tirsdag den 17. marts 2009

Ulduar: to sneakpeak or not to sneakpeak

So Ulduar is just around the corner. And testing is fully on its way on the Public test realms (or mass d/c realm if you like). And ive hardly read anything about em. Any of them... at all... almost.

As a semihardcore raider i regularly read up on a number of wow-related sites (mmo-champ and Ej to name the two most important ones) and its very very difficult not to read up on strats and test realm build for bosses.
The thing is, I really really want to step into Ulduar on release and not know a thing about what is going to happen. I want to meet the place with fresh eyes and awe (hopefully) at its magnificance.
I love dwarfs, and for someone who is a bit of a lore-nerd, and who loves dwarfs, this is *the* instance of the game.
And I cannot wait. So that is why its so damned hard not to watch vids of the instance, not to watchboss fights. and epsecially not to watch those damn strats that are allready flowing everywhere. Because on the other hand I want to be preparred, I want to be able to kill em all, and a large part of me (the same part of me that insists on racing to get to the car first after grosery shopping) wants to have some server-first kills aswell.

Im really really torn.

For now I think ill follow what our officers has planned, aka if we as a guild want to learn the fights on our own and have that great experience, ill go along and wont read even i tinsy-bit. On the other hand if we want a fast clear and then aim for those glorious hard-kills and that sweet sweet sweet drake, ill be super prepped :)

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