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Death knight specc funsies.

So, I thought it might be time that I try and live up to my blog-title, and talk some more about the death knight class. (Its weird, i've been so happy with my last two posts, that the pressure of this next post to follow almost gave me a small blockage. So i played a lot of guitar-hero, and even shrek 3 the game... silly i know.)

How do we fare at tanking past 3.2?
Well I suck.
Don't know how large a percentage of this is due to my lack of gaming abilities. (my n00b factoid). But my health pool is low, my migration is terrible and -as predicted- my threat is horrible. Every single class out-threats me. And I don't mean the other tanks (they do aswell, they always have), but I mean, locks, warriors, mages, shamans even rogues are a 'threat' to me now adays..... Hell i even had problems pulling an add of our resto shaman on Ignis :( (that was the cherry on top of the turd of a raidnight, where "No one spoke English, and everything's was broken, and my Stacys where soaking wet" -If you know what i mean.

So beeing a DK tonk ain't all it's cracked up to be no more. How any tanking class is ever going to break into the "this is the guy we will use untill we know the fight" slot that warriors has always had. I don't know. I know how our guild druid did it in TBC. Two things: He was/is a totally cool player who just knows his class and how to tonk everything he is beeing thrown at. and secondly, druids where OP tanks back then (I'll insist that they still are).
I only had one of those things going for me, in order to get me the tanking experience i need. And that edge is now gone.
Think Blizz effectively told us:
You had your day in the sun, go back into the shades you filthy filthy casuals who think that a class with the name "death" in it is cool. But, hey, thanks for picking up wrath, and for the added subs.
Like i touched on earlier, the Death knight has a fundemental flaw in their tanking design. And as of this patch, the pendulon has swung against us. Sorry.

So I have this to look forward to: Tonk the adds on trash, and dps on bosses, or the tough adds. Not much I can do about it. For several reasons, and not all of them are class-design flaws.
So that is what ill do. But how?

This will be my tanking specc, stolen from 2fps (in fact i stole his SS of his specc, couldnt even be bothered to recreate it!). why? Go read his great DK blog about why (yes! I finally found a dk blog i really like, so WOOO on that too... even if she is playing a Blood elf ).

I really love blood for dps, but on the other hand i really really like to look at a DK dual-wielding. On a dwarf that looks frikking cool. (I spend so much time on the wrath beta forum advokating why it wasnt against lore... so please don't get me riled up about that again -for now, settle with "it looks cool on a dwarf). So ill try and specc Frost DW (where im torn between the pew pew of this specc 3/51/17 and the helpfullness of imp icy talons 0/53/18, that is so nice in the 10 manned grp im in. (although when I was blood tonk/blood dps they didnt miss it... hmmm). For fairness, both speccs are taken from the skeletonjack site.

So this is the DK funsies that awaits me. For more funsies, I have a secret little side-thing going. But im afraid to tell anything about that, for the fear of repeating my complete failure that was the dreamreaper project.

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  1. My next blog post is gonna be about google-analytics. A great little thing, where you can see lots and lots of weird data about your blog. (Or me on my blog), i'm posting that here, since this post seems to have been the HIGHEST viewed (is that most viewed?) post ive done. ever. since creating this blog. I'm not gonna brag and say how many trillions of unique views i got (hi mom, thanks for reading), but say that, i've written better posts. read them too! ;)