tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

1 month (non-wow)

So in one month Mrs dw-Redux, truly in the eyes of everyone will be Mrs dw-redux, ring and all.

Somewhere in my foto-library i have a couple of screens of one of my alts popping the question to one of her alts. (that was done 6 months after the real porposal btw, i did not NOT ask stuff like that in the game... Just so thats clear)

So my mind is pretty pre-occupied at the moment. -oh and who on Gods green earth decided that it was the guys job to pick out the buket?? I dont know jack about flowers, they are like girls when i was in college: they smell pretty and look damn nice, but im really kindda certain that I dont know diddly bout em.
Let alone, what kinds of flowers she wants.. Gah.

A little on gaming though, 3.2 hasn't hit yet, and wont for a little while longer. Would Blizz dare to release it 1-2 weeks before blizzcon? How many "top guilds" attending would scream murder at the thought of them missing out on the server first kills cuz they where in California??
So my money are on Patch breaking straight after Blizzcon.
It would also steal away any momentum AION might get.

tirsdag den 21. juli 2009

Project Dreamreaper status. p 3

Last post in the series

So saturday night, after a great fun guild raid to Ulduar with the alt/semi-retired/parent raid group (aka team daddy), where I helped out on my priest on their first night at yogg (halfway through p2 AND in 4 pulls had p1 totally under control... amazing). I logged onto my gnome Lock, still at level 22.

I gave a deep /sigh, then mailed her gold and Heirloom shoulders to another alt, logged out and... deleted her.

Many factors played into this. Leffe was one, I won't deny that. The thought of possibly maybe getting to play worgen and needing a free char slot, was another (again, thinking that id need to free a slot up *now* for that, might have something to do with the Leffe aswell ^^) but mostly Dreamreaper had just been a cause for guilt. Whenever I logged onto wow, id see her cheery little face, with a big blue guy behind her, almost begging me to log on and play with her (damn dirty gnomes). And I never did. Leveling in outland on my other toons, grinding on my dk or just attempting to play the AH all seemed much more appealing.
So id see her little face in the character selection window, smiling waiting.. And I knew, I just knew she blamed me. Blamed me for abandoning her, for letting her gather dust.
Sure the smile was the same, the slow shifting of weight from one leg to the other that gnomes always do, was still there. But the sparkle in her eyes where gone. And all that was left was pure hatred. hell does indeed hath no fury like a woman scorn.
So there I was with Tom Waits blasting "dirt in the ground" in my ears, her looking at me, the Leffe in full effect, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I logged in. Typed /played (16 hours and change) mailed the stuff, logged out and clicked DELETE.

Gone where the broken promises, the dreams of glory. Of me and her together, blasting in the back. Dotting our enemies up, while id have time to stay on top of the situation. No more tanking panic, no more healing frenzy. This time It would be different. This time id have control. This time my contribution over Teamspeak would not any longer be just "FFS dont...[] I have him..[]..heal" I would have been in control, able to test my meddle as a group leader (something i've toyed with before, you dont raid as a tank and as a healer and not have dreams of trying to be a party/raid leader). All those promises and dreams she promised and I never fulfilled, all that guilt, ended on that DELETE.

The original premise for creating her, was the question: would anyone roll anything other than DKs in wrath since it took too long to level a toon otherwise? The answer is YES, several guildies have rolled new classes, and a couple of them even switched from their old main to this new one, and is raiding Ulduar with us. For me however it just wasn't meant to be. At least not in this go. I had put too many expectations on this little gnomes shoulders.
I did however actuelly enjoy playing warlock. Although they are far from as easy to solo with as DK's, druids or even Disc priests.
Maybe its my play method, maybe its a matter of learning the tricks, maybe it will get better past level 25+ I dunno, but it was fun. And I also know that monday morning, I was looking at races for another Lock, only this time its going to be different... This time.

torsdag den 16. juli 2009

Chasing the dragon elsewhere

Like a drugaddict, chasing the dragon once again looking to recapture that long lost feeling of how WoW was like the first time you played it. Or to steal a qoute from the pinkpigtailed bartenders blog

"New players have one advantage over the grizzled altaholic: the content is fresh and exciting to them. I'd trade away all my heirloom items in an instant for that."

