torsdag den 16. juli 2009

Chasing the dragon elsewhere

Like a drugaddict, chasing the dragon once again looking to recapture that long lost feeling of how WoW was like the first time you played it. Or to steal a qoute from the pinkpigtailed bartenders blog

"New players have one advantage over the grizzled altaholic: the content is fresh and exciting to them. I'd trade away all my heirloom items in an instant for that."

Just spot on!

So like most of the horribly scarred emotionally deprived hardcore mmo-addicts I've dabbled with the enemy. I've bought and played: City of heroes, Warhammer online, Conan, Final fantasy Fuck I even tried out maplestory and Runescape... One time -in sheer desperation- I even rerolled horde on an RP realm, with some friends (stay the hell away from Sporregaaaaarrrr on EU servers, for an RP realm there is little to no intelligence to be found - at all... "NO, it says RP-PVP so i can choose if I want to pvp OR rp.. besides RP stands for rapid progression so it just means i level faster here!!!" ...okay im getting sidetracked.)
Point was, that all of them where a bust eventually.

In the end i logged back on Hellscream to my old friends (yea im a social!!) and had my dose of MMO there.
Come to think of it, me re-rolling to a Death knight, might have been for the same reason as i spend all my money on the other dreadded mmo's, the thrill of something new, undiscovered and exciting. Because WoW has lost that. With the re-shipping of Naxx, and the -seemingly- years of public testing on Ulduar, it was impossible to have any sort of discovery or fun with WoW once you hit level 80.
As i've touched on earlier all the databases and knowledge forums and addons makes for ruining the fun and excitement and discovery of the game for all of us.

"But Redux, you hunk of a man, why don't you just stop using the addons and looking in the knowledgebases and reading patchnotes and boss strats?" Some might ask.
To which I would reply: Because of two important factors: im an idiot, and im competative. So there is no way i would ever not raid in WoW. Ever. And to raid you need to know what the fekk you are doing, and the few rare guilds that raid without the help of bossguides are either competing for world firsts (with the ludicris raidtimes to follow) or arent accepting new applicants (and im almost certain that even if they begged me to follow them, id be hardpressed to leave the friends i have in my guild behind).

So (as the idiot i am) im stuck chasing my dragon in other games. For now i got my drugged up eyes set solely on Aion. Its pretty, you get black wings, and the reviews so far hint that its more *fun* than the clean unbumpy ride that wow leveling has become. So I can't wait to hear how the endgame (abyss) is. incidentally that part is beeing tested this weekend in the beta (That im not -yet- in).
If nothing else, it should keep me occupied untill my big WoW killer comes along. Bioware you naughty tease of a pusher, you finally did it! made me an mmo. Now release it!!! Yes im talking about Star wars: The old republic and my God i hope its release will fit with me not having to buy the next WoW release. Because if its gonna be a waterworld of fun (the wow expansion that is) im jumping ship (pun intended).
have you ever tried doing any of the below water quests in wow? Have you ever tried fighting under water?
Now imagine a whole expansion of that. 10 levels of that+ a year of dungeons doing that...

Thats why!

In the end, one day, ill have to go cold turkey, at old age in the retirement home when my eyes finally give out, but not before that! :)

Oh and patch 3.2 wont be released before august, ill bet with anyone!

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  1. I must admit that I'm quite sceptic too to underwater fighting. May kill my WoW interest if it turns out badly. And then I'll probably go cold turkey. Can't waste my life on another mmo. Life is too short and precious tbh... One mmo for a few years... that will suffice. At least that's what I tell myself right now.

  2. ...Yea sure.

    "C'mon man, just one more hit, then ill quit, i swear dude honestly!!" -Just like the rest of us addicts ;)

    But there may be some truth to it, I've never felt at home in any other online game, like i do in WoW, so maybe... just maybe, once that is over nothing else will do. :)