. The other guys walking behind their companions, gave me a sympathetic look. They had also been there. Standing alone with a girly handbag looking like some sort of perv. The women at the store looked at me like i WAS some sort of perv.
And all I could think to myself was: "So beeing married, really hasn't changed much, has it?".

Ah yes, the trip to a foreign country is over and I'm back!

And with perfect timing too. There is a new hardmode instance, that I've not yet tried and the whole wow-blogging world is so over and done with talking bout the expansion. Well SCREW THEM.

Because I have two coppers (is that the same as two policemen?) and I want to throw em in the mix too (if it is, then this sentence has gone from weird to worse).

Or: All that it could have been, but most likely never will. Let's start on the negative.

- It will be lazily done. Just like the tournament, the dailies and the gate-lock system. It will be done with the "how can we do as little WORK as possible" attitude. How do I know? When a selling point of ONE of the dungeons is this: This is an entirely new dungeon, new art, new creatures, new everything.

- The so called dramatic changes to the landscape, Won't be dramatic but rather smallish. Why? See my first point.

- 5 levels of leveling won't be epic, and will be over and done with extremely fast. Also, having max level be 85 seems stupid. 75, I could get, but 85? why not 87.5? Maybe thats just me.

... Thats it. That is all the negative things I can think of. Well. That should be enough to ruin the game for an "I like seeing new bosses and killing em, I don't like killing the same boss 50 times over. And what is the pvp you speak of?" type of person that I am. But It won't.
The fact that I have to spend 60 USD to get my Worgen hunter (like im gonna reroll... Well.. I might) doesnt seem to deter me either. And that HAS to be a plus, for a game that I swore would have to knock me off my feet in order to get me to purchase it.
It hasn't really though. I'm afraid that the not thinking ahead planning that WoW has become (for example the "lets change the hunter ammo" change that didn't even work), combined with the extreme lazyness that is wrath dungeons, just gives me chills about a full fledged expansion in theese capable hands.

...But. You know.... Deathwing. That is pretty much the only argument I needed. Deathwing.
Excuse me, im gonna dig out my old WoW novels and drool some more.

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  1. Hey, welcome back and grats on the wedding, the purple handbag and the perving :)

    I always walk through women's lingerie as if I would a herd of wild beasts: you know, straight line, brisk pace, look neither left nor right.

    You never know what's gonna get ya.

  2. Heres what I'm thinking: I've got this ring on my finger now. So whenever I'm caught anywhere pervy, its my get out of jail card! "no no im just looking for something for my wife [flash ring]" So theese things don't scare me as much... In theory! But boy oh boy there is a long way from theory to the harsh reality of standing in the underwear department with a purple handbag looking very shifty.