Just spot on!

So like most of the horribly scarred emotionally deprived hardcore mmo-addicts I've dabbled with the enemy. I've bought and played: City of heroes, Warhammer online, Conan, Final fantasy Fuck I even tried out maplestory and Runescape... One time -in sheer desperation- I even rerolled horde on an RP realm, with some friends (stay the hell away from Sporregaaaaarrrr on EU servers, for an RP realm there is little to no intelligence to be found - at all... "NO, it says RP-PVP so i can choose if I want to pvp OR rp.. besides RP stands for rapid progression so it just means i level faster here!!!" ...okay im getting sidetracked.)
Point was, that all of them where a bust eventually.

In the end i logged back on Hellscream to my old friends (yea im a social!!) and had my dose of MMO there.
Come to think of it, me re-rolling to a Death knight, might have been for the same reason as i spend all my money on the other dreadded mmo's, the thrill of something new, undiscovered and exciting. Because WoW has lost that. With the re-shipping of Naxx, and the -seemingly- years of public testing on Ulduar, it was impossible to have any sort of discovery or fun with WoW once you hit level 80.
As i've touched on earlier all the databases and knowledge forums and addons makes for ruining the fun and excitement and discovery of the game for all of us.

"But Redux, you hunk of a man, why don't you just stop using the addons and looking in the knowledgebases and reading patchnotes and boss strats?" Some might ask.
To which I would reply: Because of two important factors: im an idiot, and im competative. So there is no way i would ever not raid in WoW. Ever. And to raid you need to know what the fekk you are doing, and the few rare guilds that raid without the help of bossguides are either competing for world firsts (with the ludicris raidtimes to follow) or arent accepting new applicants (and im almost certain that even if they begged me to follow them, id be hardpressed to leave the friends i have in my guild behind).

So (as the idiot i am) im stuck chasing my dragon in other games. For now i got my drugged up eyes set solely on Aion. Its pretty, you get black wings, and the reviews so far hint that its more *fun* than the clean unbumpy ride that wow leveling has become. So I can't wait to hear how the endgame (abyss) is. incidentally that part is beeing tested this weekend in the beta (That im not -yet- in).
If nothing else, it should keep me occupied untill my big WoW killer comes along. Bioware you naughty tease of a pusher, you finally did it! made me an mmo. Now release it!!! Yes im talking about Star wars: The old republic and my God i hope its release will fit with me not having to buy the next WoW release. Because if its gonna be a waterworld of fun (the wow expansion that is) im jumping ship (pun intended).
have you ever tried doing any of the below water quests in wow? Have you ever tried fighting under water?
Now imagine a whole expansion of that. 10 levels of that+ a year of dungeons doing that...

Thats why!

In the end, one day, ill have to go cold turkey, at old age in the retirement home when my eyes finally give out, but not before that! :)

Oh and patch 3.2 wont be released before august, ill bet with anyone!

tirsdag den 14. juli 2009

Blizzard *does* listen... almost sort of

So in my last post i complained a tiny weensy bit about Blizzards extremely greedy and.. well unsympathetic way of abusing their loving fans. I am of course reffering to them asking an astonishing 29,95 EUR for the fans to watch a livestream of blizzards commercials known as Blizzcon.

Having been to the latest worldwide invitational, i can with comfort say that the event is just that, a long add praising all that is Blizzard. Nothing wrong with that, they are great developers.. Hell I was a huge enough fan to plan my holiday around going there. And I had a blast when they announced Diablo III and overall a great great time. The memory has since soured for me, after hearing that they charged a ridiculos price for just watching it on your pc at home. Sure you get a little code for the coolest pet yet in game with this price, but honestly so what? Why wasn't there an option for us fans who just wanted to see the news live as it happens on stream? Most tv shows has that option for frikking free!! And they arent adverticing a product ( at least not directly).

