torsdag den 30. april 2009

short post: noblegarden & my blogging skillz

So noblegarden. It has convinced me that I will never ever fully finish a single holiday event. And i used to love special events and funny titles.
The way Blizz has implemented this, it reduces every single player to a 10 year old ninjaing-hatefilled-cursing-prick.
God its awfull. why not have the eggs spawn all over azeroth so there woulndt be this camping and hating and loot-ninjawhoring?

Also, it seems that when i post stuff that has been in my Draft folder for a (long) amount of time, they don't "count" on rss feeds and whatnot. So in case you missed my Ulduar post, its down below

(fun fact: try saying "below me" 12 times really quick very loudly... yea its spring and im in a silly mood today)

søndag den 26. april 2009

Learning new content

Welcome to Ulduar. We love you.

So we (like most raiding guilds) have taken our first baby-steps into Ulduar this week.

And its been a blast.

- A little setup:

Because I've given up on tv (except 'House' on dvd) I have enough free time to spend my evenings in 3 different raidgroups. Yep 3.

We are a mostly casual-pro raiding guild, so our main 25 manned raids are only 3 nights a week. Which leaves me plenty of time to enjoy two other raidgroups; 10 manned weekend mornings on my death knight, and 10 manned weekend evenings on my Disc priest.

First lets have a look see on how Ulduar is from this DKs perspective.

"Its great."

Okay maybe a bit longer answer.

"Its really great."

Yea allright I stop now, its a blast. In our raid currently there seem to be a semi-shortage of tanks. Or at least enough of a shortage that i've gotten to main-tank. Both in 10 and in 25. And lemme tell ya, its scary like hell.

The other tanks are (amongst a couple) a very experienced warrior, and our raidleader who seems to know everything.

And im not sucking up or anything (i doubt he even reads this... then again, the man knows everything), its just eery how he can /w me on sarth 3d attemps (this was when his death knight was level 60, its 80 now and with gear that competes mine) and say "Hey Redux, are you sure that diseaseless blood is really working for you? could you try and respecc back to dualwielding forst/uh and see how that compares please?"

... Allright, this was not put all that nicely, but we where struggeling, and I know he meant it well. All I could think at the time was "how did you know that??" (yea and ofc it worked).

Back on track. Theese guys are good tanks. Im new.
So I was scared. As a matter of fact, I had thought I would be doing DPS in 25 and only tanking in our 10 manned group (more on that later). But here I was on a thursday evening looking at our MT list, and staring at my name on the 3rd position.

Now the good news was that our MT, lets call him 'Sigh' (He will get it), who is a great raider -never afraid to tell people they suck, and never ever afraid to say "I screwed up" or say like he did on this thursday evening: "what the hell is this?, theres battletanks and choppers, what do I do?".

What is so great about that?

Well for a scared little Dwarf Death Knight, there is no better sound in the world, than the 'you are not alone' sound. Only difference between me and Sigh, was, that he had 4 years of tanking experience behind him - I had 4 months.

He didn't know diddly about what was comming -I had read severel guides in depth.

In my world, that evens us out.

And that really helped me a lot, on that thursday evening.

The reason why I had read so many guides, where not because I wanted to be all that I could be for the guild. It was for completely selfish reasons. I knew I would miss our first 10 manned morning raids, beeing stuck at work. So I had done what I thought was a helpfull sideline bit, to prove myself worthy of my new rank as organizer of theese raids. So I had read up and posted the best part of most guides to the first half of Ulduar, that where available. In an attempt to say

"Hey look guys, im helping!".

So there we where, in the first time in what seemed like forever, looking at something new. Something that we didnt know what was, and something we had never tried to do anything like. What a great way to try and work in that Epic feeling of new content. A gimmick first fight, that forces the raiders to do new things and not just have the tanks tank, the healers heal, and the dps try not to stand in hot/cold/green stuff.

So that part worked well. 5 minutes of complete chaos in driving down and destrying everything we saw. Untill the boss came.

Too bad he was such a pushover on easy. Without knowing anymore than the basics of the vehicles, we one-shotted him.

All of a sudden Ulduar seemed very less Epic, very less scary and kindda a bore. Then came Razorscale. That took us a whole night to kill him (and now we get to the point of this post) because we had all forgotten how to learn new content.

Gone where the quick adaptation of our raiders. Gone where the "hey lets try this" ideas. Everything had grinded to a halt. It really took forever once we had the strat down, to actually kill the dragon. And that was only because I got yelled into tanking him at 10% with two adds on me, blowing every cooldown I had and... praying. (dodge is great)

So we had finally gotten our brains into work, and our team-muscles flexed, and then we hit the x002. Such a simple fight. such a straightforward thing.
But whoa, how well tuned was that mofo? Dps (especcially ranged) needs to be very on their toes. As melee dps this fight is about burning cooldowns at the right time, and really beeing able to burst on the heart. As ranged, you need to hit that sweet spot between nuking his heart way to little and switching to kill the adds too late -preferably not doing both.

