tirsdag den 29. december 2009

The love of fail-pugs (pt 2)

This post will disrupt my planned blog-theme setup, but to hell with that!!

These stories needs to be told (also at the end, more fail PuG stories)

There was the story of the imbahunter, who used MD on himself on mobs that I had not picked up, then adding "i will try and dps less on the next pack so you can get aggro". How about you just frikking shoot at the right adds? And a little extra tip from me to you: when you fight General Bjarngrim it really helps if you gun down the adds first... you know, like the tank tanking them told you to.
It was the same hunter who -or so he told- had a healing alt "so i know how to heal", so he didn't need a healer and a tank telling him when the healer needed mana, before he was allowed to pull the next mobs... or bosses. 15% mana is plenty for a Disc priest it seems.

Then there was the glorious paladin. I loved this guy. I really truly did. He was the 5th dps in our otherwise guild-dungeon run. He turned up in tanking trinkets, +spellpower shoulders and a magnificent weapon to boot: Cleaver of Diligence (I believe it was, it was green and no higher ilvl than 170). Now that was all fine and dandy. (well not really, he was clearly using his trinkets and shoulder items to boost his ilvl stat and get in a better group). The best part of this group was a number of little things that added up to great comedic heights.
- He was not very old, or not very good at english. Or both.
- our tank was played by an alt of our perfectionist raid leader (lets call that alt "britney")
- He was a horrible player.

First off, he never typed anything when we started the run. And we tried. We tried greeting, making some jabs at eachother to lighten the mood (imo running with 4 guys who clearly know eachother can be quite intimidating, so we tried to make him feel welcome), but he wasn't biting. He just spend 5 seconds looking at a fight, then running in and hitting some mobs as they where about to die. This happened for 3 pulls. Then I tried to get him to a) change aura to something other than the "pala-travel-fast" one. He did not.
Then I tried to get him to buff people. He did not, well, not until our forementioned raidleader tanking alt told him to buff, then *he* got might. Nothing for the rest of us.
At this time /g chat was filled with "look at this item" "now whats he doing". But we carried on. then he started pulling more mob-packs. At this time 'Britney' had had enough.
"why did you pull that pack mr ret?" He asked.
"why are you not buffing the rest" He asked again
"Hello, are you able to speak at all" At this time i was still lost in his gemming choices.
Then an answer came.

"Hello! gogog" Was all he said, as he went for the next pack.
I think something inside Britney broke then. A quick vote-to-kick was insued, and a deathknight guildie alt took his place, and the rest was history.

I still smile whenever I think of his response. Especcially considering the first of my link list to other fail-pug stories.

mandag den 28. december 2009

ideas for Cataclysm (Thanks Matt)

Not too long ago I did a little moaning and bitching about a certain blogger, well allow me to do my own little ying yang thing, and give props when props are due!
This little gem of a post, gave me a much needed happy-warm-fuzzy-feeling and about Cataclysm of all things. Sure its just a thought, sure Blizz will not make this so. But the idea is so refreshing and great that I just have to jump on the wagon and rant on about this!

Also this is a very nice setup for a little series of posts i've been working on for a little while.

"so what was the damned post about, you dwarf of a blogger?" you may cry. Well, it starts of with a gentle reminder to me about the greatest quest Blizz ever made. And it was a class only quest. It was a Priest only quest. It was called "The balance of light and shadow" And just like Matt says, it taught me how to heal. But more importantly, it taught me how to love (...wow).

This single little quest gave me a start and an end on how to heal. It made me understand my class in ways that I still use today -some odd 4 years later.
(god, right now im just repeating his post it seems, ill get to my part shortly, i need to set this up, dammit).
So here I am, bitching about people not being able to play *their* class, and the answer is right there in front of me. Make the little ignorant buggers learn!

Learning by playing.

Its all the rage for the mangement type of people I read, so why not use it in a place where you play all the frikking time. Make them little bugger love tanking, that would mean shorter queues for my hunter! Make em understand how to dps -that would relieve my Dwarf DK of a few grey hairs. Make em.. fuck it, FORCE them to try healing a mass group of headless chicken dps'ers with little to no health left. That will teach em... To play conservatively and smarter.
Larning by playing. Teaching players how other parts of the trinity (thats the healer, tank and dps trinity im talking bout) works, can only improve on the game alltogether. Heck, some might find that they really like this playstyle, and that will increase their enjoyment of the game aswell.

Everyone wins.

Here is how I think it could work out. Have 4 vehicle sorts of quests. You need to complete all 4 of them in order to gain access to any instances at level 85.
Quest one: heal stuff
Quest two: Tank stuff
Quest three: melee stuff
Quest four: Range pew stuff

You will take control over an Glyphmaster, strongman, armsman, and conjuror respectively, and through their trials and tribulations you will earn yourself a nice little title (maybe on all of your toons) called "plays well" and access to enter dungeons.
It will be glorious. Maybe a little elitist, but teaching the masses will have to be. Some may cry and whine: "why are you forcing me to heal stuf, im not a chick in a sissy robe" -but noone is forcing them. Just like noone is forcing you to grind battlegrounds for resilience gear, but if you want to arena you still do this. Same with instances.
I know, that I'll like it :)

Im sure that Blizz still has enough talent working for them to make these quests doable and workable and fun. if not...

Well, drop me a mail on nogetsjovt [at] googles email and give me an offer!! Im not very expensive.
(too much, right?)

Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Thats right beeatches!!

Due to the fantastic new dungeon finder group thing, the lure of the frost emblems and my need to everyday punish myself with tanking all walks of life. I've earned the achievement to end all achievements.
It was glorious. I had even forgotten that The Prophet Tharon'ja, had bugged out on me the last time that I was there.
So when I went to Drak'Tharon Keep to tank for some guildies to get the daily random dungeon. I was as supriced as the rest of (the alts that all had that achievements on both alts and mains... whatever, i earned it more :) them that I got a double ding in guildchat
and a brandspanking new title to boot.
It was glorious. Im a real champion!

Also, happy new years!

And running dungeons with strangers is still a solo experience. There is NO chatting whatsoever. No matter what i do, no matter how many puns i throw out there. And im giving it my all!!
The only thing pug instance people seems to care about is this: "merry christmas all" That usually gets me a "you too" or "yea m xms" and then they pull the next group and i run to taunt off the little morons that couldn't

tirsdag den 22. december 2009

The love of fail-pugs

"Lol, just had a lock pull 800 dps in halls of reflection, and the tank could only singletarget tank"
"that is nothing, my groups hunter bitched and moaned about the tanks gear and health (40k health is bad, mmmkay??) then proceeded to pull 832dps in the instance, and wipe us"
"how did he manage that?"
"he Md'ed on his pet and started throwing distracting shot at the untanked mobs -it was glorious"

It was glorious indeed. Both are my own stories from PuGs in the last couple of days. How I love fail-pugs.
I love everything about them. The grinding of teeth -when you are in them, the bonding of guildies over fail-pug players. and the fire-side tales in blogs and other places -when they are over with.
This morning, I even found myself browsing the mmo-champion forum, looking for fail-pug stories. (I think this equates reading the grey pages on a lonely sunday night while wearing nothing but a bottle of Jack Daniels and a phone - So no, this was not a highpoint in my life).

But there you have it, I am a fail-PuG-aholic. and I am not ashamed. The best ones however are the ones written by talented Blog-posters (two spring to mind: My very own guildie Mr pew pew and both tam and Chas over at the orbs) When it is well-written, and the fail is big in said pug... Well its like a drug to me. I think its the whole "oh my, at least I would never do that, so maybe im a great player".

