torsdag den 2. juli 2009

Old guild meetup

Summer is truly on us. My guild is starting to struggle to make the signups for full raids theese weeks ("make sure you sign up with all your offspeccs so we can make signups work" aka bring more healers/dps/and or tanks) - as im sure most guilds will be feeling theese weeks ahead. Maybe apart from Exudos who have all decided to take their summer holiday together (hurhur) [if that didnt make sense to you, go and bug out Yogg saron and find out what will happen]
They (their fans, ensidia and ensidia fans and pretty much all the trolls of the world) made for a fun week of reading. Sometimes im amazed at how stupid people are. Not Ensidia or Exudos themselves mind you (well some of their members) but the "HAXXX" and "OMG AMERICA FTW I LOVE MY COUNTRY, and if you dont you are GAY" -retardations. .... Im getting sidetracked again.
Its summer, its hot, and im going to Belgium!
Yes This evening Me, Mrs DW-Redux and two former guildmates now turned into former WoW-players-friends, are gonna get into a car thats way to small for 4 adults and drive south to Belgium to visit another old friend.
For what will be the second largest "mean drunks" gathering of all times. Yes that was the name of my old guild. Yes I was GM, no i didnt make up that name (I wish I had).
So thats gonna be a lot of fun, and im looking very much forward to it, even though im the only active player left of the 5 of us. So it will be interesting to see if we can steer clear of gaming on that trip :)
Or rather, if 'I' can !

So enjoy the sun, and keep those offspecc gears up to date, summer is gonna be a bitch for your signups!
Same reason we wont see the next dungeon till way after July has ended

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