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Fundamental flaw of the Death knight

In the latest Blizz Q/a Ghostcrawler talks about Death knights, there he touches upon what I feel is the most fundamental flaw blizz has in regards to Death knight (tanks)

Death knights also have a lot of abilities with medium-length cooldowns. This means they can be used multiple times per fight, but aren’t always there exactly when needed. A lot of the skill involved in playing a death knight, whether for PvP, tanking, or doing raid dps, involves using these at the right time.

Sounds good right? It is. Its unique, its fun, its cool! and its different from all the other tanking classes. And thats great!
However, thats also the worst thing that could happen to the development of Death Knigth (tanks). Why?
Well most guild still use primarily Druids and Warriors (and paladins) as their tanks, they did in TBC and they do now. So in order to get a established guild to take on a new class to tank end-game, they had to give us DKs an "in". Cooldowns, armor and health where our ins. Ensidia gladly took a DK to tank, and everyone that was anyone in PvE did the same.
And the floodstreams of bare, tonadin and protwarriors openeed. Im not saying that they where wrong, DKs where overpowered. Very much so. We did and still do have some weaknesses that is not recognized as much since now everyone is on the "DKs are extremely OP" wagon. - Just read the patch notes, the nerfs are a comming.
So thats fine. Personally I feel they are over the top, and I very much fear we will be placed at the bottom of the tanking food chain after patch. next to shamans with shields....
Then we will get buffed again, to make up for overnerfing us, and another cryout will begin. We are a new class, the 3 other tank classes has way better lobyists than we do.

So why do I claim that the above qoute is terrible for us? Why do I think that we will forever be doomed to be either first choice or worst choice for tanking? Our cooldowns.
How are Blizzard planning to make sure our shorter cooldowns won't offset boss abilities? Take Vezax as an example, with a DK tanking you can skip the whole kiting bit and just eat the extra hard hits due to our shorter cooldowns.
So either we are gonna be weaker than all the other tanks, and slightly better when using cooldowns, or we are gonna be the same (or worse which is where we are with theese patches) but with cooldowns that dont really do anything extra. And since Blizz stated that one of our unique skills is that we have theese shorter cooldowns, i just dont see option two happening. Instead we are gonna be the tank where: "just spam him, if you let up for more than one sec in between casts he is dead - except for those few times where you will be overhealing him like crazy". And those few times, healers wont relax and save mana, because healers still dont trust cooldowns.
So we are gonna be the TBC druid: spam heal spam heal spam heal. except! we wont have more HP than the other tanks like the druid did (and still do) so we wont be better at soaking the hard hits, and we wont even have the luxury of then beeing better at threat since Dks overall have the lowest threat output of the tanking as it is, and there is no buff for that anywhere in sight... As a matter of fact our dmg looks to be nerfed (and since we have no single target attack with a modifier our threat is getting nerfed aswell)
Also for some reason I really really dont get our frost strike is beeing made worse... I blame arena.

ps, im setting thisup to be posted when im on my little holiday, hope it works ;)

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  1. I tend to think of this as the "burned on the outside, raw in the middle" problem. I really don't think it's possible to balance "consistently high mitigation" against "powerful cooldowns". You either wind up with DKs being flat out better than other tanks, flat out worse than other tanks, or seesawing wildly between the two depending on whether their cooldowns are up.

  2. Precisely. So what I took a whole post to rant over, you nailed in 5 lines of comment... I hate you ;)