onsdag den 21. januar 2009

The many Toons

(**Disclaimer; So I've been battling with the setup of theese damned pictures for way too long now, and I've decided to post it as it, simply because its taken so long to get the pics to stand where I want them.**)

Hello again all. So here we are, a list of some of the toons I still play with. I've only taken the time to talk about the ones I have on Hellscream. All 10 slots are fully taken, one by my missus before she got her own account (and im not allowed to delete that one) a banking alt and theese guys. Without further addo here are my toons;

Redux, my new main and only level 80 so far. Enjoying him immensly, I will be adding a lot more about him and his speccs and adventures seeing as this is sort of a blog about him.

Dreamweaver (or just DW); my old main, holy/disc priest in both vanilla and the burning croosade. unfortunetly i burned out (pun intended) on the whole healing in raids thing, and rerolled for Wrath.

Flimsy; hunter and gatherer and all-around sweetheart, usually followed by her Ravager Fluffykinz but lately her Crab cutiepie has seemed to have a better liking to the cold weather of Northrend.

up and comming;

Duffler; dorf paladin and sort of a heavy drinker. Has been seen in outland, but not much.

Callmedw; bare doorid, likes tanking, but not as much as kratnip my only horde toon on a RP-pvp server (yes i know... But some friends of mine played there).

Mcdreamy; shaman, he sort of got a bit lost in the high 50's in the forrest of felwood.

Starshred; the purrrties dorf you will ever meet... and she stabs too. She alone is the reason most of our guild mages dream about nekkid Dorfs. Cleared Kara a bunch of times (even as a raidleader once or twice) and then stayed in outland dreaming bout her glory days.
In short the only class ive never played beyond 30 is the mage. They just never stuck with me. Maybe its because my Mrs (Mrs DW to guildies) started out on one, and i just never gave em a chance. Or maybe they are just boring :)

Honestly it might just be that casters aren't my thing. I never really liked my warlock either and i know for a fact that Dw would never ever ever have been my main if I had stayed with my paladin when i first started playing. Only reason i swithced... [long rant, i'll skip that one for now]... so i didn't know better and thats why i stayed with my priest and got him to 60. From 60 to 70 took me forever, with lots of instances and lots of guildies helping me out. I hated it, and I hated Blizz for making me level my toon again so I could raid.
So once wrath hit, I decided enough was enough and got on my Death knight, and have not looked back ever since.

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  1. Those of you who are awake (unlike me it would seem) will count the number of toons and get 9. There is a thenth; a warrior.... I deleted my level 65 warrior human chick, because she just did not look great killing stuff. rerolled dwarf and is now stuck at 16 and cannot be bothered leveling him anymore :)
    Never delete toons when drunk!