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Speccing as a death knight (dual specc)

Welcome to pro-corner (*cough*)

Thought id spend some time talking about how to best specc as a death knight. Both as dps-pewpew and as tonki-tonk tonk.

The short answer:
PEW: blood
Tonk: Frost

That was easy, have a nice day!

Allright ill elaborate. First lemme just start by saying, that this is my personal opinion, based on lots of experience, and my hatred of unholy. Hatred might be a kind of a strong word, I just dont get it. Nor do I trust a specc that with 10 points moved around, is supposedly the best dps+tank specc out there, and the best pvp specc.
But dont take my word for that, listen to self-rightious Skeleton Jack and Ensidia cool guy Zkygge. I mean the first one thinks he is a big shot, and the latter IS a big shot. So why do i disagree with em?
Well, lemme just say that I have the outmost respect for Zkygge, and no DK crunches numbers like Jack does, in a easy to swallow little post. So there is truth in there, but its far from the whole truth.

The most important questions to be answered before deciding a specc are theese: What are you gonna use it for, and what specc feels right for you? The first is kindda obvious: if you are gonna be maintanking big bosses with a pala picking up adds n stuff, you dont want to specc AOE tanking. The second one is a bit trickier. Personally, ive just never felt comfortable as unholy, so my choices where easy. I never cared for, or liked unholy. It felt clumpy, it felt akward. I felt like a priest in vanilla wow wanting to mainheal as disc.

So if you are not like me, and just cant get enough of unholy, go check out Zkygges specc, its brilliant, it works and its good.

Lets break down the speccs as i see em:


frost: smart money are on frost as dps once you are in full Ulduar 25 manned gear, maybe only after ulduar. Frost seems to be the best scaling dps specc, but right now it aint cutting it.
blood: 2nd best dps specc (why i choose this ill show you later)
unholy: best dps specc, if you like that, you like that.


Blood: best survival specc, and imo the best single-target DK specc aswell
Frost: arguably the best aoe specc, in certain situations, and a shared 2nd place on single-target aswell.
Unholy: arguably the best aoe specc, in certain situations, and a shared 2nd place on single-target aswell.

Reason why i think that frost-tanking is equally as good as unholy-tanking (unlike most i think) is because most people dont get how frost AoE tanks. As frost you hardly use DnD, mostly you use HB and BB (oh yea if the abriviations are confusing check this site) -mind you the glyphed HB. and sometimes a little PS and pest aswell. I usually only use DnD at the start of the pull to ensure initial aggro for my HB and BB to build up, then im solid. -One thing you need to be carefull of is the DnD cost, make sure you use it early enough so that it wont mess up your rotation on the very easy, and very effective HB, bb, bb rotation :)
So where does unholy aoe win out? On those pulls where small low-health mobs keeps spawning. Thats where a shirt duration DnD+ UB wins out.
Singletarget frost-tanking is all about generating runic power for frost stike and runestrike, while keeping up both diseases.

As for dps, why does blood win out over unholy then? Im far from denying that unholy does better and higher dps, so why do i choose blood? Well that answer is simple really. Its hidden inside a question: How much dps are you capable of doing dead?

Unless I screw up (and thats kindda a lot) I dont need any healing what-soever, any splash i can get back within seconds, i can even help the tanks survive via mark of blood, also the various group buffs are very helpfull. On top of that a lot of the crunch fights in Ulduar, are based around burst dps: the girlie-robot, the iron council (in part), razorscale, cat-lady (in part), the bridge-guy (in part) mimiron (very much so) Yoggie-beara (extremely much so inside the brain) they all very much boost you if you are able or capable of timing your bursts, and nothing says burst like DRW and Hysteria... at least not if you are a DK.

Also, should stuff go wrong, you can eat kindda a lot of damage as blood too from... lets say mimiron, if both tanks are dead and you happen to be the only melee left standing and mark of blood is off its cooldown and so is IBF.. as a matter of fact, you can (if you have amazing healers) easily survive the last 5% of p4 in dps gear nuking away and praying for survival. Some might even argue that that sort of thing, could get you a first kill on mimiron in 25 man, if the *lesser* warrior tanks somehow got themselves killed :D

Oh and the specific builds I use. They arent canon or anything, but its what i use
Tonk glyph: Frost strike, HB, unbreakable armor (3rd one is in a testing phase)
Pewpew glyph: DRW, Dark death, death strike

PS, sorry if it seems im trashing another blog. Theres a reason i read it, I just dont like the way its written.... Does that make sense?

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