torsdag den 9. juli 2009

Ideas for WoW

So... im very creative. Bloggers are a whole are extremely creative.
Its true. Im "drawing inspiration" from Pewpewlazers who "drew inspiration" from the egotistical priest for this post. (Aint that creative?)

heres the premise for this post:

If you could sit down with a WoW developer over coffee and bagels for a half hour, what would you ask them to change about the game?
However im not a demanding sort of fella, so ill mostly be asking 'why?'.
Not "change this, make me massily aoe expert nau!!" Or anything silly like that?
Nor will I ask to be made a gnome -Im still sane, thank you very much (/hides from pewpew and Larísa's wrath :p)

1. What do you want on your bagel then? Ill have the same.

2. Honestly truly, just between us.. Ill tell noone i swear: Does woW has a finite storyline? A story arc so to speak, where you will end it, or will you "just" make up new stuff? There seem to be a (albeit very very thin) link between the original game and the two expansions, the meta-story seems to be that war is stupid and the horde and the alliance should stop fighting amongst themselves to stop common enemies. Do you plan on ending it? And if not end the story, do you have a planned ending for WoW, or will you just stop it once the subscription numbers die out?

3. What is so wrong with dwarf Warlocks? -Or even better whats wrong with a dwarf druid... Just for me :D

4. So... the dancing. Have you ever seen the Dwarf dances? Especcially the females? Please, ill pay anything, just let me change that.

5. Get someone who’s actually been to Scotland to do the Dwarf female voices. Please. (totally my own one i swear.. NO dont go reading pewpewlazers blog)

6. The new mmo... just whisper to me what its going to be about [..pause..] oooooooooohh sounds great! I wont tell anyone.

7. Why the fekk are you making people pay to watch your adds for upcomming blizz games?? Honestly does your greed know no limit??? Seriously!
- pet included you say? well, make a special addtion then for the idio... ehh superfans, where they can pay.. But forcing people to pay to watch you advertice for your own products is sickening. It truly is. Its the sort of thing where im torn. Between you great games, and just saying "screw everything blizz ever makes, im boycutting ya!!"

8. Want some more coffee? I could sure wants some.

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