torsdag den 23. april 2009

Dual speccing

My God!

Have you noticed how the blogsphere and WoW-forums is just cranking itself over (is that even a word) dual-speccs? All the calls for nerfs, all the whining and QQ'ing?


Me neither. Sure there are some that say its too expensive, but you have to have misunderstood its purpose if you are the kind of player that cannot afford 1k gold on it. It would be like whining over how expensive the epic mount is... Its right there in the name, 'epic', if you play casually, and dont earn gold, you dont need either of theese things.
You can still respecc for up to 50g a pop. Now try and picture the amount of respeccs you would need to do before it adds up to one thousand gold.... And if you can respecc that much, you can afford the very very low low price of 1k gold.

This wasnt even the point of my post. The point was:
Have you noticed... right no, there hasnt been any real whining. Becuase it just works. Sure there where some point adding issues, but those seem to be all gone now. Its smooth, its good, its easy, its as if we have had it all along.
And it works very very well with what WoW is today.

In the old days (yea im one of *thoose* players) there where 4 classes in wow: the healer (priest), the tank (warrior) the dps (mage, rogue) and the idiot (every other class). Yea I know im stepping on a few toes here, but it was true.
You never saw people in the /generel channel saying stuff like "lf1 healer for lbrs and we are good to go, druid healer please" never.
What you did see was "lf1 healer for ubrs" and if you where any other healing class but a priest and gave them a whisper, you would be ignored - at best.
Same with tanks and dps. Well, unless the group was really really desperate.

I was a priest (healing ofc, if you where shadow, you better be doing some pvp), and i got the other part of what the world was back then, i got spammed, a lot. "wanna heal" "come heal" "full grp" "i will send you pics of me nakkid" (turns out that one was a very old guy that... what, no i never recieved anything!!)

Ehh where was I? Oh right. Those where the good old days. Where in raids, the only ones you talked to, was the other healers in the healing channel. And you could never tell the hunters or mages apart if they played the same race (guess not everything has changed).
Today, any toon can play everything. Well hunters, locks mages and rogues excluded (look what all that int did for you mages eh? All the smarts, but none of the utility.) Or at least a keyrole+dps (yea im elitist, there are healers, there are tanks and then there are those whos job it is not to suck. Hey im a dps too sometimes, I can say that) .

That was then, this is now. So before I start getting hate-mail (hmm ive never recieved that.. ehh mages SUCK!!!) ill start on today.
There isnt a healing class today that is inferior to any of the others. Sure some paladins may claim that they are worse of in AoE fights in 5 man dungeons, but they just suffer from "the grass is greener on the other side, and my neighbourgs wife got bigger titties" Syndrome.
There are no tanks that are inferior either. (only players). The happy unicorns eat rainbows all day and the game in my oppinion is better for it!

And this is why you have heard no huge wining or QQ'ing bout Dual speccing, because it fits so well with how the game works today.

Its just a shame that it almost fits *too* well with the game, because noone is rejoicing this change either. Well, no more!

Dual wielding heres three Huzzah's to you:


(also; gif Arcane healing (for mages) thieving block and murderous taunt (for rogues) and maybe even advanced demon meatshield (for locks), so they can take some responsibility :p..... Flimsy says that hunters are fine, and should just get buffed more in the BM department, so her pretty kitty can pew even more)

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  1. Hm... you're really begging for some nuking from the mage corner, aren't you? I've whined a little about dual speccing. But just a little. TBH Blizzard hasn't treated mages all that nicely. We need some utility now, what's the point of us? Or give us a healing tree... I'ts not fair, anyway. Mage QQ, here I come!!!

    But yeah, I'm pretty about the patch anyway... Ulduar is such a relief to my itch for harder raiding.

  2. Well, if this is hatemail, I can take it ;)

    But im not disagreeing that the pure dps classes has it hard(ish)-and mages more than anyone. lets see how you guys faire once gear gets in place. Blizz did say that they think the "pures" should be a notch higher than us dirty dirty filthy multiclasses.