So that was another funfilled raid that went into that. And I dont really feel like talking about Ignis. We chose to take every boss, and not just the ones that where killed with lots o guides and where doable. We took on Ignis, and it wasnt pretty. At all. (edit: we came back and took him, in what can only be described as our guilds cleanest first kill ever on our 2nd or 3rd try that evening).

Comming up next: my two 10 manned raidgroups first week in Ulduar, and how very different those two groups are.

torsdag den 23. april 2009

Dual speccing

My God!

Have you noticed how the blogsphere and WoW-forums is just cranking itself over (is that even a word) dual-speccs? All the calls for nerfs, all the whining and QQ'ing?


Me neither. Sure there are some that say its too expensive, but you have to have misunderstood its purpose if you are the kind of player that cannot afford 1k gold on it. It would be like whining over how expensive the epic mount is... Its right there in the name, 'epic', if you play casually, and dont earn gold, you dont need either of theese things.
You can still respecc for up to 50g a pop. Now try and picture the amount of respeccs you would need to do before it adds up to one thousand gold.... And if you can respecc that much, you can afford the very very low low price of 1k gold.

This wasnt even the point of my post. The point was:
Have you noticed... right no, there hasnt been any real whining. Becuase it just works. Sure there where some point adding issues, but those seem to be all gone now. Its smooth, its good, its easy, its as if we have had it all along.
And it works very very well with what WoW is today.

In the old days (yea im one of *thoose* players) there where 4 classes in wow: the healer (priest), the tank (warrior) the dps (mage, rogue) and the idiot (every other class). Yea I know im stepping on a few toes here, but it was true.
You never saw people in the /generel channel saying stuff like "lf1 healer for lbrs and we are good to go, druid healer please" never.
What you did see was "lf1 healer for ubrs" and if you where any other healing class but a priest and gave them a whisper, you would be ignored - at best.
Same with tanks and dps. Well, unless the group was really really desperate.

I was a priest (healing ofc, if you where shadow, you better be doing some pvp), and i got the other part of what the world was back then, i got spammed, a lot. "wanna heal" "come heal" "full grp" "i will send you pics of me nakkid" (turns out that one was a very old guy that... what, no i never recieved anything!!)

Ehh where was I? Oh right. Those where the good old days. Where in raids, the only ones you talked to, was the other healers in the healing channel. And you could never tell the hunters or mages apart if they played the same race (guess not everything has changed).
Today, any toon can play everything. Well hunters, locks mages and rogues excluded (look what all that int did for you mages eh? All the smarts, but none of the utility.) Or at least a keyrole+dps (yea im elitist, there are healers, there are tanks and then there are those whos job it is not to suck. Hey im a dps too sometimes, I can say that) .

That was then, this is now. So before I start getting hate-mail (hmm ive never recieved that.. ehh mages SUCK!!!) ill start on today.
There isnt a healing class today that is inferior to any of the others. Sure some paladins may claim that they are worse of in AoE fights in 5 man dungeons, but they just suffer from "the grass is greener on the other side, and my neighbourgs wife got bigger titties" Syndrome.
There are no tanks that are inferior either. (only players). The happy unicorns eat rainbows all day and the game in my oppinion is better for it!

And this is why you have heard no huge wining or QQ'ing bout Dual speccing, because it fits so well with how the game works today.

Its just a shame that it almost fits *too* well with the game, because noone is rejoicing this change either. Well, no more!

Dual wielding heres three Huzzah's to you:


(also; gif Arcane healing (for mages) thieving block and murderous taunt (for rogues) and maybe even advanced demon meatshield (for locks), so they can take some responsibility :p..... Flimsy says that hunters are fine, and should just get buffed more in the BM department, so her pretty kitty can pew even more)

fredag den 17. april 2009

The forgotten baby

Or how everything any other toon you create ever does, will never ever be as exciting.

