mandag den 28. september 2009

I am the (K)night

So what do you do, when AH/grinding/alt-leveing/main-instancing gets boring, and when RL work and social... stuff grabs a hold of you?
You buy an XboX 360, thats what you do. Then you get this game. And you become the (k)night (Guess it works better spoken than in writing).
And its just as great as you could expect, any game Yatzee would recommend, to be.

But it does leave me in a bit of a sticky situation. Not for my guild, mind you, but my own guilt.
I cannot help but to feel very bad about leaving my guild "behind". Not that im the greatest Tonk this game has ever seen, nor that im imba dps. But I like to think, that i'm a smart player that any Raid Leader would like to have in his raid. So it hurts my inner Knight, to read my guilds raid signups lists.
They often have a lot of threads concerning the word "sorry" "transfer" "uni" and "will not". And here I am. If I wanted to, I could raid 2-3 times more a week (as opposed to the 1 raid i do now in our 10 manned group) with our 25 and 10 manned groups. I could squize it in. Stuff would suffer. But I've done it before. Lots.
On the days I work late, I could log on early and farm consumables and prepare for raids. I could do lots of things. Instead, I've signed out of our 25 manned.
And I love it.

I love the free time. I love my Xbox, I love not stressing about shopping, and house chores because I have to game. I really really love it. Apart from when I think about my guildies.
Because when I do, I feel ashame. Its a silly silly feeling.They certainly have given me no reason whatsoever to feel this way. But I do. I feel horribly that I haven't studied all 3 ways of handling a new boss (healing, pewpewing and tonking) beforehand. I feel bad that I haven't gotten my new chestpiece enchanted yet. (Im loosing my 4 set bonus so im still not 100% sure its better). But mostly I feel bad that I'm not there to help out.

But I don't feel bad Enough, If i did I would log in and play. But so far, the thought of logging on to do anything in games, gives me the same feeling that "dull-chore-week" at work gives me.
I still remember having a sense of exitement about logging on. To do dailies, to level alts, to prepare for raids. to RAID.
I still have a lot of fun doing raids. Just not anything outside the instances.

Then I read Righteous Orbs, that they are lacking an OT. And I think "oh yea, ill transfer my druid or paladin and Tonk horde style!! It will be great, and exciting, and ill tag along on those horrible pugs that are ever so much fun to talk about AFTERWARDS.
But I know when I'm lying to myself. The only thing dragging me online are the people in my guild, whom I luuve playing with, and whom I feel very much in-debted to. And still its not enough.
So I'll spend the occasional 2-3 hours of free fun time I have beeing a caped knight of the Night hiding on Gargoyles and trying not to think of that little voice in the back of my mind, poking at my illogical and silly bad conscience.

I've thought about pulling the plug on WoW, all together, but it seems I can't even do that anymore.
I can't even be bothered to log on and play with my RL friends in champions online. Maybe its a generel MMO fatigue im suffering from.

What im getting to, is that, for the time beeing, my posts won't be so much about in-game experiences :)

ps Oh and im on xbox live aswel: DwRedux

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  1. You have WoW burn out really bad don't you? Thanks for thinking of us, by the way, I'm really touched you thought about it even for a second. Transferring servers would be quite a wrench, especially coming to a bunch of utterly clueless noobs and spanners like us =P

    For what it's worth, I'd try not to feel guilty. I mean, it sounds like you know some great folks and that's fantastic but ultimately you can't play a game *for fun* under a sense of obligation.

    Last week I played WoW maybe ... hmm ... Monday and Saturday, and a bit of Sunday only, determined to take a break. I did feel weirdly guilty as well but then I thought, ack, fuck it, this is *your* free-time.

    Also I have Arkham Aslyum as well - it's fantastic isn't it? Makes you really feel like Batman, which is the best marker for those kind of games. Also I love their take on the Joker :)

  2. Good thing about not having played (much) for over a month (oh my, had to look in my calender) except theese sunday morning runs, is that I can feel my hunger for the game slowly (very slowly) returning. I've started dreaming about leveling my lock and my pala for a dps/tonk duo for instances. But unless i decide to gamble and have a chineese friend get em to 80, I dont see that happening tbh.

    I lubs the Scarecrow sections to bits. (im not done with the games story mode yet, so no spoilers please!)