Like one of my eastern european guildies said to me (.. there was an inside joke there, just skip that and read on unless you are Cloud) when discussing the lack of DK threat when tanking "I would just prefer to think of us as imba and the class as having a problem" - This was after me doubting myself and saying maybe I just sucked at tanking as a dk...
And he was right!! It does feel much better to think of yourself as being right, and there is no better way of doing just that than to look down on others!

Isn't that why people are so cheritable around x-mas? So they can feel better about themselves by taking pitty on the weak and poor?
"LOL at you mr homeless-toothless-drug-addict, here have a drumstick"

So in the spirit of x-mas: please link and share with me all your best fail-pug stories!!!

lørdag den 19. december 2009

Dungeon finder - I got tricked!

So imma back. And a little late to the party this time around.
Many more talented bloggers have allready posted what there is to say about 3.3's newest gimmick: the dungeon finder (im talking about mr pew pew and the orbs that are righteous)
But i felt compelled to post something that shocked me: The dungeon finder (however great it is) is the complete opposite of multiplayer and social gaming that I had hoped it to be.
There is hardly any interaction, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone willing to bond with someone cross-server who they will never ever meet again (let alone say "its a better item for you ill pass" -lemme tell ya, i got me some weird looks doing that).

But hey, its a great way to run dungons (which i like the most about this game), and it is also a super way to gear alts (my priest is now more experienced than my main... the dwarf death knight), due to the new raid beeing so utterly uselessly boringly easy.
Either my raiding team has gone from great raiders to 1337 wurld bestsest players, or its just mindnumbingly easy.
On a 50% main 50% alt run (we split it up for more runs through) we managed to clear the whole place without any wipes (well there was one trash pull where our tank dc'ed). And, yes, the lore is great, the setting is stunning, and im sure we will struggle a bit more with me as the mt - but still they question nags me:

Why are we beeing forced to run through dull-easy street and wait for the hard modes? Why can't we chose to get challenged? Why? The hardmodes are going to be available, why not now? why do I have to spend my raids stealing candy from crippled raidbosses while I wait for a challenge? Why am i beeing forced to see all the content before I get to try it in a challenging way? why o' why?

Also Tam and Chastity, if you are out there: the "Authenticate this comment using OpenID. " option is really not working very well on your site. (and also the shrivelled heart DOES look like a Maraca!

onsdag den 9. december 2009

Responsible for [the creation of] Snottydin

Yes that is right. All your props are belong to me!

...since he was responsible for Snottydin in the first place

WOOP Woop!!

And other slangs.

"But DDK, now that you got this mad props, whatever will you do now?"

Im going to Kyoto!!
Thats right, tomorrow morning im going to Japan to visit my little brother, and make sure he is doing all his homework. So Don't count on me posting nothing new for a while.
And now the grumpy old man has a few words to add to all of this:

So what did Blizzard decide to do? Wait untill I was going away before they launched new content?
Frikking thats what they did. And also. a 4 week cycle before next part of the instance? Im sorry that is just shitty. So I'll miss the bosses when everything is new and exciting *and* we will get to have alts in the 3rd degree killing everything in IC before they release the next part of this saga. So in april, the Lich King will die for the first time ON NORMAL, and then people will get to try the hard modes. So the first Legendary will be out when? November? Fuck that. Seriously fuck that, right in the eye.

mandag den 7. december 2009

Why healing in Cataclysm suddenly got very very interesting

I had this whole post set up about how healing was going to change dramatically in Cataclysm.
Then over the weekend tobold posts about it, much cleaner and better than I ever could
Go read it, i got time, come on back and ill tell you a story.

Welcome back. Doesn't that sound great?
in short: healing will not be a whack-a-mole game, but a slower more mana conservative thinking game (did I hear some vanilla people yell: "again"?).
That is something that might get me worked up about healing again. Remember I did use to love it once :)
So now bosses won't hit so hard, tanks will have more stam and will take more than 3-4 hits to die. So combat might... well not combat, the important part of combat (tank-healer part of combat) that might become a little slower and more of a thinking players game. A question of decisions rather than quick reactions and rotations-spamming. YES old people get to play too :D

Honestly, personally I very much welcome this. Healing imo has become way too much spam-dont-think, and that is not what I like about healing. Starring at meters waiting for one of them to drop an inch and then compete with the other healers to get it back up the fastest. That really is not me.
I'd much rather go OOM really fast, and have to think about what I cast and when.

Then again, I do have a grumpy old man part of me, and this is also what they promised at the launch of TBC *and* wrath, so it remains to be seen. But teh dorf priest is not going to be retired as I might initially have thought.

YES this also means that I am officially getting Cataclysm. I really thought I was out once the Lich king keeled over, but I guess im not :)

torsdag den 3. december 2009

The fall of the Greedy Goblin

"So now its a theme eh? you pick on other blogs?"

Well it wasn't planned. But then the Greedy Goblin did something completly shitty.

He sold out.

He fell for his greed and took into his arms a person he had once asociated with the scum of the earth (and rightly so). He wrote this post.
And what a douchebag.
For those of you who do not regularly read the greedy goblin. Here is some explaining.
Once upon a time There was a gamer who where probably the best moneymaker in wow. He decided to share his wisdom with the world. Very noble of him.
He even got my favorite inn-keeper to praise him.

Then he started getting a lot of readers ( and rightly so, he is the best at what he does).
But with a lot of readers comes a lot of slimeballs, and he explained to us all how "No means NO!!"
Then he did something even cooler, he said that moneymaking bored him now, so he would write about other things.
Then... Well then something happend. My guess is as good as yours, but the end result was the same.
He took that slimeball up on his offer, and started to direct all of his traffic to the horrible goldselling site.
Ofc he did not do it plainly, he just wrote the above post saying: Look at how this guy makes his gold, can you belive what he writes? (go look at his site where there is goldselling guides and there is even possibly some account phishing)

Isn't that nice of him? To make some real life cash on preying on his readers? Yea and scamming and exploiting them a little along the way too.

How pathetic is this? writing a post about how he would never directly or indirectly sell out to the scammers, and then 2 weeks later doing just that?

And if I read one commenter saying that he isn't getting payed for that link on that post? Let me ask you this: Do you think the greedy Goblin would link to this sort of site, if he didn't? Do you think he is a 'social' that would just link to this guy out of the goodness of his heart? I don't think so either.

(Ill just add in the end, that when he posted his link to the mans guide, i wrote a post on his blog saying pretty much the above so he could get a chance to prove me wrong. Look at how that post did not make it onto his blog. Sad)

So this is what happens when you rant, you go out of a train of thought thinking that everyone is on board. Ill try and make myself clearer. In the "No means NO!" post Gevlon shoved us, that all the Slimy goldspammer wanted Gevlon to do, what write a post saying "look how this guy makes gold" and then say his Gods honest opinion about it.
That would lead all of the goblins readers to follow said link, and The Goblin would profit from the traffic directed from his site.
Gevlon said "I will do none such thing" and then two weeks later wrote the post that pissed me of ever so much.
Because in that post he writes: Look how this goldspamming/account phissing/lowlife is making money, go on, go follow the link and go to his blog [my words, not entirely what he wrote]. So he was doing just what he so high and mightily and full of integrity claimed that he would never ever ever do - and he did so, just two weeks later.

