onsdag den 19. august 2009


Remember when I said that Blizz had to pull out something truly amazing in order to make me consider playing after Arthas was dead?


Hello there leaked info from mmo. (and if its all fake, im gonna join boub in his nakkid paris run! Unlike Some bloggers. )

Let me just stop myself there.
Tobold is an idiot. That post got me so pissed of. Yea you didnt discover this, no need to be so envious of those that did. So there is no point in you, just go sour and point out what you percieve as flaws and call that a post. Only to have commentators explain to you, how it could work just fine.
THEN you frikking go and say to them that just because they might happen, doesnt mean that it will. that was your WHOLE point.
When you make a post saying that "this is impossible" and someone explain to you that it is - in fact- possible, you can't reply with "that still doesnt make it true"..Well it might not, but it sure as hell made your post invalid didnt it?

And I used to look up to your blog. (Hell does indeed hath no fury, like a blog-fan scorn)

Allright back on track. I love this idea for the expansion.

I didn't want to post a knee-jerk reaction to it when the post first aired. I wanted it to sink in. And it has.

Deathwing is the only villain to compare to Arthas (He doesnt measure up, but he is close)
New races are cool! New class/race comboes are cooler. The redoing of the old continent: Hell, its about time.
If done right, this will be great. If done absolutely brilliantly this will even stop me from rolling lightsabre-tankness (And i didnt think anything could).
So once Blizzard proves that they are still on top of their game (Icecrown instance, im looking at you), and the expansion gets revealed at Blizzcon, im gonna take yet another step back and look at it all.
At the moment, im a very happy gamer and blogger. Because once i get back from my 3 weeks of the interweb, we are gonna have an almost real instance (hard mode colliseum) and we will know a lot more about the expansion (hopefully).

And maybe, just maybe, we will get to hear about the new mmo.
Heres to hoping!!

torsdag den 13. august 2009

Onyxia raid


Onyxia. I hardly knew ye.
Yes its frikking true to celebrate WoWs 5th anniversary Blizzard has decided to do something completely new and original.
They are "re"-doing a dungeon for level 80.

I know, it's unheard of. RE-doing or remaking a dungeon. So that those who did not experience it before get a chance to try it again, and those that have will drown in tears of joy, for the nostalgia will be so thick it could... I dunno something with oranges and elephants... It will be thick!

What is this Naxxramas you speak of???

Yea so it's allready been done WAY to much in wrath allready. As if heroic mode wasn't enough lazyness on Blizzards part, they have now decided that they will redo yet another dungeon for the raiders.

For those of you keeping score that is wrath: 2 old dungeons "re-tuned", 1 dungeon that is a circle without any trash and 1 (ONE) new dungeon that was -lets be honest- mostly about rekilling the bosses that where in wheelchairs.
So this expansion has been a complete and utter fail, in regards to creatively. And i feel so sorry for the poor gms on the blizzard forum, who has to try and bend over backwards in order to defend this crap of utterly lack of trying to do anything with this game.

What happened to the Blizzard of yesteryears. The company that broke grounds with everything they did. The guys that woudlnt give a release dato on a game other than "its done when its done". The guys that broke ground on everything they did.
I really do feel like a frikking drug-addict. Clinging desperatly onto the memories of when i would play on a schoolnight (well, i had early classes) to 3 am, not noticing the time passing, because id be healing in mauradon. Where did that game go? The game that had every zone be an adventure in itself?
I know a lot of it is me beeing a long time player, and difficult to impress. But on the other hand I also know that when Kill'jaden popped out of that pit for the first time, I forgot to cast heals for the first 15 seconds, I just sat in my chair with eyes as large as teacups starring at the wonder that was my opposition. So it IS still possible to awe the old time players... If you wherent beeing lazy about it.
But like the good welltaught drug-user i am, ill still stick around. Because, dammit, I want to see icecrown.

I want to battle Arthas.
My deathknight shall have his revenge!!! You made me kill my childhood friend, Arthas, I'll make you pay!!!*

* Donovan Pulfrost:

Come to finish the job, have ye?
Well this son o' Ironforge would like...
Redux, I'd recognize that face anywhere... What... What have they done to ye, lad?
Ye don't remember me, do ye? Blasted Scourge... They've tried to drain ye o' everything that made ye a righteous force o' reckoning. Every last ounce o' good... Everything that made you a son of Ironforge!
Think, Redux. Think back. Try and remember the snow capped mountains o' Dun Morogh! Ye were born there, lass. Remember the splendor o' life, Redux! Ye were a champion o' the dwarves once! This isn't ye!
Listen to me, Redux Ye must fight against the Lich King's control. He's a monster that wants to see this world - our world - in ruin. Don't let him use ye to accomplish his goals. Ye were once a hero and ye can be again. Fight, damn ye! Fight his control!
There... There's no more time for me. I'm done for. Finish me off, Redux. Do it or they'll kill us both Redux... For KHAAAAAAAAZZZ MODAAAAAANNNNNN!!!

For Khaz Modan indeed old friend.

onsdag den 12. august 2009

Death knight specc funsies.

