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A look at the changes for DK's in patch 3.1

Here are the official wordings on the up-comming changes for Death knights.

  • Gargoyle and Unholy Blight have swapped talent positions. Gargoyle’s damage has increased and runic power cost per time has decreased.
  • Pestilence – this spell no longer causes damage but just spreads diseases. Blood Boil is intended to be the general area attack, and has been changed to be castable on targets with no diseases on them, but does extra damage if diseases are present.
  • Unbreakable Armor now absorbs a flat amount of damage that increases as your armor increases. It no longer boosts armor.
  • The Frost tree has been shuffled. Among other things, PvP talents such as Endless Winter are closer to the top of the tree where Blood and Unholy death knights can access them.
  • Sudden Doom – this talent now procs a Death Coil rather than requiring an additional button click. It works similarly to shamans’ Lightning Overload.
  • Magic Suppression and Blood of the North have been reduced to 3 ranks for the same benefit.
  • Blood Gorged now grants armor penetration instead of expertise

So what do they mean? well overall theese are all nice changes imo. There are some that completly sucks (especially for AoE tanking... what happened to pestilence??)
But for my favorite tree, blood, things are looking up. The change to sudden doom is very very nice, however this again supports the new diseaseless blood spam two buttons for max dps build that is growing evermore popular. And adding blood boil to help this build do even better aoe too??
Think that some of theese changes are beyond me. So the latest and hottest build is (as I assume most of you already know) that you do more damage as blood if you skip doing *any* disease and just Heart strike and obli (for the death runes). Im going to have to try this build -becuase the dps looks amazing, and I get to be blood again, but its with a heavy heart, since it indicates that Blizz has no idea what they are doing. Because why on earth would you want to have a class build around doing diseases, and then have one of their top dps builds based around *not* doing any diseases at all??

From EJ;
51/0/20 DiseaseFree!
Currently the scuttlebutt is axing diseases = profit/dps for a well geared Blood DK. Pros? Super super easy rotation. Very forgiving rotation and plenty of time for Death Coils. Cons? You need very nice gear to pull it off.
Take diseases off your bars and keep those Death Runes up!

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