This whole thing just reeks of greed and of not giving a flying F@%k about the people who play their games. Its truly honestly stuff like this that makes me want to cancel my subscription and boycutt every blizz game ever made. But I won't. Firstly cuz they make such great games, and secondly they couldnt care less what i do... Or could they?

Because now it seems, according to fnatic that you will get the chance to -at least- watch the tournament games going on via live stream for free. WOOOO.

So now it really begs the question: Why does the rest of the event, you know the commercials where they tell us what to buy next, has to cost a flipping 30 euro????

Really Blizzard, why?

*sigh* -Funny thing is, looking at my last posts, i've seemed to have an overall very negative attitude here, and im always told im so positive in everything. I guess this blog is where I went my frustrations :) I'll try and make happier posts soon. Or at least be happier when writing stuff.

Hey look, summer /runs off

torsdag den 9. juli 2009

Ideas for WoW

So... im very creative. Bloggers are a whole are extremely creative.
Its true. Im "drawing inspiration" from Pewpewlazers who "drew inspiration" from the egotistical priest for this post. (Aint that creative?)

heres the premise for this post:

If you could sit down with a WoW developer over coffee and bagels for a half hour, what would you ask them to change about the game?
However im not a demanding sort of fella, so ill mostly be asking 'why?'.
Not "change this, make me massily aoe expert nau!!" Or anything silly like that?
Nor will I ask to be made a gnome -Im still sane, thank you very much (/hides from pewpew and Larísa's wrath :p)

1. What do you want on your bagel then? Ill have the same.

2. Honestly truly, just between us.. Ill tell noone i swear: Does woW has a finite storyline? A story arc so to speak, where you will end it, or will you "just" make up new stuff? There seem to be a (albeit very very thin) link between the original game and the two expansions, the meta-story seems to be that war is stupid and the horde and the alliance should stop fighting amongst themselves to stop common enemies. Do you plan on ending it? And if not end the story, do you have a planned ending for WoW, or will you just stop it once the subscription numbers die out?

3. What is so wrong with dwarf Warlocks? -Or even better whats wrong with a dwarf druid... Just for me :D

4. So... the dancing. Have you ever seen the Dwarf dances? Especcially the females? Please, ill pay anything, just let me change that.

5. Get someone who’s actually been to Scotland to do the Dwarf female voices. Please. (totally my own one i swear.. NO dont go reading pewpewlazers blog)

6. The new mmo... just whisper to me what its going to be about [..pause..] oooooooooohh sounds great! I wont tell anyone.

7. Why the fekk are you making people pay to watch your adds for upcomming blizz games?? Honestly does your greed know no limit??? Seriously!
- pet included you say? well, make a special addtion then for the idio... ehh superfans, where they can pay.. But forcing people to pay to watch you advertice for your own products is sickening. It truly is. Its the sort of thing where im torn. Between you great games, and just saying "screw everything blizz ever makes, im boycutting ya!!"

8. Want some more coffee? I could sure wants some.

onsdag den 8. juli 2009

WoW is fantastic and at its hight right now, in every aspect

Inspired by Larísa great post about us old timers needing to stop and look around and shut the F@£$k up (my words, not hers -she is an innocent little angel... like all gnomes), ive made this post, celebrating just why WoW has never been as great as it is just now.

First off, one should never read two things: test-realm patch notes and beauty magazines. Both will make you feel horrible for completly different reasons. So don't. And don't listen to the people who do (ofc you *should* still read my brilliant post about the flaws and future of DKs :p), either.
Just wait till a patch goes live, look at what has changed and adjust to it.

