torsdag den 29. januar 2009

Do I miss healing?

So like Ive stated i used to be a hardcore healing MASSIVE HPS AMIRITE holy priest.

From MC through bwl, naxx, aq20/40, everything in TBC and then I stopped. From day one of Wrath i created my Death knight, logged in, and since then I've only logged on to my Priest 3 times. Once for creating some bags, and once to heal an instance with a friend, and one saturday afternoon to try soloing as shadow. That was it.

Do i miss healing, yes.

Mostly because the healing group in our guild are a great bunch of guys, and healing channel chat was (and im sure still is) the most fun channel while raiding.
And the feeling you had when beeing a healer, that the raids succes depended on you, was a great feeling. Sure nobody but the other healers knew this fact, and sure the easiest target to blame for a wipe is still healers - As a matter of fact, seeing things from the other side of the fence now, is really an eye opener. I remember the other day on KT i died from standing in red sh*t, and my first thought was not "why on earth didnt i pay more attention and move sooner" but "why didn't a tree throw me a little tiny HoT. Damn you tree" - How easy you forget.

Just to clarify I actuelly think that we as a guild has gotten a lot better to look beyond the 'heal moar' theory on wiping and try and see the roots of our problems. Now ive gotten sidetracked again.

Do I miss healing? Yes, and no.

Yesterday a friend of mine started leveling his priest again, and he wrote me this message: "So im back and healing instances at level 75 now, and Disc is great. However: Our druid tank just took an 80% damage in...hmm 1.2 sec, and who got blamed? I did. Healing hasn't changed much."
When i read stuff like that, I surely do not miss healing.
With that beeing said, once my farming/cooking/fishing hunter reaches 80, the next toon to be leveled is going to be a healer. Whether ill go with my ret pally from 60 or my priest from 70 is yet to be decided.

Another thing that keeps haunting me is the question of whether or not it is wrong to feel like im betraying my priest? For a long time i felt so much guilt about leaving Dreamweaver behind while having a blast on my Death knight. After all he had been a loyal friend and companion for well over 2 years, and now i barely touch him... And worst of all, I don't miss playing on him either.

Ive said so before If i knew then what i know now I would never have levelled my priest as my main. I do not like the class, I just dont.

For example if you had told a warrior, or a rogue that the best way to take down a mob was to "use different abilities till about 30% health left, then autoattack"
-They would have thought you where insane...
As a matter of fact so would any class, except the priests. While I levelled this was how you took mobs down. Get a dot on em, a couple of casts then wand em down.
If you got 2 mobs on you, pray that there wasnt anyone else around and use fear.

Now, Mrs DW has a priest and she keeps telling me that things have changed a lot, and that they are fun now. PFFFF, I fell for that one when TBC came out too.
God i hated it. And I hated myself for spending X amounts of days /played leveling him up.. FREE-time spend doing something i did not like doing.

Well no more!

But yea i do miss beeing important enough to be deemed worthy of a Battleress during fights :D

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