Reading this post from Larísa in her pink pigtail inn, I first wanted to write a comment, but it ended up beeing so long that I decided to post it here instead. Then once in a blue moon ill spam her and force her to read it, and get her, and her little fans to come over here aswell, muahhahahahaa... Oh sorry bout that. I think The mighty Jingles promises to me over at "Pew Pew lazers!" has affected me a wee bit :)

Aaaanyways, Larïsa wonders about whether or not her seond toon to reach the highest level in the game (aka endgame aka 80 aka "lolwut-u-ish80-u-RliekA-no-lifer" aka stfu) will her feelings towards this second toon be the same. Will the thrills of leveling up feel as good? will the dungeons be as enticing? Will rep-grinding be... well the same?
The short answer: no
the long answer: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
(seriously go watch Zero punctuation, I've told you before)

She compares it to having a second child. Will there be enough love for both of them? Yes. Love doesnt split it multiplies. -she claims.
And she is dead on. Don't get me wrong i love all my toons equally, and i think its a great analogy, so lets stick with it, shall we?
All you parents out there with more than one kid. All you siblings out there with same sex siblings (prob also those with a different sex sibling) do me a favour. Go through the family photos. Look at the baby pictures. "Look at the newborn" -pictures. the "first hour old" -pictures, the "3 hours old" -pictures. The "oh he blinked for the first time" -pictures. The....
Oh wait sorry.
Only the oldest sibling has those. For the youngest its more like: "born" -pictures, "walking" -pictures, "beeing carried by the older one" -pictures and.. I dunno, "Married" -pictures.

Get where im going with this? For every 50 pictures taken of the eldest there are somewhere around 1 of the second in line. And if you are third in line.. PFF you are lucky to have that!

How does this convert to wow? Hardly anything a 2ndery toon does is as exciting.
Larîsa does not agree though: "And the instances don’t only offer upgrades again; they offer a challenge too!"
-Thats because you are a mage, in a world without sheeps. Everything will be a challenge on a new toon!!
... Is that the evul Death knight part of me taking hold? maybe, because that wasnt a very fair nor nice comment.


I have a Death knight tank as my main. A disc healer as my secondary and a BM hunter on the prowl (no pun intended) for instances aswell. And Walking into Ulduar with my priest, will never ever hold the same sway over me as it did yesterday. Never.
And once i get to go with my hunter, somewhere down the line, that will also be a very much "been there done that" moment. It isnt new anymore. Sure you can gear up. but i pitty people who only do instances to gear up. Everything new and fresh is gone. It would be like watching your favorite movie but every scene was filmed in a new angle. Its kindda new and interesting, but you still know that Brad pitt is really a figment of his imagination, and no wierd angle is gonna change that. It may be fun to watch once or twice. Hell even slap on some commentaries (did you know that the stuntman taking that horrible fall down the stairs, had to do it 18 times with no padding, and they still picked the first shot!) to spice things up. But that doesnt make for lasting fun. Not like the first 18 views in its normal way did.
Before i loose myself completly in this analogy, lemme just add some encouraging words.
There is still lots of fun to be had with your toons. Just dont have the same expectations that you have with your main/first borne.
try out some pvp, go fishing. Have one of them only to be used for dugeons when you are silly drunk with friends who are just like that (hello team "daddy naxx" friday evening raiders, my shield is all over him IN DA FACE) whenever they have time for you. But dont try and run the secondary toon down the same line as the first one.

They are different entities and if you let them, they will suprice you in ways you never thought possible.
For example it might stumble over a pwettykitty and tame it, giving you the ability to seriously piss off the cat-loving-all-around-nice-guy-bm-hunter who had been chasing that thing for months.

As the emo-con says: Sorry for teasing you so much about that. But I had too much fun :D
No need to embarras him further by mentioning who it was. Lets just leave it at this little story:

The following day, guess what i found wandering the forrest of the basin once again? Yes same little rare kitty.
The hunter in mention was online. So i told him that the kitty was there. Alive and everything. (Seriously why make killing the hottest hunter pet an achievement??)... The hunter /afk's out of his BG, and starts sprinting his little merry way towards me. Meanwhile guild chat and /p chat was filled to the brim with him asking "is it still there? has anyone found it yet??? is it still alive??" and me reassuring him that yes, kitty is alive and well. -Rest of the guild are enjoying themselves very much so.
After 10 minutes he is almost there when i get a /w "oh Sh** you need to be BM to get it, its excotic isnt it?" I tell him "yes". "F%&¤ that [guild shaman] for convincing me to go arena as survival yesterday". And then this so sweet, and gentle and very nice guy (in caps) throws out a caskade of swearing in /guildchat.
I add: /g 'guess who isnt able to tame the kitty'
And everyone laughs.
But not our hunter. He lands with a "¤"#¤%& KITTY KILLITSOI GET MY ACHIIEVE AT LESST" [spelling intended on my part, he was upset]

We kill it.

He spends 2 minutes /mourning its death and hearthstones.
Everyday i fly over the basin i have my /target macro searching for that kitty for you mate.

So there you have it. You can still have memorable moments with the toons that arent your 'firstborne', they just wont be of you tanking Razorscale with 3 adds on you for the first guild-kill :) They will be epic in a different way, but no less epic.

Also this weekend; no lags in Ulduar, i promise you all.