tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

1 month (non-wow)

So in one month Mrs dw-Redux, truly in the eyes of everyone will be Mrs dw-redux, ring and all.

Somewhere in my foto-library i have a couple of screens of one of my alts popping the question to one of her alts. (that was done 6 months after the real porposal btw, i did not NOT ask stuff like that in the game... Just so thats clear)

So my mind is pretty pre-occupied at the moment. -oh and who on Gods green earth decided that it was the guys job to pick out the buket?? I dont know jack about flowers, they are like girls when i was in college: they smell pretty and look damn nice, but im really kindda certain that I dont know diddly bout em.
Let alone, what kinds of flowers she wants.. Gah.

A little on gaming though, 3.2 hasn't hit yet, and wont for a little while longer. Would Blizz dare to release it 1-2 weeks before blizzcon? How many "top guilds" attending would scream murder at the thought of them missing out on the server first kills cuz they where in California??
So my money are on Patch breaking straight after Blizzcon.
It would also steal away any momentum AION might get.

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  1. Congratulations to you and Mrs dw-Redux. I'm really happy for you.

    When I have to buy flowers for a personage of the female persuasion, I recommending putting yourself wholeheartedly in the hands of the florist (not literally, that kind of thing can ruin a relationship).

    Throw yourself on the florist's mercy, offer generalised suggestions (I don't want pink, she really likes those poofy ones over there, the bridesmaids will be wearing blue etc. etc.) but 'fess up to profound ignorance and let the florist unleash their artistic side.

    I've never had cause to regret it. Of course, I've never had to pick out a bouquet so important but I'm sure it'll work :)

  2. Big grats! A little piece of advice: the strenght of your marriage has nothing to do with how much money you put into your wedding. I know people who spent thousands and thousands of dollars on theirs and were divorced within a couple of years. My own wedding was secret. We had 1 guest at the wedding dinner, which consisted of potatoe soup and a bottle of wine. I sent a postcard to my mother: "I've married, guess who?". I was 18 years. And do you know what? 23 years later we're still married....

  3. @imsr: That was my plan at first, but luckly I work in a place that is just jampacked with middleaged women who are specialists in finding stuff, so I do feel very preparred when ill walk into the florist with a not saying, "this is what he wants" :D
    @lar: I'm the luckiest man alive, in that Im about to marry a woman that has a sense of logic and common sense in her. She was the one who didn't want to spend a lot of money on her dress, since she would only get to wear it once. How brilliant is that? ^^ And personally I feel that the more focus on the the wedding and not the marriage, the worse you are off. We wanted to get married, and celebrate that with a party, and pretty much nothing but that. And thank you both for the well wishes :)

  4. Congrats in advance DW-Redux, and don't let the stress of the build-up get to you guys. Half of my family does not get along with my wife years after our wedding because of a couple blow-ups in the crazy days leading up to our wedding. So don't let it happen to you!

    But in all seriousness, just go with the florist's best ideas using the colors of your wedding. Blue and some other colors only look classy on certain flowers, and they will know that. Thankfully we don't have the same tradition around here!

  5. Yea, we might have to think about cutting the phone-lines in the days leading up to... or maybe *I* should do that :D

    Personally i don't think anything bout a wedding should be in all seriousness(insert *drummroll*), but I was planning on just going down to them and say something along the lines of: "Theese are the colors, theese flowers look pretty whats the best combo?"
    At least from looking at wedding buket's from around the world i know one thing: I cannot get the worst one ever created, I simply lack the poor taste and imagination... thats comforting