mandag den 2. marts 2009

of the nightfall

that was one intense fight. If anybody says that this game is too easy, they havent played this, or they are lying. Easily on par with anything in SW or old naxx.
The difference is that back then you just needed 40 people who wherent stupid, or 25 who where smart. This one you needed 10 people to play their best or it would not happen.

Well, when I say their best im lying. There is room for error, lord knows, it just has to be errors that are not catastrophic, or so blatantly huge that the other 9 can compensate.
For example if the whelp tank on the pull while building up runic power all of a sudden mistypes and instead of a normal hit, hits his taunt button *blush*.

Well we got it, and thats all that matters :D

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