Edit on edit:
Like the Goblin said before making a post that did just that:
PS: if anyone would think it's some kind of shady advertisement, notice, that I haven't mentioned the site. You only know which site sent me these letters because you know the WoW goldmaking blogs.
Then he went and did a direct link to the site, and even encouraged readers to go there and even admits that "Markco can make gold eternally" (but adds that you can do better following the goblins more tricky ways of doing things). So he basically posted to the lazyer amongst his readers: go there do that, its an easy way of making gold - for the more complex way to make a little more gold, stay here.

onsdag den 2. december 2009

US gamers (vs EU gamers)

(yes, i am very proud of this little wordplay –thank you)

Reading Matts guest post on The pink pigtail inn’s blog, I couldn’t help but think –well, a lot of things. First: “So?”

Then “Really, was that it?” and then “I see! You are American.”

…And all of a sudden, the Death knight has ‘beef’ with the coolest Priest blogger out there (and he is even a Dwarf too!!).

So what am I saying? That I hated the post? That I think that American gamers are weird aliens that post boring stuff (unlike myself) and that Matt in particular live up to these prejudices?


First off, I’m fairly positive half my own posts are very boring to anyone other than me, secondly I think I would have noticed Matt being not European a lot earlier (seeing as I am a vivid reader), if he was indeed a weird American that was weird. And I think that I would probably not read his blog if I did find it boring.

I do not find his blog boring. I love it.

There, niceties over.

So why was I so stunned over the post at the pigtail inn? Because it was boring. Boring, dull and not interesting. And I didn’t get the pictures either. Sure pretty pictures help a blog post look nice, and if the mean something then they aren’t in the way.

They didn’t mean diddly. For example:

To illustrate that he has alts in other guilds.

Imma like gonna go wuuuh? Or in something resembling English: I am confused. What are we trying to communicate here?

But then again, maybe there is a point to the use of this picture, and the rest of the post.

We will get to that after my next rant about why I found his post boring.

I have “diverse” languageOh noes call the care-police, because we have a violation here. That is right, I couldn’t care less.

So you swear, and ill bet you kiss your mother with those lips too. I have a feeling I’m caught in mylifeisaverage.com (I kindda fell in love with that, though), I mean for me this is like saying: ‘I woke up this morning and was breathing’, its sort of nice to know, but not news-worthy stuff. (unless you where Sylvanas or Jimmy Hoffa).

And then we get to my 3rd ‘revelation’ “I see! You are American”

All the time I have been playing WoW, I’ve always had the sense of we all play video-games, we all LOVE playing video games, and we all love the same video game, so we must be sort of very similar Gevlon the greedy goblin, took that piece of my belief and ripped it to shreds. (until I saw through his disguise – that’s for another post) And now I realise that even geography matters when it comes to gamers.

Through the years I’ve made many friends in wow, people who lived all over Europe (even one lost Canadian), and bonded with em all. And now Matt has gone and ruined it. Ruined it all, I tell ya!!

Because I truly believe that posts that say: “Im a guild-leader and im just like you, I get scared doing this –and I USE CUSS WORDS” are only fun and interesting for the US audience. So I guess the big pond does add some barriers.

On the other hand, it did spark me to write this post about it… hmm

Hope I didn’t bore you all too much J

fredag den 27. november 2009

We interrupt the scheduled program to bring you...

I know this does not really fit into the theme of this blog -then again, maybe it does, i'll get into that in a bit- but there is a new album that came out a couple of days ago, that I want to recommend everyone to give a listen.

And it is just amazing. Anyone who knows a little about this guy won't be surprised at that statement. Anyone who doesn't:
Get this now!

So how do I still think this somehow fits into a blog about dwarf death knights? Well ehh. First off this is MY blog on Dwarf death knights, and this is amazing, so there.

Mostly this is an artist that captures all that I love about Dwarfs.
From the tunnels in the deepest mountains, the songs of the real dwarfs can be heard. There is not comical relief sayings down here. There is no "grab my beard and toss me -just don't tell my male companion elf about it" type of BS.
Down here, you dont see daylight for months, and the only company you have are your homebrewed liquor, your pickaxe, and the songs.

Songs of kingdoms gone, growls of love lost and days that never was. Through the dampness of the deep mines and the harsh alcohol, all apparent beauty of the voices chiming these songs have all withered and died. Only pure will forced any sounds past the scorched vocal cords. The growls that sometimes sounds more like dogs barking or old men dieing, are used as both instruments, choir and lead.
when they sing that there is no devil "only God when he is drunk", you know that they have seen all that life has to offer -and still go on.
This is the voice of Tom, this is the setting of the dwarfs.

These songs are not fragile little flowers that everyone can agree on are pretty. These songs are gravel churned with whiskey into a howl of sadness. These songs, like the dwarfs, are not for everyone. But once you get into their rhythmic chiming and past the smudge and apperant uglyness, you will find the gems. Just like the mountains they work in. And you will find that these gems holds more beauty and meaning than anything.

Now take a listen to "Lucinda" and tell me, that you cannot see hardworking dwarves hammering in the mines (of Moria?) and bemoaning the devil of a woman that has killed their hopes to ever love again.

Now her hair was as black as a bucket of tar
Skin was as white as a cuttlefish bone
I left Dun Morogh to follow Lucinda
Now I'll never see heaven or home

Think this is the best answer i can give to anyone who asks me why I play dwarf.

Editors note: This is a better version of the above link (although there is a mix of another song in it), but i'll leave the above since it has lyrics aswell.

onsdag den 18. november 2009

Blizzard is not patronizing you, Little Fella'

Allright, so everyone has by now (I assume) read about how the Icecrown instance will play out.
And it is great and thrilling!

Okay so after you have proved yourself and your guild to be the champions of the [faction] in the Colliseum, all the combined war effort has been redirected to support a small elite unit (thats your raidgroup) to gain entry to the great stonking home of the big bad baddie.
Millions of troops are set out to create distractions, and you have the whole Ashen Verdict supporting you inside aswell

"The Ashen Verdict provides reinforcements and material for players to assault Icecrown Citadel, but this support is not endless. Raids will have a limited number of attempts total each week [untill they have to pull back]"

So you have the whole war effort depending on you to make that critical strike in the heart of Icecrown. And all of a sudden Colliseum made sense! All of a sudden this whole dammed expansion comes together to make for this thrilling battle, where each week you will conquer a little more of the Lich kings fortress, untill you finally reach the big guy himself! This is so cool! Finally the gating system and the limited amounts of tries makes SENSE!!!

We believe a staggered release of the content will allow players to experience Icecrown Citadel at a sustainable, measured, and ultimately more enjoyable pace.

Wait what???
Stop everything. What? What the what what?
pardon me readers... erhremmm WHAT THE FUCK?

Oh I see, so you believe that the staggered release of content will make us happier? Theres the frikking idiots I've been complaining about this whole expansion.
Hello there.
I mean seriously, are you afraid that if we play your game too much we won't enjoy it? What am i? 5? Are you afraid that if I eat all that candy at once my wittle wummytummy will wurtsie so i cannot weepysleepy? (this is to be pronounced like a certain wabbit chaser would pronounce wuuurds).
Well cudos to you, you managed to sour everything I've been looking forward to in my 4 years of playing this game. Thank you.

No really. Whats next?

Sorry about that Redux, here have a preview of shadowmourne with stats and everything
I ehh. Whoa, thanks!
Thats really... wait a minute. Do I have to be an elitist 4 days a week 25 manned raider to even be allowed to dream about this? (hint at the questline) Well uhmm, maybe Aww maaaaaan.

Fell in love with a... Dwarf

So following my own rules of only writting happy things has become a whole lot easier. Because I'm really happy with WoW atm.
And the reason why I'm so happy: i've fallen in love.

