tirsdag den 14. juli 2009

Blizzard *does* listen... almost sort of

So in my last post i complained a tiny weensy bit about Blizzards extremely greedy and.. well unsympathetic way of abusing their loving fans. I am of course reffering to them asking an astonishing 29,95 EUR for the fans to watch a livestream of blizzards commercials known as Blizzcon.

Having been to the latest worldwide invitational, i can with comfort say that the event is just that, a long add praising all that is Blizzard. Nothing wrong with that, they are great developers.. Hell I was a huge enough fan to plan my holiday around going there. And I had a blast when they announced Diablo III and overall a great great time. The memory has since soured for me, after hearing that they charged a ridiculos price for just watching it on your pc at home. Sure you get a little code for the coolest pet yet in game with this price, but honestly so what? Why wasn't there an option for us fans who just wanted to see the news live as it happens on stream? Most tv shows has that option for frikking free!! And they arent adverticing a product ( at least not directly).

This whole thing just reeks of greed and of not giving a flying F@%k about the people who play their games. Its truly honestly stuff like this that makes me want to cancel my subscription and boycutt every blizz game ever made. But I won't. Firstly cuz they make such great games, and secondly they couldnt care less what i do... Or could they?

Because now it seems, according to fnatic that you will get the chance to -at least- watch the tournament games going on via live stream for free. WOOOO.

So now it really begs the question: Why does the rest of the event, you know the commercials where they tell us what to buy next, has to cost a flipping 30 euro????

Really Blizzard, why?

*sigh* -Funny thing is, looking at my last posts, i've seemed to have an overall very negative attitude here, and im always told im so positive in everything. I guess this blog is where I went my frustrations :) I'll try and make happier posts soon. Or at least be happier when writing stuff.

Hey look, summer /runs off

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