torsdag den 13. august 2009

Onyxia raid


Onyxia. I hardly knew ye.
Yes its frikking true to celebrate WoWs 5th anniversary Blizzard has decided to do something completely new and original.
They are "re"-doing a dungeon for level 80.

I know, it's unheard of. RE-doing or remaking a dungeon. So that those who did not experience it before get a chance to try it again, and those that have will drown in tears of joy, for the nostalgia will be so thick it could... I dunno something with oranges and elephants... It will be thick!

What is this Naxxramas you speak of???

Yea so it's allready been done WAY to much in wrath allready. As if heroic mode wasn't enough lazyness on Blizzards part, they have now decided that they will redo yet another dungeon for the raiders.

For those of you keeping score that is wrath: 2 old dungeons "re-tuned", 1 dungeon that is a circle without any trash and 1 (ONE) new dungeon that was -lets be honest- mostly about rekilling the bosses that where in wheelchairs.
So this expansion has been a complete and utter fail, in regards to creatively. And i feel so sorry for the poor gms on the blizzard forum, who has to try and bend over backwards in order to defend this crap of utterly lack of trying to do anything with this game.

What happened to the Blizzard of yesteryears. The company that broke grounds with everything they did. The guys that woudlnt give a release dato on a game other than "its done when its done". The guys that broke ground on everything they did.
I really do feel like a frikking drug-addict. Clinging desperatly onto the memories of when i would play on a schoolnight (well, i had early classes) to 3 am, not noticing the time passing, because id be healing in mauradon. Where did that game go? The game that had every zone be an adventure in itself?
I know a lot of it is me beeing a long time player, and difficult to impress. But on the other hand I also know that when Kill'jaden popped out of that pit for the first time, I forgot to cast heals for the first 15 seconds, I just sat in my chair with eyes as large as teacups starring at the wonder that was my opposition. So it IS still possible to awe the old time players... If you wherent beeing lazy about it.
But like the good welltaught drug-user i am, ill still stick around. Because, dammit, I want to see icecrown.

I want to battle Arthas.
My deathknight shall have his revenge!!! You made me kill my childhood friend, Arthas, I'll make you pay!!!*

* Donovan Pulfrost:

Come to finish the job, have ye?
Well this son o' Ironforge would like...
Redux, I'd recognize that face anywhere... What... What have they done to ye, lad?
Ye don't remember me, do ye? Blasted Scourge... They've tried to drain ye o' everything that made ye a righteous force o' reckoning. Every last ounce o' good... Everything that made you a son of Ironforge!
Think, Redux. Think back. Try and remember the snow capped mountains o' Dun Morogh! Ye were born there, lass. Remember the splendor o' life, Redux! Ye were a champion o' the dwarves once! This isn't ye!
Listen to me, Redux Ye must fight against the Lich King's control. He's a monster that wants to see this world - our world - in ruin. Don't let him use ye to accomplish his goals. Ye were once a hero and ye can be again. Fight, damn ye! Fight his control!
There... There's no more time for me. I'm done for. Finish me off, Redux. Do it or they'll kill us both Redux... For KHAAAAAAAAZZZ MODAAAAAANNNNNN!!!

For Khaz Modan indeed old friend.

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  1. Well, since it's just a smallish "celebrate the anniversary" thing, I think I can forgive them. For me as a TBC player seeing Onyxia at at a proper gear level may even be a bit fun (I've only done it over-levelled and overgeared a couple of times, not the same. But I'm attuned :))
    However it IS a problem if they start to think that recycling old content is enough to keep the players hooked. We definitely expect a bit more of creativity. I hope they're not putting ALL their focus to the new MMO they're developing, leaving the WoW addicts to rot in their misery.

  2. Like I told Mr pew pew, I *will* get misty'eyed going into that place again. It will be fun. It will. However, its the general trend im fearing.

    Also, remember to not forget to watch the ONLY!! strat for Onyxia (or you will get minus 50 dkp)

  3. Yes, you're absolutely right in everything said. But... Onyxia!


  4. Oh go watch "blind" you Onyxia lusting fanboy!!! XD

    I know I will (squeeeeee!!)

  5. speaking of GMs bending over backwards to defend this... they are really really good at it:

  6. You're right you're so right .... but .... but .... I'm excited anyway because I'm a FOOL.

  7. We all are, tam. We really all are.

    We can all see what BLizz is doing to us, and yet... well, yet we are all looking forward to that mount, and that fight.