He has a weird accent, he has a stylish beard and a big axe. Oh and he passes judgement on others. Apart from the Axe, that is me!
He is ofc Duffler, my paladin Dorf!
And im just so happy with the game again. Soloing is fun with him, grouping is fun. Tanking is also fun (although I do think that the DDK will still remain my go-to-tank). its just fun fun fun.
So fun in fact that im using my non-gaming freetime on and new (to me, it is very old i think) site ive stumbled over: maintankadin.
Boy i'd wish a site like that excisted for DKs. I guess that comes with the territory of beeing the new kid in class.
First everyone was jealous of us, now we are almost ignored. Maybe that was a bit harsh.
But the feelings the same. Unless you are Alt-ing or un-guilded, chances are you aren't playing a DK. Where have they all gone? Think that now that the novelty has worn off, a lot of the rerollers have either given up on the game as a whole or rolled back to their old class.
And apart from the Ensidia guides, there aren't that many super quality DK talks going on anywhere. (at least nowhere as near as many as the other classes has). So when I feel a bit alone and on my own, I just log onto my paladin and solo as ret (almost at 80 now!!) with all the other paladins-playing-ret-alts out there. Because O M G there are a lot of them around.
Thats when you remember your movie classics and say:

This is my Pink-a-din. There are many like it but this one is mine.
My Pink-a-din is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my Pink-a-din is useless. Without my Pink-a-din I am useless.
I must fire my Pink-a-din true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy, who is trying to kill me.
I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will.
Before God I swear this creed: my Pink-a-din and
myself are defenders of my country, we are the masters of our enemy,
we are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace. Amen.

mandag den 16. november 2009

5 years of WoW

So yea, Wrath is one year old, but next week marks the 5 year anniversary of The game we know as WoW!
5 years? How time flies when you are having fun.
(Even if "fun" these days constitutes a mixture of 'Torchlight' 'and Borderlands'? -Shut it, old grumpy man!)
In that regard, one of my favorite online magazine The Escapist via their sistersite Wacry, has a lengthy interview with one of the old top dawgs!
Rob Pardo (or as he is rarely known: EnoYls

The Lengthy interview is here, and for someone like me, this is pure solid internet gold. I really really love reading these sort of interviews. Perosnally they give me a behind-the-scenes insight into why and how. Also, it restores a lot of faith into my heart about Blizzard.
For example:

"If I was going to pick on a game design thing that I look back on and think was a mistake? We really never designed WoW to be a competitive e-sports game; it was something that we decided to start tackling because there was such a desire and demand to evolve it in that direction, to introduce competitive arenas. I'm not sure that that was the right thing to do with the game."

It warms my heart to read that.Because, like he goes on to say:

"Right now, WoW has a bit of a schizophrenic philosophy behind it, and we're trying to figure out how to guide it."

And who doesn't agree with that?

But I won't spoil the fun of reading all of this, go on follow the link (here it is again) and spend 5 minutes on something, that should make any wow player happy to read.

fredag den 13. november 2009

Google analytics (meta-blog post)

If you haven't allready set up google analytics for your blog, you are cheating yourself out of a lot of interesting funsies!

You can track amounts of visitors, and where they are from, you can see how they found your website, and you can track how much impact other blogs have on your blog. (for example i doubled my visitors when Righteous orbs used my snottydin post and linked my blog on the top of one of their posts - as compared to a "normal day" when i don't post anything myself. Likewise did my numbers soar after Larissa linked to me aswell.)
You can also see a little measure of how many visitors you have on a single day (hi mom!!).

But the mostests fun is the little function that tracks where people who visit your blog. For example I can see how many visitors I've had from, say, Uppsala in Sweden. I've learned so many new city names this way :D

But the upper mostests imba amazing fun with this, is the fact that one of the most frequent cities to visit my little blog (besides London) is Irvine, California!
So without getting too bigheaded: Dwarf designers, and Death knight designers, gimmie a PM and i'll take requests on topics you would like me to cover, seeing as you are such big fans :D

-Too much?

tirsdag den 10. november 2009

Fighting the grumpy old man

So recently I had a bit of an eye-opener. As a matter of fact, I've had several. All of them leading to one disturbing fact.

I am becoming an grumpy old man (tm.)

Most of these tell tell signs comes in the great mmo called RL, where Mrs. Dw-redux is quick to point em out to me.
For example when I go to my favorite live sport events, of local Basketball, and even when my team wins a fantastic game against all odds, I'm still able to turn heads when yelling at the ref. (well that is not only me being a grumpy old man, that has a lot to do with me and sports, and a crappy crappy referee. God he was awful) Most recent of these, where my last post right here on this blog. Where I attacked Blizzard for not having the moral spine of an earthworm (are you calling me a spineless worm? Is that supposed to be an insult? We really don't have spines you know).
Since their moral compass seems to work like the "unusual compass" of their own game...
Then a nifty smart little wiseass commenter named *Urnakk pointed something brilliantly out to me. The issue of paying for a pet, isn't really much different than buying a t-shirt at a concert.
And he is right. Even if the so-called charity of it all, is just a frikking lame excuse to pretend you are doing something good, when all you do if try and get as much gold into your own pockets as possible, abusing charities as you go along. I mean how low can someone sink?? Frucking abusing peoples good-heartedness to get some money into your own pockets? How many souls did you give to Satan, to be able to pull that one off with a straight face?

Erhm, where did that come from?
Anyways. I've decided to ditch my inner grumpy old man Yea right and only post positive stories about things that are good. Because I don't want to end up like my grandpa, who hated and feared everything. He was bitter at life, because it kept moving on, and he didn't. I do not want to end up like this. Even if everything in this game was purer and better around the end of vanilla.

Who said that?
So what if the game is not how i'd want it to be, its still the best adventure game out there. So what if I feel that Blizzard has indeed sold out on the very core of their founding principles, all in order to own football teams and get rich quickly. The game is still fun, and the people playing it are still the same. Have you looked at your friend list lately? 40 names and 35 of those have not been online the last 3 months. have you looked at your realm forum? Dead dead dead. Its a dead game filled with dead memories. Crammed tightly with wow-addicts trying to relive their glory days. Like all addicts, searching for that initial rush yet again.

Whoa. Seems like I cannot get rid of that old grumpy man inside me after all. Hopefully I'll be able to keep him at bay for a while.

Remember that in 3 days from now, "Wrath Of The Lich King" will be one year old (No wonder them leeches called it "Lich king") and I was allready the first to review its first year in this old post. Go read it again, and comment on how great i am, err on how you thought the first year of wrath was.

mandag den 9. november 2009

(Because im inventive) Whats thte big deal with purcha-pets?

This Issue has been up and about a lot in the comics, the forums, the blogs everywhere.

And its the new ability to buy pets with real life money. And it is a horrible idea.

Yet another short post.
Sure, the money goes to a great charity (for now), and well they don't do anything, so whats the harm?

Well, i'll tell ya: the fuzz is two fold (maybe even threefold)
"I has moneys!!! you has not!! I has cool pet because im rich and you are not!!!!" That is not the sort of game i signed up for and spend an enormous amount of time on. Skills, not bills please. Leave those wankers to the wanker games that provides the ability to brag about spending money on e-famed glory.
Why would anyone do this?? I mean, they are immensly cute, so i can see why people would buy em. But why would anyone at Blizzard do this? Does it make the people who buy theese things more happy with the company and the game they play? No. It just raises the question of 'why do i have to pay for this all of a sudden'. What it does do, is make the people who do not want to pay for this pretty damned pissed. So on a game that you are not loosing money on (in fact they are making buttloads) Blizzard actively chooses to ruin (well at least damage) theyr overall market value for a few measily quick bucks. Its a question of long term strategy- Do you want your consumers to spend as many £/$ on you asap or do you want to build up a brand name, that people will see and know that it stands for values they like and will buy. (in blizzards example, its about gamers knowing that this is a game made by gamers, for gamers and made with the highest quality as possible, release dates be damned.) In the last two decades (or there about) Blizzard stood for the ladder. Then Activision happened.

