fredag den 20. februar 2009

Has the game become so big that noone can be bothered to reroll anything but DKs?

So one of my guildies asked a great question the other day.
"Hey Redux, God of tanking, hero of dps, and the hottest man -nay- hottest Dorf that ever lived (Well its not 100% accurate qoute, but to the best of my recollection this was how he asked me.) how come everyone rerolls Death knights? Is it because the game has become too big for people to want to level anything else?"

And ill add; Is it because everyone has tried every other class too much that they now are bored with the abilities of those classes and the only new thing around is Death knights? Or is it the fact that without the option to 'recruit a friend'. Leveling from level 1 seems to be so monumental that noone can be bothered to even start that?

Well. hmm.
I think theese are some great questions, so over the comming month ill be looking into this. Starting this afternoon with myself.
Im going to delete my low level warrior and start a warlock. Why shouldnt I? I've always loved dots, i have a very high level hunter, so pets are sort of my thing too, they should be easy (aka NOT priests) to level, and she will be a gnome, and who doesnt love gnomes? (Since i cannot play lock dwarf ;) )
Plus i've never leveled a lock past 19, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why not.
So im going to see how i faire starting a new, and see if i can muster the strenght to get to northrend with her.

So after this weekend we will see how far I managed to get, and if it was fun. Ill start of getting the bind on account xp cloth shoulders, pick a name, contact a friend and have him post some tips on leveling specc and play as a lock and see how i do.

Edit; this will ofc not be a projekt that is supposed to interfere with my mains raiding. This will only be alt-leveling.

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  1. Alright... what to do when levelling a Warlock.

    The first ten levels blow: Hang in there, make sure not to take on any orange+ quests, and preferrably stick to green quests for as long as you can.

    At level 10, do the big blue quest, put him on agressive and put talent points in Affliction. That's about all you need to know untill you hit outlands to be honest... pulling 1-2 mobs is inefficient, 3-4 is easy, I usually go for 5-6, with a personal best of 13 equal level mobs at once. Dot them all up, and if Voidy is going down throw a fear and a health funnel.

    At outlands you should probably throw some talent points into imp. voidy and imp. health funnel, but stay affl. untill 71.

    71, spec Felguard and go nuts... Something like this atm (

    With the comming changes to Corruption/Siphon life (being merged) this will probably change.

  2. In addition, to comment on the whole DK situation. You might have a point, but I think the main reason is the same as mine is.

    * You wan't to try something new... will you start from lv 1, or from lv 55... not a hard choice.

    * I would like a Blacksmith & Alchymist... will you start from lv 1, or from lv 55... not a hard choice.

    Combined with the people who reroll for plenty of other reasons, everyone and their grandma is going DK... IMO Blizzard should allow lv 80 oplayers to create lv 1 characters you could level to 55 in a day, and the DK ratio would drop (I'd have a shaman instead, and a mage)

  3. I think it's a fair comment, and I think Blizzard realise this too, given the work they've done to make the levelling process less of a grind. Boosted xp between levels 20 - 70 now, the whole Dustwallow marsh quest hubs, less world elites to worry about, Recruit-a-Friend, mounts at level 30 etc... It's still a grind, just not as desperate as it used to be. But it's still nowhere near as easy as zapping straight to level 55-58 as a Lolknight with a full set of VERY good blue gear and an epic mount.

    I do believe there's a lot that can be gained by levelling other classes, however. At the very least everyone should either level a tank, a dps and a healer just to get some first hand experience of how group dynamics, aggro and threat work. You can do two of those as a Deathknight at least.

  4. Really should be a requirement to level every class to 20 before being able to hit the lv cap. So, you're lv 79, to bad you don't get to 80 untill you understand all classes. Then ofcourse make it a 1 night project to get to 20 so it's not to much of a drag.

    Also, gief DK from lv 1 so I can twink one :(