onsdag den 24. juni 2009

Of Ironforge

(sorry bout the long pause in between posts, ive had some health issues... Then loads of work then loads of stuff... almost didnt have time to play the game!)

So this morning my beloved Death Knight finally recieved his redemption. The fallen hero of the alliance, brought back to life by the lich king and forced to do his bidding, had finally broken loose of his chains, and is once again serving his fellow dwarfs. Even making them proud enough to deem him the title: "Of Ironforge".

Yea, Redux has been doing a lot of daily tournaments and is exalted with Ironforge (wont somebody think of the Runecloth!)

And i was very very happy when he finally dinged this morning. Why?

Why would another title matter? Especcially one that doesnt require anything but repgrinding and daily quests?
It is a weird thing, this playing games. Whether you like it or not, you get some sort of attachment to your character - you pretty much have to, when you spend so many hours with em.

I touched the subject in an earlier posts, where i felt like I was betraying my old priest, by leaving him for a younger more platewearing new toon, something that Lariassa also touches on, when se says that "I'm sure that ...[another mage blogger] and some other valued friends of the Kirin Tor will consider me a traitor" -when she played her alt druid tonk and not her main-mage. It's the same principles that come into play. The slight guilt of leaving someone you have spend so much time with. So many frustrations and so much joy with. Now you arent even logging in on them, but rather spending your time on a younger model.

It's common human behaviour, we attach emotions to objects we spend a lot of time on. Be it pets, plants even vacuum cleaners (cant find a link in english, its the story about families insiting on getting the same robotic vacuum cleaner back from repairs, since their children couldnt bare the thought of "having the old one die and just getting a new one") - so do you, and so do I.
So i felt (and still feel) guilty about leaving my priest behind, on having more fun on my Death knight and I've been looking for redemption.

I finally got it! Now Ironforge (and thusly my dwarf priest) has accepted this Death Knight as their own son. And even allowing him to bear their name in combat.
....Although now that title has been replaced by an even greater title: "champion of Ulduar" But thats another braging post for later :D

For now, any of you readers out there ever felt bad when you rerolled?