Now they are destroying a brand name, and the market value of this brand name must be dwindling. I know that my preorders of both SC2 and Dialbo 3 have been put on hold. (for starcraft permanently and for diablo im still holding my breath).
So for a short term gain they are gambiling with their long term success. And it wasn't as if WoW was a product that was costing them money.

Thirdly, this is the one I think most people will get behind me on (even if you do disagree with the above), and that is the fact that these new pets can be traded.
Yaaa!!!! Blizz has allowed for gold-selling.

I'll repeat: Blizzard has allowed gold-selling. Great. fan-fucking-tastic.

(How do I redeem a Pet Store pet once it's been purchased from the Blizzard Store?

After you purchase the pet, you'll receive a code that can then be redeemed on any World of Warcraft account via Battle.net Account Management. You don't need to redeem the code on the same Battle.net account that made the initial purchase – feel free to send the code to a "friend" as a gift.)

tirsdag den 3. november 2009

The one that is not a dwarf

Meet Flimsy.

She is a pretty Draenei, who came on a spaceship and likes pretty pets to fight for her.
Also She is NOT a dwarf.

This may throw off some of my long time readers (Hi mom), since people who know me, know that I am all about teh dorfs.

Here is her story. Back when TBC launched I hated hunters. I hated playing chick toons, and I loathed guys who played females (well, no, I just didn't respect them) .
And I thought that the Draenei was a silly silly race.
Naturally the only way to combat ones aversions is to embrace them. So i rolled a combo of all that I hated (also once rolled a female gnome lock for the same reasons, that -however- did not turn out as well).
And i played her for a bit. She got a Ravager pet, and she called it 'Fluffykins', and she was... fun. I fell in love. Absolutly completely and wholeheartedly.

Now we fast forward to last week. Race changes came alive. And oh my. All of a sudden I could change her to a dwarf.
But I don't want to.
This is a whole new feeling for me. Both my shaman and my druid (where I dont have a choice) I would turn dwarf in a heartbeat. But not my flimsy. Not my little chef. I've fallen in love with a girl. A blue one at that. And one with a tail. Bronzebeard would be ashamed of me. What am I to do?

Speaking of race changes, Ensidia got back on the top of the raiding ladder this week with an amazing "noone dies when we raid" 25 man achievement. And immediatly got thrown in their face that the only way they could have done that, was to abuse the race change option to get dps benefits.
First off, who in their right mind would ever ever ever change race on something as silly as racial abilities (oh.. erhm, hai Calli... erhm, you aren't included in this ofc :p), and even if someonee would play a race they didn't like for this tiny benefit... so what? They still did something truly amazing. (yes not sucking for a whole raid is hard)
And doing so in 10 manned is almost just as bad-ass!! Oh, yes I did do that, and i'm very proud. It was a fun filled saturday morning getting that achievement.

onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

Restriction mania -rules only stops the fun

Blizz has started to introduce a lot of rules to the game

-the new loot rules (Need Before Greed will now recognize gear appropriate for a class in three ways: the class must be able to equip the item, pure melee will be unable to roll on spell power items, and classes are limited to their dominant armor type (ex. paladins for plate). All items will still be available via Greed rolls as well as the new Disenchant option should no member be able to use the item)
et al.

The common denominator between theese rules are, that they are patch solutions to small problems, they discover. They are creating a rule-manic game, where they are trying to legistrate their way out of every single little issue they are experiencing in game.
Stuck in raid (design problem)
Ninjain (social problem) ect ect ect.

Theese rules have a lot of backlash problems that aren't taken into account.
For example paladins cannot need on mail items, even if noone else wants em, or even if they are a huge upgrade for them.
And the -honestly- epic level 1 raids are now dead.

Reminds me of airports. Im the kind of person who thinks that, when you have to take your shoes off and put them on a seperate x-ray machine, and you aren't allowed to carry more than TWO lighters and no liquids with you aboard an airplane.. then the terrorrists have allready won.
Same thing here. The ability to play and have an easy fun time, is getting ruined by rules and unneccecery laws - just like we willingly destroy our own freedom and democracy in order to protect it (whoa did I just get all serious and real life political in my blog.. dammit!!).

Also, I like this little comic - is that besides the point? I think not.

tirsdag den 27. oktober 2009

Wrath: year one

So Google.

Its great. You type in a word or even a whole phrase, and you stumble over weird things. For example my g-analytics tells me that "Funny dwarf paladin names" should tell you to go visit my blog, and someone did. (and someone googled "warcraft dwarf breasts" and ended up on my blog... Calli, you need help!!!)
Anyways. Someone searched google for something, and ended up on one of my very first blog posts and while I like people who agrees with me. The whole "I see you have a problem, where is what you should do" solution to an 10 month old problem in WoW, is sort of.. well. Not really needed.
[im sure there is some sort of blog guide somewhere that tells me, that it's not nice to poke fun at your readers, since they won't comment... so maybe I shouldn't... well ehh, look at it this way: I love my commenters so MUCH i make a whole post in their honor!! Comment more!!]

Where was I? Oh yea, so reading my old posts back, brought back the nostalgic in me. And playing the "completly overpowered lovechild of blizz" that is the Death knight. (seriously how hard is it to understand "hero class" means we start at level 55, because we have played the first levels allready, and we have an epic storyline, it does *not* mean we are overpowered, and if you are beeing out-dps'ed by one, it just means YOU FRIKKING SUCK... ahhhh, that felt good.)
So I thought id be a little ahead of all the other bloggers (heads up guys, wrath was launched nov 13th so start em "one year of wrath posts" already) and look back at how the first year had been for Death Knights in generel and me in particular.

Launch: Beeing overpowered and in outland.
Having played a couple of hours in the beta, I enjoyed how well-polished the starting zone for the Death Knights had become. I was amazing. It had changed a lot of times, during beta, but the end result was amazing. It was still a gripping story, and northrend seemed like the best zone that blizz had yet to develop. Then level 58 came, and so did outland. Well no, not really. Before I even set foot in outland, i spend an entire weekend leveling blacksmithing and mining in the old world.
All the glory and the excitement of the starting area quickly became a stagnant and boring grind for blacksmithing items and ores. Luckily I had preparred a bit, and had gotten myself most of the materials needed, but it still took forever. And after that... outland.
All alone, while all my guildies where busy killing turkeys and getting chummy with Arthas, I was all alone in outland. Well, not completely alone ofc, there was all the deathtards aswell. Spamming their macroes filling chat with their stupidity. Theese where people who seemed to think that playing as a hunter was too difficult.
I remember a guy who had is deathgrib set to a /y macro "COME OVER HERE" and he spammed that deathgrib a lot. after playing in 10 minutes of the same grindspot as him (and having him pull that thing out at every cooldown, stealing my mobs away 5 times), I politly whispered him, to please please do something about that macro. "what about it?" he replied, "it's funny". No, it was not, not the 50th time in ten minutes its not. But I guess that when you finally has figured out how to copy/paste a macro from the internet to your computer game, it IS an occasion to celebrate, and after all, if *you* think something is funny enough to spam it, then everyone else forcefed with your humor will find it hilarious aswell.
As the French say: Le sigh

But hey, the starter zone gear made the horrible horrible grind that was outland bearable. And you could 4 man blood furnace as 4x blood DKs back then! (not that I ever did, with those morons playing there - a lot of good players did like me and rerolled, unfortunalty they had the sense to shut up and just last it through outland) So once that horribly boring grind that was outland was finally over with (why not make us level 65 so we could skip the 10 levels of horrible grinds??) outland awaited. And the bumrush was over. The two starting areas where pretty much vacant once I got to them, so I could enjoy the quests and the lore and the landscape. And so my lonely leveling grind could continue (at least this time, the slower people leveling could join me for a couple instances.

