mandag den 23. februar 2009

Introducing project Dreamreaper

So here she is, the little Gnome that could... Or will, or will be.

I named her Dreamreaper, because its a great name for a lock when your main (was) a priest called Dreamweaver. -And dispite me changing main everybody still calls me DW (and i really like that, i've found that Redux looks great written, but just sounds stupid on TS).
Only thing i do *not* like about her, is that her Void is named Ver'jin (random name generator my arse!)

Anyways, after a weekend packed with raiding, she still managed to get to level 17, and im actuelly having a blast. TBH im fearing playing my hunter again, ive gotten so used to my pet holding aggro, I just know ill get her killed a lot of times on that account.

So to stick with the reason i started this alt; is the grind too enourmous for alt leveling?
Well, my first thoughts where, "Im not the only one", damned there was a lot of other people leveling alongside with me. In the starter-zone we where at least 3 people batteling over the same mobs. - One even got very very upset with me, for killing a mob that was "his" quest mob.
For those of you who have never played the dorf/gnome starter zone, there is one named mob quest you have to complete, and its the same everyone gets, and if you aren't even in the cave with me, when I kill him how the fekk am I supposed to... kids /sigh.
Anyways the reasons for the amount of people leveling along side me, might be that the time of day i played was: friday afternoon-night, and saturday afternoon-early evening, so i could fit in my raiding and personal visits to friends and family. And at that time of the week and that time of the day.... Well theres a lot of " /sigh" moments.
Like the hunter "ikillyousoon" (yes that was his name -at least there wasnt 'hunter' in it or legolas, maybe there just wasnt enough space for his real name "imlegolasandillkillyousooncuzimaimbahunterfromDK") this brilliant guy had figured out that if you group up on quests people can kill stuff for you!! and if they -like me- refuse to be abused, you can just arcaneshot the targets they go for, and STILL get the kill.

That was some fun filled 15 minutes of him
mob-tagging everything i vent for. Well, untill i manged to trick him into tagging 3 mobs he thought i was going for and then only giving them curse of weakness. You see, at this time, he had found out that he didnt even need a pet out to get all this XP from me. So boy did he get killed. AHHHHH

So besides me, and team retard (and if you dont know where this is from go watch ZP right now, no dont finish reading this, go now.. NOW) who else where in the low levels? noone, at least not anyone I met. I may tend to be a little elitist, but since i didnt meet any low leveled people with a well known guild tag on them, i tend to think that they are either new to the game, or someone wanting peace or... well... "slow".
(as you can see on the image, there wasnt many in my guild -as an example- lowleveling either)

Allright lets talk about the projekt even more. Like I said earlier, i made it to level 17 on the first weekend, fittet tightly around raiding and socialising. Personally i dont think its too bad at all. And altough i was not able to take down a level 22 elite at 16 (that took me a while before i finally gave up) Warlocks are very very easy to level and fun.
I was right in assuming that the dots and rotation was just my thing. I love it, and that will defenitly help with keeping motivation up. The only downside is that I am really starting to miss healing. It must be an addiction thing, but I am really torn between getting my hunter that final push to 77 and cold weather flying, my paladin to 80 and tanking/healing, going back to Dreamweaver and healing only, and then this new project.

Honestly a part of me wishes that Uluar is still far enough away so that I can do theese things first. And that is really dumb, because I love raiding more than enything.
So far, leveling is fun, but i do fear that if it takes too long ill choke on it, and miss dungeon-crawling and raiding too much. as it is now, I have 3-4 alts leveling, and only one toon to dungeon and raiding. And he is so very very done with dungeons as is.
I guess time will tell.
And boy will I hate it if Malphias' prediction about every level 80 will get to choose their own level 55 toon comes out once ive finally manged to level this little one to outland and beyond :)

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  1. Ohhh! A pink pigtailed gnome! Isn't she just adorable?

  2. Yea there is just something about those gnomes that is just adorable.. Although give me a dorf any day.
    Yes I am one of those willing to admit that dorf females are *hot*