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Why I'd rather have boss nerfs than hard mode

(gaming filosophy)
With every patch you get boss fight changes. Some may be to erradicate errors, or bugs and other are made to make the encounter easier.
And with every such "nerf", you hear the unaviodable cries of the raiding crowds two loudest groups: the morons (who complain about change, because they don't understand change and will only listen to the next group) and the wannabe hardcores (argh i've lost the link to a great blogpost about how its not the hardcore raiders that moan, but the wannabehardcores... DAMMIT). EDIT found it... or rather *it* found me :D

Allright before I get into this post about why nerfs are great, and why hardmodes are stupid, lets get some stuff out of the way.
- Im not a casual player, I dont want easy raids and easy loot. Im raiding for the challenge.
- I do however like to have people to play with
- Blizzard has made it very clear that they want the "casual" players, to have access to all the content as soon as possible (well what they said was that their biggest mistake was naxx40, since it was their greatest dungeon, and noone got to see it. )
-Let me repeat, I want nerfs on bosses, not hardmodes, and I like hard raids.

So how does those two things combine. Well, as I stated Blizzard is going to make sure as many people as possible get to raid. That is a given. That is a certain. So there is no way around that.

So let's look at what we can do within this setting: 3 options.
1. easy raids, bosses take little to no preperation and requirements to gear, speccs ect is very low.
2. Bosses are as 1. but has the option of making them harder, or "hardmodes"
3. Bosses are hard at the opening of the dungeon and will slowly get easier, or more acsessible as time goes by.

As I said, I like hard raids, so for me option 1 is out. Its also out for Blizzard, because it drives away those who like to strive for hard stuff (and brag about that too, im sort of that type too).
Option 2 and 3 are best examplefied with to two specific instances: Ulduar and Sunwell.
Ulduar beeing very easy on normal and very very very hard at the hardest hard mode (yogg 0 watchers is THE hardest boss in this game ever, and mimiron hard mode is (to qoute Ensidia) "the best tuned fight Blizzard has ever made" (or something like that).
Sunwell on the other hand was heartbreakingly hard at launch (unless you where a PTR testdummie) and over time got -if not easymode- easier, especcially after the "big nerf". -The nerf was in fact so grand that people talk about whether you downed a boss before or after the nerf. But throughout the lifespan of that instance it constantly got easier and easier (some of the nerfs where in fact just bug fixes).

So we have the settings of Ulduar and Sunwell to choose from. As the title of this post indicates, I prefer Sunwell. Why?

Now don't get me wrong. Ulduar was a great instance. But... Lemme give you a quick analogy:
You play table tennis. You just Luuuuve playing table tennis. One day your game manager B. Lizzard sets you up against yet another opponent. His name is Yoggie bare. (So its a rather thickly layered analogy, but stay with me).
You meet up for game time. And find that Yoggie bare is in a wheelchair. Its a fun fight, it's just that... well, you throw him a curveball, and there is no way he can reach him. As an opponent, he is a pushover.
And you beat him.

After you win Mr Lizzard, graps hold of you and tell you that "I just talked to the sponsors, if you beat him while only standing on one leg, you will get a better bat sponsored. And if you on top of that beat him while blindfolded, you will also get some new shoes! and even the chance of a whole table tennis table!".
That way the game will also be very very challenging for you. But... well... In the end, all you have done is beating a cripple. No matter how you might justify it, in the end it's you pointing and lauhing at a cripple going "AHAHAHA you are pathetic!! I was blindfolded and jumping on ONE LEG, and I still beat the crap out of you!!"

I don't want to be that sort of player. I really really don't. And I KNOW I don't want to be that sort of human beeing either.

Id rather play against the imba chineese player Sun weill, who is just incredible. But after playing her for a while (and loosing a lot) you sort of get how to beat her (the trick is to fake a left short shot, that will force her to play it back to your right corner, setting you up for a smash). It's tricky, and sometimes you pull it off. But not enough times to Kill ('jaden *drumroll*) her.

So week after week you meet up with her and play, and you get closer and closer, untill one day Mr Lizzard tells you that she stubbed her toe, and wont be as fast on the switches, making your little plan all that much easier to execute. And surely, you get her.
So yea, it sort of wasn't a fair fight. She was hurt, but you had figured out *how* to beat her, you just needed that extra little nudge to tip the odds on your side.

Get where im going with this? It just makes for so much greater dungeons and for so much more satisfying kills, once you get the kill. Yes sure, sometimes you will be struggeling at 3% on the night before the next nerf hits, and won't get the kill before the nerf. But it is so much preferable than to go blindfolded into a bossfight, you have allready beaten to laugh and point fingers at poor wheelchair guy.

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  1. A very interesting take on this, thanks for the well-written entry!

    I don't know that I agree, but only because I've only raided in WOTLK. And I'm a "once-in-a-while" raider, so I'm the bane of a hard mode group's existence. I just hope whatever they do to finish this expansion on an Arthas fight, it is worth the buildup.

  2. Thanks.
    Yea, imagine if the Icecrown instance pops out and he is killed on the first night on easy mode. Won't that be a let down? But hey, if you beat him without anyone in the raid wearing any armor, you could get a mini lichking pet!!!

  3. There was a point to me adding the "i do like to have people to play with", It just ended up not fitting in the flow. Ill add it here:

    The faster the 2nd and 3rd tier raiders (those at our clearing level and those just below) gear up, the easier they can join us if they find themselves guildless. It makes it so much easier finding new guildies. Since we dont have to spend 2 months doing old content to gear them up. So the faster content becomes easier (after we have had our satisfactory hard to kill-kills) the better.

  4. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, would the post that talks about "wannabe hardcores" be this one:


    Other than that, great post. I'm not sold on the idea of "hard modes" either. That said, the one problem I have with nerfs is that Tam and I are so far behind the curve progression-wise that we'll never get to see the "original" versions of anything. When it's little tweaks like the changes to Yogg-Saron that's not really an issue, but I'd be sad if something like the Sunwell Nerf hit Icecrown before I'd had a chance to do it "properly".

  5. It was!!! (even if you've cheated and moved it to another site :D)
    Editing as we speak.. or as I type.. No thats nonsense... editing it after i click send