fredag den 7. august 2009

"Are you not entertained?" - The Colliseum

So. Last night we made our way into the Grand Colliseum to fight... well no. Im not even going to pretend this was anything grand. It was such a letdown.

Just like I wrote in my last post, id rather wipe on hard mode to have it nerf eventually, than I would like to kick a crippled little boss. Well Blizz has clearly proved to me, that my way of thinking is -not only wrong but- sick.
What they decided to do, was to make the easy version of the first boss only. available for the first week.
So we gathered our 25 heroic raiders. World ranked (at our best) 872 guild (now we are more like 1585th) we where preparred for a full on hard day at work with the new bosses.
So our raidleader goes over the basics of the fight:
part one is something like this.. I think.
Part two we do that, or do the twin jormout things do that? I dunno we will have a look
And part 3 we move out of the way, I don't know what else he does

And with the words of "Lets have a pull and see whats it like" We oneshot it.


Apart from one of our rogues who did something bad (stood in fire I think), we had conquered this encounter without a scratch.
"was that it?" One of our trigger happy mages asked
"Yes lioa, that was it"

That was it indeed. So i could spend the next 50 minutes toying with FL4 and looking at my flask time just going away.
I think we would have had a harder time doing naxx. I honestly do. Okay, so our healing team is very well at making up for dps mistakes and they healed their little hearts out. But I don't think they had such a bad day when one of the trees after the fight /w to me the 3 little letters: L o l

And that is what WoW has turned into. LOL. A pathetic attempt to drag out a dungeon that clearly has had little to no time put into developing it. ITS A FORKING ARENA, thats it. there are no trash. There are piss easy bosses and loot. And a gate system designed to drag this horrible little piece of @£$€ instance out as long as possible.

Thats it, im done. Im out of here. Last nights raid made the decicion for me. No more WoW for me. I am NOT entertained.

Why not at least give us the option to start with the hrad mode version we know is there. and ready. I honestly feel like Blizzard is just sitting on the sideline going "how low can we go on the budget before they start to notice?".
Like a week ago (ish) when i tried to get in touch with a GM. Took me almost 48 hours. Seriously. 48 hours.

So for now, i'm playing for my friends in game. This to me is now a very expensive messenger. But i love they people I play with. I adore the friday/saturday raid group i sometimes get to help out, almost as much as mr pew pew does (do follow that link, he writes so well.)
So im going to stick around till I see Arthas dead.*

*Unless at Blizzcon im blown away by their: "there will be a grand instance next month and we have trippled our personell working on WoW."- announcement

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  1. This is really saddening and frustrating, and even though I am relatively new to your blog I would be truly sorry to lose your posts (although, of course, I do not expect you keep playing WoW for your blog-reading public :) )

    The thing is, I can't really see what Blizzard is or isn't doing at the far end of endgame because I'm still standing at Go, waiting to collect my £200.

    But I'm sorry to learn that WoW currently offers so little to its oldest and most dedicated players.

  2. It *might*... just might, have a little to do with the fact that i've overdone Ulduar.
    If you read some old posts you will see that for a period i was doing Ulduar with 3 different raid groups for a Ensidia-wannabe'ish 7 raids a week. (while leveling alts too Oo). And for me Ulduar was just so over and done with (apart from yogg1).

    But most of it, is this forcing us through cliffnotes of a game on baby-cuddly mode. Before we can replay it on hard. I don't get who would enjoy doing that. Having the whole encounter belittled and then having to replay it on interesting mode.

    But dont worry. Dispite me running into "mouth frothing rant"- mode on this subject. I wont stop with WoW, nor will I stop blogging :)

    ...At least not until star wars the old republic comes out. I mean, what am I supposed to do with my freetime otherwise? Watch McClouds daugthers reruns? Hell no.

  3. I did enjoy all the people complaining that "they wouldn't have time for Ulduar" anymore. Well at least for the next 4-5 weeks until the gating is finished, they certainly do have the time.

    I have not tried the first boss of the raid, so I cannot opine on your take. I enjoyed the 5-man heroic and thought it was kind of a challenge from a healer's point of view, but we did get it down pretty easily.

    Here's to more from your blog and others while the gating occurs and Arthas twiddles his thumbs up in the Citadel.

  4. Gotta say I really like the 5 manned too, however i think the "/1 LF1 random for new dungeon. dueling IS done, so come and join" is going to be very common soon.