So, I thought it might be time that I try and live up to my blog-title, and talk some more about the death knight class. (Its weird, i've been so happy with my last two posts, that the pressure of this next post to follow almost gave me a small blockage. So i played a lot of guitar-hero, and even shrek 3 the game... silly i know.)

How do we fare at tanking past 3.2?
Well I suck.
Don't know how large a percentage of this is due to my lack of gaming abilities. (my n00b factoid). But my health pool is low, my migration is terrible and -as predicted- my threat is horrible. Every single class out-threats me. And I don't mean the other tanks (they do aswell, they always have), but I mean, locks, warriors, mages, shamans even rogues are a 'threat' to me now adays..... Hell i even had problems pulling an add of our resto shaman on Ignis :( (that was the cherry on top of the turd of a raidnight, where "No one spoke English, and everything's was broken, and my Stacys where soaking wet" -If you know what i mean.

So beeing a DK tonk ain't all it's cracked up to be no more. How any tanking class is ever going to break into the "this is the guy we will use untill we know the fight" slot that warriors has always had. I don't know. I know how our guild druid did it in TBC. Two things: He was/is a totally cool player who just knows his class and how to tonk everything he is beeing thrown at. and secondly, druids where OP tanks back then (I'll insist that they still are).
I only had one of those things going for me, in order to get me the tanking experience i need. And that edge is now gone.
Think Blizz effectively told us:
You had your day in the sun, go back into the shades you filthy filthy casuals who think that a class with the name "death" in it is cool. But, hey, thanks for picking up wrath, and for the added subs.
Like i touched on earlier, the Death knight has a fundemental flaw in their tanking design. And as of this patch, the pendulon has swung against us. Sorry.

So I have this to look forward to: Tonk the adds on trash, and dps on bosses, or the tough adds. Not much I can do about it. For several reasons, and not all of them are class-design flaws.
So that is what ill do. But how?

This will be my tanking specc, stolen from 2fps (in fact i stole his SS of his specc, couldnt even be bothered to recreate it!). why? Go read his great DK blog about why (yes! I finally found a dk blog i really like, so WOOO on that too... even if she is playing a Blood elf ).

I really love blood for dps, but on the other hand i really really like to look at a DK dual-wielding. On a dwarf that looks frikking cool. (I spend so much time on the wrath beta forum advokating why it wasnt against lore... so please don't get me riled up about that again -for now, settle with "it looks cool on a dwarf). So ill try and specc Frost DW (where im torn between the pew pew of this specc 3/51/17 and the helpfullness of imp icy talons 0/53/18, that is so nice in the 10 manned grp im in. (although when I was blood tonk/blood dps they didnt miss it... hmmm). For fairness, both speccs are taken from the skeletonjack site.

So this is the DK funsies that awaits me. For more funsies, I have a secret little side-thing going. But im afraid to tell anything about that, for the fear of repeating my complete failure that was the dreamreaper project.

fredag den 7. august 2009

"Are you not entertained?" - The Colliseum

So. Last night we made our way into the Grand Colliseum to fight... well no. Im not even going to pretend this was anything grand. It was such a letdown.

Just like I wrote in my last post, id rather wipe on hard mode to have it nerf eventually, than I would like to kick a crippled little boss. Well Blizz has clearly proved to me, that my way of thinking is -not only wrong but- sick.
What they decided to do, was to make the easy version of the first boss only. available for the first week.
So we gathered our 25 heroic raiders. World ranked (at our best) 872 guild (now we are more like 1585th) we where preparred for a full on hard day at work with the new bosses.
So our raidleader goes over the basics of the fight:
part one is something like this.. I think.
Part two we do that, or do the twin jormout things do that? I dunno we will have a look
And part 3 we move out of the way, I don't know what else he does

And with the words of "Lets have a pull and see whats it like" We oneshot it.


Apart from one of our rogues who did something bad (stood in fire I think), we had conquered this encounter without a scratch.
"was that it?" One of our trigger happy mages asked
"Yes lioa, that was it"

That was it indeed. So i could spend the next 50 minutes toying with FL4 and looking at my flask time just going away.
I think we would have had a harder time doing naxx. I honestly do. Okay, so our healing team is very well at making up for dps mistakes and they healed their little hearts out. But I don't think they had such a bad day when one of the trees after the fight /w to me the 3 little letters: L o l

And that is what WoW has turned into. LOL. A pathetic attempt to drag out a dungeon that clearly has had little to no time put into developing it. ITS A FORKING ARENA, thats it. there are no trash. There are piss easy bosses and loot. And a gate system designed to drag this horrible little piece of @£$€ instance out as long as possible.

Thats it, im done. Im out of here. Last nights raid made the decicion for me. No more WoW for me. I am NOT entertained.

Why not at least give us the option to start with the hrad mode version we know is there. and ready. I honestly feel like Blizzard is just sitting on the sideline going "how low can we go on the budget before they start to notice?".
Like a week ago (ish) when i tried to get in touch with a GM. Took me almost 48 hours. Seriously. 48 hours.