Eventually I got to 80 and started raiding. And you know what? DKs where vastly overpowered. Both in dps potential and tanking abilities. We had to!
because, depending on your leveling speed, the rest of your guild where way ahead of you gearwise and the groups had allready been set. You just didnt hear a guild saying "listen guys, our MT is still level 72, so we are just gonna sit back for a couple of weeks and wait for him to ding 80 and gear a little up before we start raiding". So when I was 80 in greens and the ocasional blue item, I was playing with a group of people in full naxx 10/25 gear who had cleared the 10 manned 3 times, and the 25 once or twice.
So we where overpowered, to begin with, it was the only way you could get a raidslot. Unholy aura made the whole raid move 15% faster if you where UH specced. That was a huge buff for learning to dance (hello Tam, sorry you missed those speed up dancing lessons), and surviving overall.

6 months in: Where did all the stuff go?
So through sheer overpoweredness we got ourselves a raidspot. And eventually geared up enough to be deemed the only tanks for two fights in the game (sarth 3d and later General Vesax). Obviously having the new kid on the bloxx beeing the prefferred tank for two fights!!! was just horrible for thewarrior tanks on the forums (allright, so we where just as good as the others on everything else, and those two fights where the toughest in the game at their respective time and we where overdue for a nerf) who had been alone in the sun for 4 years, so they whined up a storm and we got nerfed to the ground (baby).
And all of a sudden, DKs went from being the strongest tanks on some points to being the weakest on all points. Our threat, that had never been good, got nerfed asweel - something i've yet to see any kind of need nor explanation for.
So about the same time as everyone ran out of stuff to do, DKs became useless. -And before people start raising their "but i've got this link where DK dps is insane" shut up. DKs are not overpowered pewpew machines. They can be, if you built everything up around buffing them, and have amazing players, otherwise... Not so much. We aren't the weakest DPS class either, thats not what im saying, im just saying that we aren't even in the top 3 of the hybrid dps.

Overall the game turned out to be a bit of a dud at this point. Sure there was a ton of instances. really really a lot of different instances. Just a shame they where all so useless. Who opts for going into instances like you did in vanilla or tbc, when you can pug-raid Naxx for better bosses and better items? And who wants to go there when you can clear naxx 25 with most of your raid beeing level 78 ? So that leaves the raids. And they where over in 3 days after release (see previous link), and the following didn't last a whole lot longer.. But they *did* take a whole lot longer to be released. And ONLY after they had been tested to bits in test-realms first.
So, if you where on a testrealm with your guild you got to experience new and exciting (bugged) bosses, if not, you got to experience easy bosses a bazillion times and them try and beat em while blindfolded for the bazillionth and one try.

12 months in: Last instance and next release
So now the horrorshow known as the coliseum is almost over and done with. And im starting to look forward to the last raid-instance of wrath. The pretty one, the story-filled one. The big one.
The one that will make or break WoW. Honestly it is.
If this instance starts with one zone opened on easy mode only and you have to wait x amount of time for the next little bit, WoW is dead.
There I said it.
If Blizz cannot be bothered to pend manpower on making a full instance ready for us (again) im out. If they once again prove that instances are nothing but a tease to hold us at bay untill the next expansion, I simply cannot be bothered.
Id rather spend my time and my money on something that at least *tries* to pretend that im nothing but a cashcow to them.

(weird, when I started writing this, I planned on it ending on a happy note- Turns out, im incapable of writing happy things).

In the end
Guess what I'm saying is, that as WoW has progressed, the game has lost the wonder and excitement and turned very much into an obvious game whos main priority is answering the question "How do we keep consumers paying the monthly feed, while using as little manpower as possible on it?"
Granted, most companies in the world thinks along theese lines, but none of the other companies in the world have these core values listed:

Noone else is like Blizzard. At least not the Blizzard I grew up loving.

Back when I started playing, game companies where like Football teams, you had your favorite, and you bought every title they produced. My Friends where Bullfrog people. I was not.
I was Blizzard North.
And I remember when my team won the world cup of gaming: Diablo. (has it been 12 years allready??) I loved everything that was Blizzard. And Once I went to take my Bachelor degree, they won me back with a game simply known as WoW.
I had stopped gaming for a period of almost 4 years before that, with the only exception beeing grim fandango.
But WoW got me back into gaming, in a big way. And so many years later, I'm still here playing the game. But all the things that got me into that game, is now gone.
There is no mystery, there is no wonder. There is barely a storyline to the things that is happening. (sure there is an overall story arc, but... coliseum, and the tournament.. need I say more?).

So here I am, 13 years old again, rooting one last time, that the company i love so much, can still pull out something great, and prove to me, that they are not to suffer the same fate, as my friends company, bullfrog, did. The death known only as "merger". (hey, at least it wasn't EA that got my company)

onsdag den 14. oktober 2009

You know you are hooked on a game when...

You swear at God and curse the world when you cannot log into the game.

So yea, I guess WoW has reeled me back in. Not as much as I was in the old days, mind you. Im not Wow'ing it 5-7 raids per week and playing 6 days a week either.
Im happily toying with my hunter and raiding 10 manned with my DK on the weekends.

A big big BIG part of me hates the fact that im no longer on the cutting edge of progression in 25. But I don't miss raiding 25, only the stuff surrounding the big time raids.
I really love that I have days when I can do whatever I please (usually gaming, im still me), so it is a joy when I log on, and not just the "grind/ah for gold so you can raid, and raid" that seemed to be all I did before.

I think most of the reason why I don't miss these things, is that raids just aren't epic anymore. There is no more glorious battles in mount Hyjal, there are no strong heroic feats in Molten Core. There are no more C'thuls in the world (screw you Yogg-Saron you little wannabe). There is still an Epic storyline to follow, but there is no more the feeling that we are in any way participating in it.

Back when I started playing, I used to hate how the mmo games tells us "we are all the chosen hero", because if we are all special, noone is. A smart kid told me that. I used to dream of being the run of he mill soldier, caught in the great conflict doing his little part, and just hoping to make it back home.
Then he started killing Gods. Old Gods, but still Gods.

These days it seems that no matter what you do, it won't make a licking difference. So I've stopped giving a rats arse. Im gonna have fun on the sideline looking at the pretty plot unfold.

And quit after Wrath is over.

So far im having fun looking at the scenary and waiting to follow Mrs Proudmore and Mrs no-legs.. ehh Windrunner around as they kill the bosses for me... *sigh*

On another note. I managed to make a (self)righteous ball feel bad... no wait. Argh sorry, I suck at puns. I love his blog, you should too!! And while I think he was absolutly right in that post of his, it was fun to mess with the little man (yea, you are little Tam. When you are a northender, you sound like a dwarf aka small... no wait DAMMIT dwarfs aren't small, its the rest of you that are so damn tall!!!) Ill stop ranting now, before I get myself into an even thicker mess :D

torsdag den 8. oktober 2009

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Allow me to re-introduce myself, My name is HOV
H to the O-V, I used to move snowflakes by the O.Z.,I guess even back then you can call me,
C.E.O of the R.O.C HOV


Anyways. The
whole point of this post was to re-introduce myself into wow.
As I concluded in my last post, the best class in wow, is the Paladin
(yea sorry Druids, but you clearly need to learn to drink), so with that in mind.