Allright: So why is WoW at its prime right now? Why aren't raids back from the days of Naxx40, aq40 and molten core better? Do you remember the raids back then?

"wait for 5 sunders"
"lol wtf you are lowest on the healing meter"
"but I dont have any overhealing done"
"who gives a shit, if you dont get higher on the meter, you won't raid again"
"/pst dude im on AFK-follow"

In 40 manned raid-dungeons only about 10 of the people there knew what was going on. and at a max only 20 more payed attention. on bossfights it wasn't unusual to have people go afk... except on LOOT time. Where everyone would fight, yell and argue over the very very few drops that where.
In pvp, you waited happily for 2-3 hours to get into AV and once you got in, the fight was almost over and people would plea: "lol wtf plz loose some towers so us new guys can get some play"
And if ever you got 10 people from the opposite faction that had end-game gear on, they would plough through everything. The gap between someone with imba-gear and a green/blue rogue (my pvp toon) was silly. Once i met an warrior from ORCA (top horde guild back then) who was /afk in a tower. After spending about 30 seconds on getting him down, he came back and two shotted me.... that was balanced pvp back then.

And this is the stuff we miss??

Today, we all know how to play in raids, we have to, otherwise you will still be stuck in the first wing of naxx. Sure some play better than others in a semi-casual guild, but its way more about teamwork and coordination. You see a lot more of people passing gear to those who need it more, you see a lot more interaction between players. (back then, in raids i never talked to anyone outside of the healing channel) and the raids.
Oh boy, the raids. They are so big, well-designed and jawdroppingly stunningly pwetty!
Bosses are welldesigned and well tested. (if you haven't heard about lady vajsh back in the day, then shhhhush).
They are well balanced aswell - compared to the old days.
And the splitting of raids into 10 and 25 manned was a stroke of genius by Blizzard. never has there been so many people raiding. So the pool of players to choose from, should you need more, is better. Yes the standards has risen, but isnt that a sign of prosperity. Now-a-days, you don't need to be either a) a priest or b) have your entire guild spend weeks to gear you up in old instances in order to get a new recruit usefull in end-game. Badges and PuGs raiding the dungeons made sure of that.

Then there is the new class. Death Knights. How cool are they? If they are Dwarfs: very very cool. If they are human (or a pink gnome, swelt) not so much, but still cool! :D
Death knights filled in a hole in game, and along with further buffing of warior, paladin and druid tanks, they made sure that noone had to spend 3 hours of playing-and-having-fun-time waiting around for a tank in order to hit a dungeon.
They even shortened dungeons so you didnt need to clear an entire night to go have some fun, kill some bosses and get some gear.

Then there was leveling up. 2 starter zones. Enough said? I think so.

Lastly the lore: name the one greatest villain in WoW. ... go on...
If you didnt say Arthas/the lich king, you ehh well.. you better start... well something about monkeys, your uncle, icecream and pooh!!! Or: 'you are wrong'.
Pretty much all of the lore sorrounding warcraft (no, not World of warcraft, just warcraft) centers around the fall of Arthas, and him turning from the greatest hero of the world, into its greatest threat.

And now we get to fight him (eventually). How utterly fantastic is that? Ill tell you how: very!

lørdag den 4. juli 2009

Fundamental flaw of the Death knight

In the latest Blizz Q/a Ghostcrawler talks about Death knights, there he touches upon what I feel is the most fundamental flaw blizz has in regards to Death knight (tanks)

Death knights also have a lot of abilities with medium-length cooldowns. This means they can be used multiple times per fight, but aren’t always there exactly when needed. A lot of the skill involved in playing a death knight, whether for PvP, tanking, or doing raid dps, involves using these at the right time.