So for now, i'm playing for my friends in game. This to me is now a very expensive messenger. But i love they people I play with. I adore the friday/saturday raid group i sometimes get to help out, almost as much as mr pew pew does (do follow that link, he writes so well.)
So im going to stick around till I see Arthas dead.*

*Unless at Blizzcon im blown away by their: "there will be a grand instance next month and we have trippled our personell working on WoW."- announcement

tirsdag den 4. august 2009

Why I'd rather have boss nerfs than hard mode

(gaming filosophy)
With every patch you get boss fight changes. Some may be to erradicate errors, or bugs and other are made to make the encounter easier.
And with every such "nerf", you hear the unaviodable cries of the raiding crowds two loudest groups: the morons (who complain about change, because they don't understand change and will only listen to the next group) and the wannabe hardcores (argh i've lost the link to a great blogpost about how its not the hardcore raiders that moan, but the wannabehardcores... DAMMIT). EDIT found it... or rather *it* found me :D

Allright before I get into this post about why nerfs are great, and why hardmodes are stupid, lets get some stuff out of the way.
- Im not a casual player, I dont want easy raids and easy loot. Im raiding for the challenge.
- I do however like to have people to play with
- Blizzard has made it very clear that they want the "casual" players, to have access to all the content as soon as possible (well what they said was that their biggest mistake was naxx40, since it was their greatest dungeon, and noone got to see it. )
-Let me repeat, I want nerfs on bosses, not hardmodes, and I like hard raids.

So how does those two things combine. Well, as I stated Blizzard is going to make sure as many people as possible get to raid. That is a given. That is a certain. So there is no way around that.

So let's look at what we can do within this setting: 3 options.
1. easy raids, bosses take little to no preperation and requirements to gear, speccs ect is very low.
2. Bosses are as 1. but has the option of making them harder, or "hardmodes"
3. Bosses are hard at the opening of the dungeon and will slowly get easier, or more acsessible as time goes by.

As I said, I like hard raids, so for me option 1 is out. Its also out for Blizzard, because it drives away those who like to strive for hard stuff (and brag about that too, im sort of that type too).
Option 2 and 3 are best examplefied with to two specific instances: Ulduar and Sunwell.
Ulduar beeing very easy on normal and very very very hard at the hardest hard mode (yogg 0 watchers is THE hardest boss in this game ever, and mimiron hard mode is (to qoute Ensidia) "the best tuned fight Blizzard has ever made" (or something like that).
Sunwell on the other hand was heartbreakingly hard at launch (unless you where a PTR testdummie) and over time got -if not easymode- easier, especcially after the "big nerf". -The nerf was in fact so grand that people talk about whether you downed a boss before or after the nerf. But throughout the lifespan of that instance it constantly got easier and easier (some of the nerfs where in fact just bug fixes).

So we have the settings of Ulduar and Sunwell to choose from. As the title of this post indicates, I prefer Sunwell. Why?

Now don't get me wrong. Ulduar was a great instance. But... Lemme give you a quick analogy:
You play table tennis. You just Luuuuve playing table tennis. One day your game manager B. Lizzard sets you up against yet another opponent. His name is Yoggie bare. (So its a rather thickly layered analogy, but stay with me).
You meet up for game time. And find that Yoggie bare is in a wheelchair. Its a fun fight, it's just that... well, you throw him a curveball, and there is no way he can reach him. As an opponent, he is a pushover.
And you beat him.

After you win Mr Lizzard, graps hold of you and tell you that "I just talked to the sponsors, if you beat him while only standing on one leg, you will get a better bat sponsored. And if you on top of that beat him while blindfolded, you will also get some new shoes! and even the chance of a whole table tennis table!".
That way the game will also be very very challenging for you. But... well... In the end, all you have done is beating a cripple. No matter how you might justify it, in the end it's you pointing and lauhing at a cripple going "AHAHAHA you are pathetic!! I was blindfolded and jumping on ONE LEG, and I still beat the crap out of you!!"

I don't want to be that sort of player. I really really don't. And I KNOW I don't want to be that sort of human beeing either.

Id rather play against the imba chineese player Sun weill, who is just incredible. But after playing her for a while (and loosing a lot) you sort of get how to beat her (the trick is to fake a left short shot, that will force her to play it back to your right corner, setting you up for a smash). It's tricky, and sometimes you pull it off. But not enough times to Kill ('jaden *drumroll*) her.

So week after week you meet up with her and play, and you get closer and closer, untill one day Mr Lizzard tells you that she stubbed her toe, and wont be as fast on the switches, making your little plan all that much easier to execute. And surely, you get her.
So yea, it sort of wasn't a fair fight. She was hurt, but you had figured out *how* to beat her, you just needed that extra little nudge to tip the odds on your side.

Get where im going with this? It just makes for so much greater dungeons and for so much more satisfying kills, once you get the kill. Yes sure, sometimes you will be struggeling at 3% on the night before the next nerf hits, and won't get the kill before the nerf. But it is so much preferable than to go blindfolded into a bossfight, you have allready beaten to laugh and point fingers at poor wheelchair guy.