Allow me to re-introduce myself: I am Duffler, mr dwRedux' alt numero uno.

I have been given the dubious task of removing his wow-fatigue and somehow prove that wow is more interesting than anything!! (..yea i'm not totally optimistic either, but as long as you have faith, you are never totally lost!)

So reading some of my favorite blog posters (hello thereTam, pew and *urnak) failpug/failraid posts, I really started missing the raiding scene.
However, I'm a flawed human being. I cannot go back to content i've overdone on a toon. So Redux won't be pugging anything. I've found out i need a strong reason to play if im not there for content: and that is either titles, owing friends a favour or (once in a blue moon) loot.
So Ill be leveling (or im in the middle of) this Paladin to tonk/pew in those pretty places like naxx and instances. And my goal is to semi-pug em all!!
So if anyone has any protadin blogs worth readin, please please link me some :)

Fingers crossed that this will get me excited about wow again.

So this is what worries me. Why am I so desperate to rekindle my love of wow? I've talked earlier about how wow works just like a drug, addicting its players, and how I've tried chasing the dragon elsewhere (i love that sentence "to chase the dragon", its a phrase I learned in my teens listening to Suede, and it just fits so well into the fantasy setting of most mmo's), and now I start to wonder if im addicted to wow and since the game is not fun for me anymore, Im now trying desperatly to find an excuse to play again to feed this unhealthy addiction?

Luckily the answer to that is a clear "No... maybe not"
Because I took a step back and looked at what type of game would be my favorite to play. And, well, wow fits the bill perfectly. It did 4 years ago, and to me, it still does today. That is, if im going to enjoy WoW this time around. If not, then.. well lets burn that bridge when we get to it :)

EDIT: So im off to a rocket start. The first fu***ng thing I do when I log back on my paladin, is to disenchant (he is my enchanter toon) all the greens Redux has been sending me. Well that was the plan.
What I end up doing is DE'ing half my dual-spec tonking gear, including my "twink" shield.
Hello there world, im still an idiot! -But at least im having a bit o fun in game again :D

mandag den 5. oktober 2009

Best multiclass in game

When it comes right down to it, WoW only has two real mulitclasses (thats the ones who can effectively pew, tonk and banda.. ehh heal), those two are called Durids and pink-a-dins.

They are both good classes, played by good people. So lets call em by their serious names:

Paladin (and how to paladin)

Druid (and how to Durid)

And they are seriously cool people. Everyone. Especcially those that heal me!! Hi Ref, Tinu, Smesh and Cloud !!!

So todays topic is: which one is the better class?
There are many aspects to this, such as: Can they be played as a dwarf? Does each multi-purpose-aspect work (the tonking, the pew'ing and the healing)? and how well? How cool are they? How needed? Will they be able to be played by dwarfs in the future? How fun are the different aspects to play? Which one is best suited for YOU?

So lets have a look shall we?

Lore: Both classes are very strong here. Not as horde... obviously. The true champions of the light, the bringers of justice, the dwarven heroes of the alliance! The paladin. Versus The
"Keepers of the world, who walk the path of nature, following the wisdom of the Ancients and Cenarius, healing and nurturing the world. To a druid, nature is a delicate balance of actions, in which even the smallest imbalance can create storming turmoil from peaceful skies. " Im calling a draw here!

Paladin: 1
Druids: 1

Tonking: Going into game mechanics a bit here, Druids are easy to tank with. At least the last time I did it (tbc), they are also fun, and very rewarding. Paladins are even easier, and nothing beats throwing your shield at an enemy then burning the ground beneath em, or soling a gazillion mobs as prot. Paladins win!

Paladins: 2
Druid: 1

pew'ing: This is a close one. Kitty is very rewarding when done well, but the mechanics of pulling off decent dps is mind boggling. And retardin is fun and action filled (keep your head up for that trinket popping!!).. However Druids also have the spacechicken power! Which I don't know that much about tbh, but hey, its one more pew specc than paladin, so Druids win!!

Paladin: 2
Druid: 2

Healing: Again, druids have a fairly complex healing 'rotation'/options going on. Plus hots are fun! (when you as Disc priest have your second highest healing output through renew, you have to admit you have a problem, and that you love hots). Paladins are easy and boring. Im sorry, but this time easy/= fun. You have the powers of a disc priest w/o the utility or the shielding fun, and no hots!!

Paladin: 2
Druids: 3

Looks: Bear/kitty/boom/seal/tree in different colours or actually being able to show off your gear? Sorry fluffy, but you lost that one!

Paladin: 3
Druids: 3

Feel: This one is a bit more complicated, Im sure this is where ill be getting my mostests enemies. Which class feels the best to play? The shapeshifting ever usefull druid or the stout n proud paladins? Druids win, because soloing (aswell) is never dull, where paladin soloing sometimes is a bit.

Paladin: 3
Druids: 4

Overall: Which class would I choose as the best multiclass in game? Overall, druids have the complexety of each of its sub-classes, while still beeing able to do a great job at them. There are lots of options and styles within the sub-specc. There are lots of buttons on each specc (its like 3 times as many heal buttons as paladins have), so each sub-specc takes skill and work to master. Paladins... not so much. It seems that to Blizzard the blessing and auras "counts" as spells to be used just like "shred" does. And that ends up giving the paladin way less options and buttons than the druid has.

Paladin won, why?
Firstly, you can't play a dwarf druid... Although im sure a future patch will fix that, I mean, we are decendents of a race of stone people, how much more in touch with nature can you get? But thats besides the main point: When I tanked as a druid in TBC, I sorely regretted it, for the silly silly reason of vanity.
When I won gear leading people through Kara, I wanted to show off (this isn't a huge thing to achieve, especially when I did it, which was around the time of sunwell, which meant that it was easier than naxx 10 is today, but dammit, I was proud of it.) I wanted my toon to look different than the cow who had just turned 40! (tauren, im not calling anyone at lvl 40 cows... apart from Tauren ofc).
And due to lazy design from Blizzards part (sorry to be calling a shovel a shovel, but it is) druids doesn't change at all, with gear.
I'm sure that the unselfish not-vain good-hearted people who play druids, doesn't care about anything as shallow as looks. But I do. And dwarf paladins looks cool, plays pretty forgivingly easy and very very fun aswell.

So im choosing Paladin.

Lemme just add in the end, that this isn't me beeing mean towards paladins, or saying that the are a face-roll-easy class to play. Their challenge in raids lies in timing of use of the limited amount of spells, while druids are more dependent on chosing the right spell at the right time. (any ability is a spell, otherwise it would have been called an "ability book" and not a "spell book" so stop nitpicking!!).
Druids play chess in raids, paladins play Left4dead.
And its the little things, as my vanity that pushed me from chess to fps :)

mandag den 28. september 2009

I am the (K)night

So what do you do, when AH/grinding/alt-leveing/main-instancing gets boring, and when RL work and social... stuff grabs a hold of you?
You buy an XboX 360, thats what you do. Then you get this game. And you become the (k)night (Guess it works better spoken than in writing).
And its just as great as you could expect, any game Yatzee would recommend, to be.