Sounds good right? It is. Its unique, its fun, its cool! and its different from all the other tanking classes. And thats great!
However, thats also the worst thing that could happen to the development of Death Knigth (tanks). Why?
Well most guild still use primarily Druids and Warriors (and paladins) as their tanks, they did in TBC and they do now. So in order to get a established guild to take on a new class to tank end-game, they had to give us DKs an "in". Cooldowns, armor and health where our ins. Ensidia gladly took a DK to tank, and everyone that was anyone in PvE did the same.
And the floodstreams of bare, tonadin and protwarriors openeed. Im not saying that they where wrong, DKs where overpowered. Very much so. We did and still do have some weaknesses that is not recognized as much since now everyone is on the "DKs are extremely OP" wagon. - Just read the patch notes, the nerfs are a comming.
So thats fine. Personally I feel they are over the top, and I very much fear we will be placed at the bottom of the tanking food chain after patch. next to shamans with shields....
Then we will get buffed again, to make up for overnerfing us, and another cryout will begin. We are a new class, the 3 other tank classes has way better lobyists than we do.

So why do I claim that the above qoute is terrible for us? Why do I think that we will forever be doomed to be either first choice or worst choice for tanking? Our cooldowns.
How are Blizzard planning to make sure our shorter cooldowns won't offset boss abilities? Take Vezax as an example, with a DK tanking you can skip the whole kiting bit and just eat the extra hard hits due to our shorter cooldowns.
So either we are gonna be weaker than all the other tanks, and slightly better when using cooldowns, or we are gonna be the same (or worse which is where we are with theese patches) but with cooldowns that dont really do anything extra. And since Blizz stated that one of our unique skills is that we have theese shorter cooldowns, i just dont see option two happening. Instead we are gonna be the tank where: "just spam him, if you let up for more than one sec in between casts he is dead - except for those few times where you will be overhealing him like crazy". And those few times, healers wont relax and save mana, because healers still dont trust cooldowns.
So we are gonna be the TBC druid: spam heal spam heal spam heal. except! we wont have more HP than the other tanks like the druid did (and still do) so we wont be better at soaking the hard hits, and we wont even have the luxury of then beeing better at threat since Dks overall have the lowest threat output of the tanking as it is, and there is no buff for that anywhere in sight... As a matter of fact our dmg looks to be nerfed (and since we have no single target attack with a modifier our threat is getting nerfed aswell)
Also for some reason I really really dont get our frost strike is beeing made worse... I blame arena.

ps, im setting thisup to be posted when im on my little holiday, hope it works ;)

torsdag den 2. juli 2009

Old guild meetup

Summer is truly on us. My guild is starting to struggle to make the signups for full raids theese weeks ("make sure you sign up with all your offspeccs so we can make signups work" aka bring more healers/dps/and or tanks) - as im sure most guilds will be feeling theese weeks ahead. Maybe apart from Exudos who have all decided to take their summer holiday together (hurhur) [if that didnt make sense to you, go and bug out Yogg saron and find out what will happen]
They (their fans, ensidia and ensidia fans and pretty much all the trolls of the world) made for a fun week of reading. Sometimes im amazed at how stupid people are. Not Ensidia or Exudos themselves mind you (well some of their members) but the "HAXXX" and "OMG AMERICA FTW I LOVE MY COUNTRY, and if you dont you are GAY" -retardations. .... Im getting sidetracked again.
Its summer, its hot, and im going to Belgium!
Yes This evening Me, Mrs DW-Redux and two former guildmates now turned into former WoW-players-friends, are gonna get into a car thats way to small for 4 adults and drive south to Belgium to visit another old friend.
For what will be the second largest "mean drunks" gathering of all times. Yes that was the name of my old guild. Yes I was GM, no i didnt make up that name (I wish I had).
So thats gonna be a lot of fun, and im looking very much forward to it, even though im the only active player left of the 5 of us. So it will be interesting to see if we can steer clear of gaming on that trip :)
Or rather, if 'I' can !

So enjoy the sun, and keep those offspecc gears up to date, summer is gonna be a bitch for your signups!
Same reason we wont see the next dungeon till way after July has ended