mandag den 16. februar 2009

I love tanking, just not as much on a Death knight pt. 2

Well a couple of months has gone by since i wrote the original post (not since i *posted* it, but since i wrote it), and a lot has happened since then.
I still think that there is something fundementally wrong with the rotations for frost tanks, i still think there is no such thing as blood tanks and I still really really really do not like unholy tanking.


i've gotten a lot better with compensating for this. I've succesfully m-tanked sarth 1d in 10 manned (thank you very much), ive mt'ed Naxx 10 manned and I''ved succesfully tanked the blazes in a succesfull 25 manned sarth 3D (I R haz Twilight vanquisher title /brag off) - Granted, that last one was not a glorious day for DK tanks in Azeroth. Both me and the other DK tank (on whelps) struggled... A LOT.
And at a point during the fight our MT and raidleader got seriously close to becomming very very angry with us and our tanking abilities. - Especcially mine.
Oh yea and to top that off, on our succesfull kill, at 10-12% I just happened to target Sarth (and not the blaze) and taunt him... That was fun.
- And im almost certain of two things 1) If we had wiped there, our RL would have gotten on a plane, come to my house, and would have killed me himself, and 2) my body does not need a heart to function, because mine stopped ticking for a gooooood long time there.
But all in all we got him, and I was very pleased.

So maybe DK's aren't so bad with tanking once you get to an organized raid-group. Maybe the 3 seconds we need to build up that initial aoe aggro isn't the worst thing in the world since hangovers where invented. All you need to know, is theese limitations are there, and you and your dps just needs to compensate for this.

Speaking of death knights and builds, ive given up on blood. When I in my frost tank specc managed to do as much dps as i did in my pure blood dps specc, I knew it was over. So im going to try out deep frost. Either DW or 2h, i cant decide on that.
Think that once a decent frost/blood dps specc comes into play ill be a happy happy Knight.

Oh and finally the teasing from my guildies will die down. I missed the first Sarth 3D kill because of my birthday, and later that week i missed my 10 manned grp cleared naxx without anyone getting themselves killed during bossfights. So all of a sudden there was many many raiders in my guild sporting fancy titles, and I didnt even have jenkins yet.
WELL, Redux is title-less no more!!
(damn that is a hot title.)

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  1. Enjoy your title little dorf, but you will forever be known to me as the offtank who taunted Sartharion off the MT at 20%!

  2. Worst part is, that was far from the first time ive taunted a boss of said MT.
    Just ask him about Loatheb... fact is, I should not be trusted with a taunt button