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Project Dreamreaper status.

(Allright so ive had some problems with blogger, and havent been able to acces my blog for a while now apart from last when i posted about finally getting "of the nightfall" title. This post was written before getting that title, and ive tried to clear that up :) - sorry if i missed some references)

So It's been a "little" over a week into project Dreamreaper, and I thought my first status would be in place. (I think the next ones will be further between, but we will see.)

And well, things are doing great, not at all how id have expected it, but still great.
On my main we got "of the nightfall" title and my 10 manned grp has gotten every single raid encounter down for that lovely drake. I havent because i missed some of the "dedicated few" raids and our "undying" aswell. We are now 3 shotting the 25 manned version (what a cakewalk now!! no really...not really, but its very smooth now, even with people screwing up).
And as a guild I think we are all looking forward to Ulduar, while managing to get through the last dumb achievements for Heroic glory of the raider. Personally i dont care if we walk on vulkanoes, or get maly down in under 6 minutes (although that one did turn out to be a rather fun challenge -if they had made him enrage after 6 minutes, it would prob have been my favorite encounter), all i care about raidwise is sarth 3d 10 manned. So now im just helping out in raids and killing time.

So enough with this tapdancing around the subject!
Dreamreaper, how is she?

She is fine. still level 17..or 16 right now I cant remember... maybe 18. Yea, well this illustrates what im getting to just fine. Ive stopped playing her - For now.
"So how can this be fine?" -You may ask.
Well, its not just fine, its great! You see, i liked her so much that I decided to give my old main a new whirl.
Yes Dreamweaver, dw, da dreamster, Mr Massive HPS AMIRITE, and to some, "him". -Is back.
And boy is he back. He is Disc, level 77, and steamrolling through content. Ive stopped everything. Farming mats (all my gold goes to the ah for raids now), cooking dailies, jc dailies, even Hodir rep has taken a standstill. All there is now is Dreamweaver (and raids).

Why is that? Well for a lot of reasons, like disc is fun.

Hold up now, Disc is fun? Am I saying that playing a priest is fun?
......yea I guess I am.
Who would have thunk it? I shure as hell wouldnt.
Just looking back at my 2nd real post ever Do I miss healing? Ill qoute myself:
he [Dreamweaver] had been a loyal friend and companion for well over 2 years, and now i barely touch him... And worst of all, I don't miss playing on him either. Ive said so before If i knew then what i know now I would never have levelled my priest as my main. I do not like the class, I just dont.

And I didnt.
Well I sure do now! Disc is sweet, Disc is fun, hell I'll admit it, Disc is so Overpowered its silly.
Honestly, they aren't, you are just having so much fun, you'll feel like its a crime.
So yes, I pretty much have the best healing gear for a level 70, and with the SP changes, that almost equates the best pewpew gear too, it most defenetly does = the best leveling gear.
Because i do lack +hit, but i make up for it in spirit!

So why not shadow? Well, like i said earlier, i tried shadow, and that has never ever been me, i felt dirty (in a bad way) and felt like forcing my lovely toon into doing something neither of us enjoyed.
Also ive learned something. A friend of mine (who talked me into leveling my priest again, as disc) told me this:
Whenever people lol'ed at me for not going shadow, id ask them 'Do you see that shadow-priest over there?' they would say 'no', 'Right, because he is either behind that hill drinking to get mana back, or corpse-running'.
Truer words have never been spoken. At least not about priests in wrath.
I slam through content, and using only spirit-tap and imp shadow-word-pain from the shadow-tree i never go below 95% mana. when soloing.
In dungeons i can without changing anything, heal anything in a way I find extremely satisfying and fun. There is that word again. Fun.
So now healing is fun again too? My God, is there no end to it?
No, well yes. Level 80, for now (insert drumroll here).
Well I am reborn, Im not afraid to take it all back. Well done Blizz, priests seem to be working. Well Disc does. And once i get to 80, its arena for this guy, and helping out in 10 manned whenever as well.

Now, so apart from me going bananza over disc, why have i gone totally overboard in my priest? I mean, so now disc is a fun option. But its still nowhere near as smooth a ride as Dk's or Locks when soloing. So how come ive only been playing him?
Well first off, you get an attachment to your toons. you really do. I dont understand people who just say baibai and leave their toon behind. Im not at all able to do that. Let alone delete an alt that is anywhere near a level that means ive played it for a considerable amount of time. And "DW" is still who im referred to in guild-chat, its still my WoW character. I used to make pretend that he was reborn as my death knight (hence the name Redux), And all of a sudden I understand why my niece needs her Blanket Dolly all the time :D
There is something in those hours and /days invested into a toon that stick with you. If you could just delete that and leave that behind... Well then you would be a very different person than anyone I know.
-For example I have 9 toons on my account. The 10th belongs to my girlfriend. She doesnt play her mage on my account. She havent for over a year. The mage never made it past 35, but it was her first toon. it was how she met the game. Hell it was how we got from dating to really knowing eachother, that toon was her entrance into my world of gaming in generel and WoW in particular.
So whenever i miss having slots to play all classes I sometimes dare ask her, if I can delete that toon. I mean She has her own account now, with her tank-adin at 70 something. Whenever I ask her, her eyes get just a little misty, and she says something along the lines of "i know its silly, but id really like her to stay on" sometimes she adds "alive". And I get her. I really really get her.
Because thats how I feel about most of my toons, and especcially Dreamweaver.
So im very happy that he has been made fun to play again.

And to end this in a more gaming manner, im thrilled that I get to dungeon-crawl again. You cant do that at the lower levels without loosing your sanity, and when there isnt even the sligthest incentive to go into a heroic on Redux, I find it hard to do that either. And everybody needs a healer so its easy to get into... brrr pugs.
On another sidenote, even the most retarded PuG group can be saved by a heartless healer and a decent tank. If the tank is fine, everything will be allright for me as a healer. Just let the dps who cant stay on target die a couple of times, they will eventually figure out that dmg meters dont move much when you are dead, and will focus fire.

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