torsdag den 24. september 2009

I hate the way Women are beeing discriminated in wow, it's SOOO gay

Can you tell what is wrong with the above sentence?


Let's backtrack a bit. So every once in a while some (wow)post will surface that will inflame angry bloggers everywhere. The most effective of these seems to be the "look how women are beeing put down in wow" or the "im writing a post about something people can interpret as beeing chauvinistic." This usually gets people pretty wound up. Whether or not it was a male chauvanistic pig ruining the reputation of female gamers everywhere, ill leave up to everyone else to decide.
Personally I think not. Its not like he was very kind to healers everywhere on his former piece. Because it's really hard to be nice, when your goal is to showcase the 5 negative stereotypes of an egotistic gamer (or in the old piece on healers).
In the guilds i've been in, I've met more than one of each type, and only two of those where female gamers (funny enough most of them had female toons). And using cultural architypes to exemplify the peronally traits doesnt make the author a sexist. It just underlines that history in generel has always been very sexist. Pertty much ever since that chick who banged Jesus. Who where later labeled a whore ( i guess groupies aren't a new phenomena hurhur... *sigh*) .

Whatever, the point of all this wasn't really how women are treated in game(s). Because blizz has long realised that a huge part of their players are women, and pretty much the rest of their customers like the fact that they are playing with women. (Its like the bars that offers free drinks and entrance to women only... funny how you never hear anyone complaining bout that)

The point of this sentence was in fact that I've read posts where the harassment of women was labeled as beeing "both sad and so gay"(not a direct quote).


And here is where my panties gets in a twist. Because it is not women who has been dealt with the "ridicule" card in this world of gaming. It's the homosexuals that gets that hand dealt (think i drowned myself in that metaphor). because whenever anything happens in game that could be thought of as sexist, tons or angry blogposts and forum posts spawn. Whenever gamers promote that their guild is gay and lesbian friendly they get banned (yea its an old story).

And you still have to hear people say "omg that was SOOOO womanlike of you to outbid me on that auction" and "lol your a woman, l2p" "fucking chick l2p" "you play like a woman" and whenever you point out to them, the answer is always always:

"Listen man, i know tons of women, some of my best friends are women, I didn't mean anything by it, its just what people say. To me, im not even talking bout women, its just a word meaning something is negative."

Because we still live in a world where if you go out and are honest with your gender, you will get beaten up. Women in our day an age still have to cut their hair and hide their boobs and put on fake mustaches to avoid ridicule and beatings. Hell, in parts of the western world its still a crime to be a woman. -Or at least considered to be a sickness not unlike insanity. How many dads don't you hear STILL asking their daughters "have you considered not growing boobs, but maybe a penis? Maybe you would like that too".

But I guess we just have to accept that, dont' we?

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  1. I think Sydera did an excellent job showing the problems in that post about stereotypes, as it was written originally before the author tried to polish it a bit. Those stereotypes hurt.

    But I agree that it's a shame how gays are looked upon. It really is. I think we've come a great deal further on this the last few years, at least where I live. The Pride week, pride parades etc, have really helped to get homosexuality accepted in society. But I've got the distinct feeling it isn't as much accepted in Azeroth.

  2. I do not doubt they hurt. I think they where meant to, but I DO doubt they where only meant to hurt women players. And I dont think the post of his in the end was all that sexist either. The negative traits are also very dominant in male gamers (the ones that I chauvinistically label "as 12-year olds" [I never claimed to be a saint]), the only things that could be conscribed as sexist where the broad terms he used to describe em "princess, prima-dona, vixen ect" and ill like to repeat that those labels wherent his invention, but just proof that history has been very horrible to women.