But it does leave me in a bit of a sticky situation. Not for my guild, mind you, but my own guilt.
I cannot help but to feel very bad about leaving my guild "behind". Not that im the greatest Tonk this game has ever seen, nor that im imba dps. But I like to think, that i'm a smart player that any Raid Leader would like to have in his raid. So it hurts my inner Knight, to read my guilds raid signups lists.
They often have a lot of threads concerning the word "sorry" "transfer" "uni" and "will not". And here I am. If I wanted to, I could raid 2-3 times more a week (as opposed to the 1 raid i do now in our 10 manned group) with our 25 and 10 manned groups. I could squize it in. Stuff would suffer. But I've done it before. Lots.
On the days I work late, I could log on early and farm consumables and prepare for raids. I could do lots of things. Instead, I've signed out of our 25 manned.
And I love it.

I love the free time. I love my Xbox, I love not stressing about shopping, and house chores because I have to game. I really really love it. Apart from when I think about my guildies.
Because when I do, I feel ashame. Its a silly silly feeling.They certainly have given me no reason whatsoever to feel this way. But I do. I feel horribly that I haven't studied all 3 ways of handling a new boss (healing, pewpewing and tonking) beforehand. I feel bad that I haven't gotten my new chestpiece enchanted yet. (Im loosing my 4 set bonus so im still not 100% sure its better). But mostly I feel bad that I'm not there to help out.

But I don't feel bad Enough, If i did I would log in and play. But so far, the thought of logging on to do anything in games, gives me the same feeling that "dull-chore-week" at work gives me.
I still remember having a sense of exitement about logging on. To do dailies, to level alts, to prepare for raids. to RAID.
I still have a lot of fun doing raids. Just not anything outside the instances.

Then I read Righteous Orbs, that they are lacking an OT. And I think "oh yea, ill transfer my druid or paladin and Tonk horde style!! It will be great, and exciting, and ill tag along on those horrible pugs that are ever so much fun to talk about AFTERWARDS.
But I know when I'm lying to myself. The only thing dragging me online are the people in my guild, whom I luuve playing with, and whom I feel very much in-debted to. And still its not enough.
So I'll spend the occasional 2-3 hours of free fun time I have beeing a caped knight of the Night hiding on Gargoyles and trying not to think of that little voice in the back of my mind, poking at my illogical and silly bad conscience.

I've thought about pulling the plug on WoW, all together, but it seems I can't even do that anymore.
I can't even be bothered to log on and play with my RL friends in champions online. Maybe its a generel MMO fatigue im suffering from.

What im getting to, is that, for the time beeing, my posts won't be so much about in-game experiences :)

ps Oh and im on xbox live aswel: DwRedux

torsdag den 24. september 2009

I hate the way Women are beeing discriminated in wow, it's SOOO gay

Can you tell what is wrong with the above sentence?


Let's backtrack a bit. So every once in a while some (wow)post will surface that will inflame angry bloggers everywhere. The most effective of these seems to be the "look how women are beeing put down in wow" or the "im writing a post about something people can interpret as beeing chauvinistic." This usually gets people pretty wound up. Whether or not it was a male chauvanistic pig ruining the reputation of female gamers everywhere, ill leave up to everyone else to decide.
Personally I think not. Its not like he was very kind to healers everywhere on his former piece. Because it's really hard to be nice, when your goal is to showcase the 5 negative stereotypes of an egotistic gamer (or in the old piece on healers).
In the guilds i've been in, I've met more than one of each type, and only two of those where female gamers (funny enough most of them had female toons). And using cultural architypes to exemplify the peronally traits doesnt make the author a sexist. It just underlines that history in generel has always been very sexist. Pertty much ever since that chick who banged Jesus. Who where later labeled a whore ( i guess groupies aren't a new phenomena hurhur... *sigh*) .

Whatever, the point of all this wasn't really how women are treated in game(s). Because blizz has long realised that a huge part of their players are women, and pretty much the rest of their customers like the fact that they are playing with women. (Its like the bars that offers free drinks and entrance to women only... funny how you never hear anyone complaining bout that)

The point of this sentence was in fact that I've read posts where the harassment of women was labeled as beeing "both sad and so gay"(not a direct quote).


And here is where my panties gets in a twist. Because it is not women who has been dealt with the "ridicule" card in this world of gaming. It's the homosexuals that gets that hand dealt (think i drowned myself in that metaphor). because whenever anything happens in game that could be thought of as sexist, tons or angry blogposts and forum posts spawn. Whenever gamers promote that their guild is gay and lesbian friendly they get banned (yea its an old story).

And you still have to hear people say "omg that was SOOOO womanlike of you to outbid me on that auction" and "lol your a woman, l2p" "fucking chick l2p" "you play like a woman" and whenever you point out to them, the answer is always always:

"Listen man, i know tons of women, some of my best friends are women, I didn't mean anything by it, its just what people say. To me, im not even talking bout women, its just a word meaning something is negative."

Because we still live in a world where if you go out and are honest with your gender, you will get beaten up. Women in our day an age still have to cut their hair and hide their boobs and put on fake mustaches to avoid ridicule and beatings. Hell, in parts of the western world its still a crime to be a woman. -Or at least considered to be a sickness not unlike insanity. How many dads don't you hear STILL asking their daughters "have you considered not growing boobs, but maybe a penis? Maybe you would like that too".

But I guess we just have to accept that, dont' we?

torsdag den 3. september 2009

What to think of the next expansion?

So i'm standing there in front of the changing room/bathroom/changing room/changing room, holding Mrs DW-redux's Very purple handbag. Waiting. Alone. The "I just have to try one more thing on" still ringing in my ears. So there I was alone. With a big girly handbag, standing very near the female-undergarment department. Alone. Waiting. The other guys walking behind their companions, gave me a sympathetic look. They had also been there. Standing alone with a girly handbag looking like some sort of perv. The women at the store looked at me like i WAS some sort of perv.
And all I could think to myself was: "So beeing married, really hasn't changed much, has it?".

Ah yes, the trip to a foreign country is over and I'm back!

And with perfect timing too. There is a new hardmode instance, that I've not yet tried and the whole wow-blogging world is so over and done with talking bout the expansion. Well SCREW THEM.

Because I have two coppers (is that the same as two policemen?) and I want to throw em in the mix too (if it is, then this sentence has gone from weird to worse).

Or: All that it could have been, but most likely never will. Let's start on the negative.

- It will be lazily done. Just like the tournament, the dailies and the gate-lock system. It will be done with the "how can we do as little WORK as possible" attitude. How do I know? When a selling point of ONE of the dungeons is this: This is an entirely new dungeon, new art, new creatures, new everything.

- The so called dramatic changes to the landscape, Won't be dramatic but rather smallish. Why? See my first point.

- 5 levels of leveling won't be epic, and will be over and done with extremely fast. Also, having max level be 85 seems stupid. 75, I could get, but 85? why not 87.5? Maybe thats just me.

... Thats it. That is all the negative things I can think of. Well. That should be enough to ruin the game for an "I like seeing new bosses and killing em, I don't like killing the same boss 50 times over. And what is the pvp you speak of?" type of person that I am. But It won't.
The fact that I have to spend 60 USD to get my Worgen hunter (like im gonna reroll... Well.. I might) doesnt seem to deter me either. And that HAS to be a plus, for a game that I swore would have to knock me off my feet in order to get me to purchase it.
It hasn't really though. I'm afraid that the not thinking ahead planning that WoW has become (for example the "lets change the hunter ammo" change that didn't even work), combined with the extreme lazyness that is wrath dungeons, just gives me chills about a full fledged expansion in theese capable hands.

...But. You know.... Deathwing. That is pretty much the only argument I needed. Deathwing.
Excuse me, im gonna dig out my old WoW novels and drool some more.