onsdag den 19. august 2009


Remember when I said that Blizz had to pull out something truly amazing in order to make me consider playing after Arthas was dead?


Hello there leaked info from mmo. (and if its all fake, im gonna join boub in his nakkid paris run! Unlike Some bloggers. )

Let me just stop myself there.
Tobold is an idiot. That post got me so pissed of. Yea you didnt discover this, no need to be so envious of those that did. So there is no point in you, just go sour and point out what you percieve as flaws and call that a post. Only to have commentators explain to you, how it could work just fine.
THEN you frikking go and say to them that just because they might happen, doesnt mean that it will. that was your WHOLE point.
When you make a post saying that "this is impossible" and someone explain to you that it is - in fact- possible, you can't reply with "that still doesnt make it true"..Well it might not, but it sure as hell made your post invalid didnt it?

And I used to look up to your blog. (Hell does indeed hath no fury, like a blog-fan scorn)

Allright back on track. I love this idea for the expansion.

I didn't want to post a knee-jerk reaction to it when the post first aired. I wanted it to sink in. And it has.

Deathwing is the only villain to compare to Arthas (He doesnt measure up, but he is close)
New races are cool! New class/race comboes are cooler. The redoing of the old continent: Hell, its about time.
If done right, this will be great. If done absolutely brilliantly this will even stop me from rolling lightsabre-tankness (And i didnt think anything could).
So once Blizzard proves that they are still on top of their game (Icecrown instance, im looking at you), and the expansion gets revealed at Blizzcon, im gonna take yet another step back and look at it all.
At the moment, im a very happy gamer and blogger. Because once i get back from my 3 weeks of the interweb, we are gonna have an almost real instance (hard mode colliseum) and we will know a lot more about the expansion (hopefully).

And maybe, just maybe, we will get to hear about the new mmo.
Heres to hoping!!

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  1. I feel broadly positive too - I don't have any insight into whether it's true, or false, likely or unlikely but the fact that Blizzard is still capable of stirring up this much enthusiasm reminds me that WoW is still a much beloved game, with lots to offer us.

  2. Yea, I am really trying to post happy posts theese days. Yet -as you can see - i fail misrably. Maybe its something to do with the fact that the only things that makes me want to write, are things that bug me. So I end up having an overall angry blog.
    I've spend an hour trolling blogs that dont like this expansion and calling them idiots... I guess after Blizzcon, ill have to visit them again and apologize, should i be wrong :D

  3. I think I have the same problem, DW...

  4. Somehow its both comforting and scary that there are others with the same problem out there :D

  5. Looks like you can fully be excited, as all the leaked changes turned out to be the real deal. I was cautiously pessimistic about the leaked information, but I'm happier after Blizzcon. Hopefully they make WoW 2.0 the shining star that will keep us all enthused until Blizzard drops their next MMORPG bomb on the market in 4-6 years.

  6. Obviously I wouldn't be me, if I couldn't find tid-bits of negativity in this :)
    However I've chosen to make that post faschionably late... But i'll make a full fledged post about that as soon as I get home.