torsdag den 30. april 2009

short post: noblegarden & my blogging skillz

So noblegarden. It has convinced me that I will never ever fully finish a single holiday event. And i used to love special events and funny titles.
The way Blizz has implemented this, it reduces every single player to a 10 year old ninjaing-hatefilled-cursing-prick.
God its awfull. why not have the eggs spawn all over azeroth so there woulndt be this camping and hating and loot-ninjawhoring?

Also, it seems that when i post stuff that has been in my Draft folder for a (long) amount of time, they don't "count" on rss feeds and whatnot. So in case you missed my Ulduar post, its down below

(fun fact: try saying "below me" 12 times really quick very loudly... yea its spring and im in a silly mood today)

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